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  1. Rob TT

    Sirius Home docking kit. Headphones?

    Can you plug headphones directly into the Sportster RCA-out jack? This would be a cheaper alternative for work than the boombox. Thanks
  2. Rob TT

    Must See: Frontline: A Company of Soldiers

    This was on PBS last night, and it blew me away. If you want to get a good idea of what really is going on in Iraq, you will have to check it out. There is also another one called Frontline: A Soldier's Heart, coming in March. You can also watch this on-line starting Friday, if its not being...
  3. Rob TT

    Will my speakers survive in my cold garage?

    I have a pair of Cerwin Vega DX-9 speakers that are great speakers for partys and loud music, but I have to keep them in my garage through the cold Michigan winter. I am debating on selling them anyway, but they will be a pain to ship.They have huge cabinets. Does anyone know how much damage...
  4. Rob TT

    Get ready for the best comedy ever

    Trailer Parks Boys is coming to BBC America, starting April 15th at 9:00pm. This is the funniest comedy I have ever seen. It has been in Canada for a few years, and going into their 4th season. The only thing is that Im not sure how much of it is going to be edited because of the language and...
  5. Rob TT

    good place to buy jewelry?

    Where is a good place to buy jewelry, rings especially. And also, when is the best time of the year?
  6. Rob TT

    FOX in HD through comcast

    Flipping through the channels last night I stumbled upon Fox in HD. They were playing Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I had no idea this was in the works. I wonder what else they are planning on showing? Hopefully football
  7. Rob TT

    Comcast now has ESPN HD

    I just stumbled upon ESPN HD for comcast. I was expecting some big announcement or something but nope, it just appeared. I wonder how long this has been there and if im really that late getting to the punch. They were showing baseball last night. Looked a lot better than the regular ESPN but i...
  8. Rob TT

    X1 Help Needed

    I am being told by infocus that I cannot use a VGA breakout cable for watching standard definition cable. This has been achieved flawlessly for the past 20 days or so. Now, comcast has replaced my box and I can no longer view Standard cable through the breakout. It will work through s-video...
  9. Rob TT

    Avia Pro $400

    got this e-mail today: As most of you are aware, the release date for AVIA Pro has been postponed until fall to ensure the suite includes the most extensive and advanced calibration tools available on the market. We apologize for the delay, but these advancements will be worth the...
  10. Rob TT

    X1 help needed

    My Dad is having a hard time with hooking up his vcr through composite cable. He knows that he's getting a signal because he tried it on a different TV. But when hooking it up to the X1, he's not getting a signal(blue screen that says looking for a signal). He has it on Video 2 through the menu...
  11. Rob TT

    Stanley Cup Finals in HD

    Anyone see this? It was on ABC and looked so good. I cant wait until Comcast gets ESPN HD. I think Hockey will benefit the most from this. The picture always looks so bad. I dont know if its the color of the ice or what.
  12. Rob TT

    The Sims question (gamecube)

    I bought one of those 251 block memory cards because you need 60 blocks to save, and my old ones were only 59 blocks. Which is a bullcrap way of making you buy another memory card. Anyway, I can only save one game from the Sims on it. Does anyone now why this is?
  13. Rob TT

    Dish or Cable opinions please

    I need some opinions on what is a better choice, Digital Cable or Dish Network. I would like to keep it as cheap as possible with a basic package. This is what I found for prices. I could get comcast digital with HD for my locals for around $50. The Dish Network has a package for $25 plus the...
  14. Rob TT

    Why did my 5 year old Onkyo smoke a HK avr310

    I picked up a HK avr310 open box at Circuit City so I could upgrade to Dolby Digital and DTS. When I hooked it all up I listened to a CD that I'm familiar with, and was very disappointed. My 5 year old Onkyo 434 sounded so much louder and better. Granted the Harman Kardon did a better job for...
  15. Rob TT

    VCD question

    If my DVD player supports VCD, that meens it should play an mpeg 1 right?
  16. Rob TT

    New Rollar Coaster at Cedar Point (120mph)

  17. Rob TT

    Factory Reconditioned Onkyo Products 25% off

    Here is an e mail I received. Prices shown are after the 25% Dear Valued Onkyo Customer, Just in time for the holidays Onkyo has come up with a special offer. Purchase any Factory Reconditioned item from now through January 1, 2003 on http://www.shoponkyo.com and you will receive 25%...
  18. Rob TT

    neighbor question

    I have this huge tree that is dumping leaves all over my yard and my neighbors. Is it my responsibility to rake my leaves out of his yard?
  19. Rob TT

    Nascar or NHL 03 for Gamecube

    I need help, which one should I buy? I love both sports and cant make up my mind. Need your opinions. P.S. Is there any sales going on for these games?
  20. Rob TT

    Are 2D games a thing of the past?

    Some of my all time favorites are games like Mario 1,2,3, Zelda, Contra, etc.... 2D games were so much easier and fun to play. Are we ever going to see games like this again, or are they history?
  21. Rob TT

    Cadillac Catera question

    Anyone drive one of these in the Winter? I was considering buying one and I live in Michigan. I obviously know that RWD cars are not the best in snow, but I would like to hear anybody's opinion. Thanks
  22. Rob TT

    vertical VCR?

    Can a put my VCR vertical? I don't have any room for it but in one of the side cabinets in my entertainment center. Please help. Thanks