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  1. Sean Patrick

    THE SHIELD seas.4 disc 3 - 16:9 tease ! ? ! ?

    i finally got around to watching THE SHIELD season 4 on dvd, and tonight I came across something very strange on disc 3. the entire 3rd episode on the disc (the exnteded episode), and the "Previously on the Shield" segment on that segment were presented in 16:9. And they looked great. i got...
  2. Sean Patrick

    help! my F38310 rca hdtv just died (i think)

    after three years with no problems, this morning i went to turn on my rca F38310 hdtv....the green power light turned on but NOTHING happened. i've unplugged it a few times, left alone, came back and tried again with no luck. it's no longer under warranty, and this thing is a TANK so even...
  3. Sean Patrick

    why does Jurassic Park DTS have a DD 2.0 track??

    i was just wondering why they would bother taking up additional disc space with a DD 2.0 track on a DTS dvd? this DTS disc was only $9 new at best buy, but i have to say so far i would say it's not worth much more than that because the video quality is seriously lacking. plus, it's the first...
  4. Sean Patrick

    good multiregion DVD resource?

    i recently found out my dvd player can handle dvd's of all regions....i have never been an ethusiast of multiregion dvd shopping (and don't know where the hidden gems are, as far as dvd's not available in the US) - are there any good forums/sites dedicated to multiregion dvd discussions? thanks
  5. Sean Patrick

    any 16:9 Audition dvd's (any region?)

    call me a sicko but i really love the film AUDITION. problem is, on a widescreen set it's impossible to scale the nonanamorphic disc properly because the subtitles are in the black bars. does any region offer the uncut version of the movie in 16:9? thanks
  6. Sean Patrick

    Starship Troopers superbit -a bit washed out?

    i recently traded in my Starship Troopers SE for the superbit version...and my impressions fly in the face of all the glowing reviews of the superbit. on my projector, this disc looked a little bit washed out. none of my other superbits look like this, and i don't think my previous Starship...
  7. Sean Patrick

    help me pick a new dvd player for a front projection DLP

    can anyone help me make a quick decision? it's been so long since i've been in the market for a dvd player that I'm overwhelmed by the new offerings.... i've been using a Panny RP91 for a few years on my 16:9 tube and have been pretty happy with it. I needed that particular model for...
  8. Sean Patrick

    Chris Isaak Show - any dvd planned?

    i got hooked on this a few months ago (not knowing the show was coming to an end this season!) i think it's a great, offbeat comedy (which only sputtered out at the very end, with 2 very disappointing final episodes). Does anyone know if these are planned for dvd? the HD broadcasts on...
  9. Sean Patrick

    Family Guy season 1/2 picture issues..did they fix for 3?

    judging by the DVDFILE.com review, there's nothing wrong with my discs or my player - THE FAMILY GUY boxed set part 1 looks VERY strange. Jaggies EVERYWHERE when there is any movement onscreen. I was wondering - did they fix this problem with the season 3 box? thanks
  10. Sean Patrick

    Howling SE lockups?

    anyone experienced lockups/breakups early on with the Howling SE dvd??? this is the second MGM disc i've had problems with tonight (see my La Femme Nikita SE thread), but this seems more like a hardware/software issue (i have a panasonic rp91) than a questionable transfer issue. but i think...
  11. Sean Patrick

    la femme nikita SE - are my eyes going CRAZY!?

    tonight i finally got around to watching the Special Edition dvd of La Femme Nikita. the THIRD version of this dvd i've owned. everything started out nice enough. the oppressive grain from the 2nd release (the first mgm release) was gone.... but soon this DVD started looking alot like the...
  12. Sean Patrick

    problem with new "hd" compatibe xbox gun

    first off, the gun works great with House of the Dead 3. problem is, if you unlock House of the Dead 2 (the main reason i got this game!) - the gun does not work at ALL. what gives?
  13. Sean Patrick

    24 Season 2 DVD's - inferior PQ than season 1?

    I don't know....i'm more than halfway through season 2 now, and my wife and i both agree (she's not usually picky about picture quality) than Season 2 of 24 is seriously lacking picture-wise when compared to the VERY sharp and highly detailed dvd's of season 1. it's almost like the season 2...
  14. Sean Patrick

    question about TOMMY superbit

    first off, the box is wrong, right? it's not really 5.1 DD, but 5.0??? also, i have never seen this film before. There's not supposed to be ANY dialogue, right? i seem to remember some...this DD track sounds like an isolated score almost, with chracaters flapping their lips occasionally with...
  15. Sean Patrick

    divimax HALLOWEEN s.e. - high black level??

    now i don't want to get into a debate on the new color timing contoversy. this question relates only to the black level on the disc. I noticed that the black level throughout the movie - including the black bars (on the 16:9 2.35:1 image) seemed awfully bright. Scenes that should have been...
  16. Sean Patrick

    new BOND box sets - totally new discs???

    I was wondering if the new BOND boxed sets coming from MGM in Novemeber are completely new discs with new features/transfers or not. besides the discs that needed errors fixed (OHMSS, Licence to Kill, etc) - most of these discs have really good transfers and features. only Goldeneye needs...
  17. Sean Patrick

    free 24 season 2 (ep 1 & 2) at best buy!

    i've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of season 2 on dvd since finishing season 1 - so imagine my surprise when i walked into Best Buy yesterday and found free copies of the first two episodes, with a mail in coupon on the back for the boxed set. now for even better news - both episodes ar...
  18. Sean Patrick

    looking to get into Satellite Radio

    and i don't know where to start!! XM or Sirius?? I hear XM has better customer service but a quick look at the Sirius lineup makes me think i might like their programming more... Are they the same when it comes to sound quality? Also, i'd like to get a portable uni for use in my car and...
  19. Sean Patrick

    anyone up for some WOLFENSTEIN action tonight?

    ihave yet to find a good group of people to play this game with so i haven't really been having fun with the title yet. anyone here interested in a game later, like 12am midnight ET????
  20. Sean Patrick

    MadCatz Xbox blaster now hd-ready??

    reports from E3 had MadCatz "updating" the xbox Blaster to include HDTV support. Anyone know if this has happened yet?
  21. Sean Patrick

    have they fixed the Shirt Cinema Journal audio?

    i stopped buying the Short Cinema Journal dvd's after their 5.1 audio started being mastered wrong (with the mains and rears reversed). Have they fixed this yet?
  22. Sean Patrick

    Panasonic RP91 and Big Lebowski

    last night i tried going through all of my dvd's and correcting misflagged discs. The Big Lebowski is causing me some problems... first off, the menu screen load up in "zoom" no matter how i re-set it. as long as i don't eject the disc, if i go back to the menus it's fine once i re-set the...
  23. Sean Patrick

    anyone know what the AKG HP40 headphone is all about?

    just picked these up from a Guitar Center for $39 (needed some headphones asap for a new digital effects guitar processor) and now i'm thinking i got ripped. it's obviously not a current AKG product (nowhere on their webpage) but i also can't find ANY reviews of them online. anyone know if...
  24. Sean Patrick

    24 season 2 marathon?

    any chance we'll see a marathon of 24's season 2 on FX? do you think they'll wait until right before season 3? i just recently finished the season 1 dvd's and CANNOT WAIT to see season 2!
  25. Sean Patrick

    european xbox hd lightgun???

    Thrustmaster sells an xbox lightgun called the BERETTA that is compatible with 100HZ european HD sets. One site said that it was also NTSC compatible....does anyone know if this gun would work with HDTV's in the US?? thanks
  26. Sean Patrick

    SOCOM replacement headset???

    my socom headset seems to be about to die (sound is very soft, earpiece has to be in exactly right position for things to sound clear).... anyone know the easiest way to replace it?
  27. Sean Patrick

    wall street - in desperate need of remaster?

    finally got around to watching this dvd last night - yuck!! what a murky, dark, disappointing transfer!! looks like an old non-anamorphic laserdisc at best, and the colors seem way off. anyone know if a new SE is in the works, or what exactly the problem is with this transfer?? -sean
  28. Sean Patrick

    Tommy Boy - lackluster transfer? (and paramount dvd in general)

    I hadn't popped this dvd in my player in a LONG time, and this was the first time i'd seen it on my 16x9...and i was quite disappointed. The Tommy Boy transfer looked rather dark and sometimes poorly compressed, and very soft. then i realized it reminded me of a lot of Paramount's catalog...
  29. Sean Patrick

    just watched Blade Runner for the first time in years....blech!!

    i've been revisiting old dvd's on my new tv/progressive scan setup - and mostly older dvd's have been holding up surprisingly well (although i've noticed that the level of fine detail is usually MUCH better these days)... but man oh man, i was SO disappointed with how the Blade Runner dvd...
  30. Sean Patrick

    Lord of the Rings extended cut PQ vs. original dvd??

    i was watching the original Lord of the Rings dvd last night and was wondering if the newer extended cut PQ is any better. Even though it's a longer movie, splitting up the film on 2 discs hopefully helped the compression (which i notice on the old dvd). It was a great transfer i just think it...