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  1. Walt Riarson

    Walmart/K-Mart Halloween Horror Promotions

    Anyone have any idea what titles Walmart and K-Mart are planning to include in their Halloween/Horror promotions this Sept/Oct? Last year, K-Mart had almost nothing but Anchor Bay titles (mainly the more popular titles like Hellraiser and The Evil Dead, but they also had most of the AB...
  2. Walt Riarson

    Happy Birthday to Me cover art...Columbia Strikes Again

    I think Real Genius has been dethroned. :frowning: From DVDAnswers.com... http://www.dvdanswers.com/index.php?...=4634&n=1&burl "Happy Birthday To Me: Columbia has announced the first time release of Happy Birthday to Me which stars the likes of Melissa Sue Anderson, Glenn Ford and...
  3. Walt Riarson

    Paramount raises price on Captain Kronos and Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell

    Well, I did have Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell pre-ordered, but I got an e-mail notice from DVDempire today... Dear Customer Paramount has raised the retail price on this title to 19.99. We apologize for this but it is a decision made at the...
  4. Walt Riarson

    Directors It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Ensemble Comedy Draft!

    The next huge ensemble comedy hit coming out of Hollywood will be produced by YOU! Yes, you! Thanks to this draft, you get to play producer. Here is what you, the producer, will be choosing for your ensemble comedy... 16 Actors (Male/Female Mix However You Want, Leading/Supporting/Cameo...
  5. Walt Riarson

    Paramount - Any chance of William Castle's "Bug" being released in 2003?

    With the exposure some of Castle's older films have gotten thanks to their recent remakes (Thirteen Ghosts, House on Haunted Hill, and Robert Zemeckis' upcoming remake of Macabre) as well as the whole slew of Castle DVDs being released last year from Columbia (Mr. Sardonicus, Homicidal...
  6. Walt Riarson

    Weird Science release date changed to "TBA"??

    I just recieved an e-mail from DVDEmpire regarding my pre-order of Weird Science, which was supposed to come out on April 1st. It says... "We have just been informed by the studio that the release date for 'Weird Science' has been changed to TBA. TBA = To Be Announced (No Release Date...
  7. Walt Riarson

    Paramount - Four Flies on Grey Velvet...any news?

    I remember reading over at DVDTalk that this title would be released sometime in 2003 "...if it's lucky". Has there been any progress in bringing this ultra-rare cult classic to DVD? The "if it's lucky" statement leads me to wonder if there are problems in the locating of a good enough print...
  8. Walt Riarson

    Potentially Good News Regarding Paramount's Future DVD Output

    From DVDTalk.com: Eric Doctrow Resigns From Paramount LOS ANGELES (AP) - The head of Paramount Pictures Corp.'s home entertainment division resigned abruptly and will be replaced by a veteran video executive from Warner Bros. Eric Doctorow, who spent 20 years at Paramount's video...
  9. Walt Riarson

    Please help... "Disc Not Formatted" problem.....

    This is my first time visiting this forum, since i've never had major computer problems before, so I apologize if this problem has been covered in other threads. Anyway... I was using a floppy disc yesterday to work on a something I am writing, but today, when I put the disc in and try to...
  10. Walt Riarson

    Paramount - Why the change from original cover artwork?

    This has been bothering me for a while now. For whatever reason, Paramount has, as of late, been butchering the original cover artwork of many of it's beloved catalog titles. Look at these... or this... and who can forget these... They used to use the original artwork 95% of the time...
  11. Walt Riarson

    Paramount - The Monster Squad is wanted on DVD!

    Reading through a few old threads asking various studios from Anchor Bay to Columbia/Tri-Star to release this one, someone finally shed some light as to who really owned the rights to this one: Paramount. When can we see this one on store shelves? A Fred Dekker director's commentary with Stan...
  12. Walt Riarson

    What cereals do you miss?

    Simple question. What cereals that are no longer being made do you really miss? Mr. T cereal? Fruity Yummy Mummy? Me, personally, I miss the old E.T. cereal (I think I was the only adult to buy the stuff back in the day!) and C-3PO's (ditto). What are your favorite "limited time only"...
  13. Walt Riarson

    Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song...any thoughts?

    I saw this film this week, and was wondering what people here at the forum thought of it. I really didn't care too much for it, although many give it quite a bit of praise. Did I miss something? Any thoughts?
  14. Walt Riarson

    Poll: Are you now...or have you ever been in Love?

    The subject line says it all. Have you ever been in love? Are you in love right now? Any general thoughts on Valentine's Day?
  15. Walt Riarson

    What's your best retail DVD mis-pricing incident?

    I've had this happen a couple of times, so I thought what are some of your favorite times when you've gotten a better deal than you'd intended? I'm mainly asking about DVDs but if you have any other sort of retail mis-pricing story to share, feel free.
  16. Walt Riarson

    What's this about a Spaceballs Special Edition?

    I found this over at Dark Horizons under a section of DVD rumors... "Other big releases on disc to look out for this year are special editions of "Spaceballs", "Amadeus", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "Jerry Maguire", " The Color Purple", "Blue Velvet", "Glengarry Glenn Ross" and "Thelma...
  17. Walt Riarson

    Want Song of the South on DVD?

    It appears Disney wants feedback on titles that they do not have on VHS or DVD yet, and Song of the South is one of them. Let them know that you do want it, by going here and then clicking on the e-mail link to the left and under the "This Title is not currently for sale..."...