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  1. Luc D

    Quantum Mechanics

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely check some of these out.
  2. Luc D

    Quantum Mechanics

    I've been reading up on the subject and I've grown increasingly fascinated by its concepts/applications/possibilities and would like to learn more. So if those of you with a physics background could recommend some books I could check out I would be greatly appreciative. Keep in mind, however, I...
  3. Luc D

    Flash Drives, Opinions...

    I'm looking into getting a Flash Drive (those neat little USB storage devices the size of a key chain). Looking for a relatively cheap one (30 megs) and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with these things and could tell me if some brands are better than others. Also, what about...
  4. Luc D

    DVD Storage question/concern

    I'm moving to a new city in about a week for an indefinite period of time (about three years) and of course I plan on bringing all my DVDs. I have about 200 titles so I decided to put them all in a CD/DVD folder and leave the cases behind. Should I be at all weary of storing them for an extended...
  5. Luc D

    Lindsay Lohan

  6. Luc D

    Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says

    Each time this debate comes up I can't help but think of "honor among thieves". You steal from me, I steal from you. Sounds about right. Please, everyone continue.
  7. Luc D

    Jack Valenti to retire from the MPAA

    As much as I'm glad to see Valenti go, it's naive to think that the MPAA is going to change, or actually contribute to film rather than impede it as it has since its conception. Come to think of it, the MPAA might change, but probably not the way we all wished it would. With current trends...
  8. Luc D

    *** Official THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS Discussion Thread

    Slate Review I think this review sums up what I believe to be some of the film's glaring weaknesses.
  9. Luc D

    I love film!

  10. Luc D

    new punisher movie....

    That has got to be the most generic preview I've seen in a long time, complete with embarrassingly bad and outdated heavy metal music. And someone please explain to me what The Punisher, a gritty urban character, is doing in South Florida? Looks worse than Daredevil. What a joke.
  11. Luc D

    Sigur Rós - ( ) (Oct. 29th)

    eighteen seconds before sunrise This great fansite should have all the answers to any question you might have about this unique band, including proper pronunciation.
  12. Luc D

    Britney Spears' new song/video ("Me Against the Music")

    From a Newsweek article
  13. Luc D

    itunes meets, Windows meets Johnny Canuck.

    Is it just me or is 99 cents, let alone 1 dollar and 39 cents, really not much of a bargain. You're paying the same amount as you would for a cd, only without the case and booklet. Personally, I would only start to be interested if it cost half that.
  14. Luc D

    Box Office numbers. Accurate?

    It's really strange that more people haven't called into question how ridiculous it is to gage the success of a film based on box office numbers. The real measure of a film's success should be based on ticket sales. After all, kids get into films usually half price, same with seniors, and what...
  15. Luc D

    Directors Best title sequence in a movie?

    Casino Psycho Clockwork Orange
  16. Luc D

    A Decade Under the Influence

    Unfortunately, it is a fluff piece. Not only is it a very superficial look at this remarkable decade but they do so without interviewing Spielberg or Lucas, and only mention Malick and Kubrick in passing. Glaring omissions if you ask me. There have been far better documentaries made about...
  17. Luc D

    Forget The Oscars

    The Oscars are more of a pageant than anything else. They're extravagant, glamorous, self-important, and sometimes entertaining. The winners are more a result of good timing and popularity than artistic achievement. In that sense I don't consider them as being the final word in film as many...
  18. Luc D

    What happened to Movies in the 70s?

  19. Luc D

    Is Phish the greatest band ever?? I certainly think so.

    They're wonderful musicians, that can't really be argued much. The only problem is that they're not the greatest songwriters. For me a lot of it comes off as too "fluffy". Like the equivalent of musical masturbation. The most gifted rock musicians working today? Possibly. The greatest band...
  20. Luc D

    Stanley Kubrick: filmmaking genius, or overrated control freak?

    I've spent the better part of a year studying his films. I wouldn't have done so did I not think that he was the greatest filmmaker of all time.
  21. Luc D

    Are French better film maker ?

    Historically, yes. Over the last 10 years, no.
  22. Luc D

    Jean Luc Godard Contempt 2 disc 11/12

    Just got this disc and I have a question. For some strange reason I don't have any sound on the "Dinosaur and the Baby" extra. Anybody else encounter this problem?
  23. Luc D

    What's wrong with re-releasing remastered classic movies.......in THEATERS?

    Don't most large North American cities have repertory theaters? Having just moved to Los Angeles I've been spoiled by revival showings (just yesterday I saw a restored print of Andrei Rublev). Of course it's probably as good as it gets here, but Montreal (where I'm from) had a fine repertory...
  24. Luc D

    Loved Baraka, anything similar?

    Definitely check out Godfrey Reggio's Quatsi trilogy. In fact, if I'm not mistaken Ron Fricke (the director of Baraka) was the director of photography on those films. So check out Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi and the recently released (though I have yet to see it) Naqoyqatsi. Have fun!
  25. Luc D

    A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake

    Thanks for the heads up! :emoji_thumbsup: The Fruit Tree box set remains one of my favorite purchases of the last few years. I'll definitely look out for this documentary. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though it will be screened in Los Angeles. Still, thanks!
  26. Luc D

    Spielberg Blasts Test Screening Practice

    I'm not one for the practice of test screenings, but there have been a few cases where they actually helped. Kubrick relied on test screenings to perfect 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  27. Luc D

    Unforgiven - what a great film

    It really is one of the greatest westerns ever made, and is as much about the genre as it is part of it. Wonderful film.
  28. Luc D

    So I was thinking about Star Wars on DVD...

    I think Lucas needs to understand that, whether he likes it or not, the original Star Wars films, as well as essentially every film ever made, are historical documents. It is important to preserve and have access to them as they were filmed and released 25 years ago. Of course he can do...
  29. Luc D

    DSL or Cable????

    I've used both, always preferred cable.