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  1. Serge Breton

    Volodyne SMS-1 sub calibration, Pronto TSU3000, All for One RF remote and more...

    SMS-1 by Velodyne subwoofer calibration system, only used for a few of hours, have all the original packaging, one of the best systems out there. $400 + actual shipping. I have a Pronto TSU 3000 for sale for $125 + ship, very little use, have original box, just have to find the USB...
  2. Serge Breton

    ButtKicker LFE kit, complete, unused, $310 shipped

    Allowed a fellow member over at AVS demo a full LFE kit i had on hand, he never got around to using it so both the Buttkicker amp and Buttkicker itself are as new. Selling for $310 shipped including paypal fees. Drop me a PM or email with questions. Thanks!
  3. Serge Breton

    Harmon Kardon factory fresh sealed AVR-645 receiver

    I have an HK AVR-645 receiver on it's way directly from Harmon Kardon. They let me upgrade my 5 year old AVR-8000 but my priorities have changed so must sell. The 645's are just beginning to come out, i received shipping confirmation on Friday, been waiting for this piece since June. I can...
  4. Serge Breton

    Nice HTPC for sale

    Here are the parts installed. All in excellent condition and a plug and play higher end HTPC. Case has been modded for larger rear fans for lower RPM and much more quiet. Must sell, price below is excellent, no low ballers please. Ahanix D4 with quiet power supply and VFD (silver color)...
  5. Serge Breton

    FS: very nice HTPC!

    i am debating selling off my HTPC. The case itself is one of 53 total in existance that i made for myself and a few members here at AVS. I don't know what i should charge for the whole thing but here is a list of hardware installed: custom case (see attached image) Asus P4PE mobo Intel P4...
  6. Serge Breton

    wtb: Expressvu HD receiver, either 6000 or 6100

    Title says it all. Please email me at [email protected] if you have one available. Obviously a "0" balance owing on the card/unit is a must. Thanks!
  7. Serge Breton

    WTB: 8VSB module for Dish 6000 receiver

    Title says it all. Email me at [email protected] if you have an 8VSB over the air tuner module. Thanks
  8. Serge Breton

    WTB: PC100 or PC133 RAM

    Title says it all, looking for a good stick of 256m or 512m pc100 or pc133 RAM. Please email/pm me with what you have/prices. I need it ASAP so send your paypal info also and if the price is reasonable i can pay immediately. Also looking for a Duron/Athlon CPU up to 1.4Ghz. Prefer to buy the...
  9. Serge Breton

    WTB: PC133 ram

    title says it all. Prices on the older style ram is ridiculous. Looking for someone with extra or who wants to get rid of some older memory. Need either 128M or 256M PC133, just email me a price.
  10. Serge Breton

    RCA DTC-100, Elliptical HDTV Dish, VHDC300 transcoder, HU and P4 card package!

    Package includes the RCA DTC-100 DirectTv satellite receiver, a triple LNB RCA oval dish with multi switch for hooking up multiple receivers, an HU card (used but excellent shape), a brand new Virgin P4 access card and the excellent VHDC300 VGA to component transcoder! This is the complete...
  11. Serge Breton

    new PB2+ owner, please help me with my placement, please!

    gotta love the PB2+ but i am having serious problems with room nodes. My old sub was a 20-39CS with samson S-700 and it was placed in the front corner near the left main speaker and this yielded optimum bass response. The PB2+ is so big that i am limited to placement in my small/medium room...
  12. Serge Breton

    The worst experience ever with Canada customs, help sought please!

    Well here is the story, the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth: i had a special delivery today from a fellow HTF member from Illinois, he was tentative to ship the subwoofer(SVS PB2+) in case of shipping damage(past experience) and recouping $1000 in insurance from fed-Ex or UPS could...
  13. Serge Breton

    WTB: SVS PB2+, Tumult or Stryke subwoofer

    Working on a deal for a PB2+ but just in case since i am subless:frowning: at the moment i will post a wanted ad. Looking for any combinations of these subs and i have a 1K US budget that i would like to stay in. Please email or PM if you have what i want. Please note the above is all i want...
  14. Serge Breton

    WTB: Dish 6000 system

    Title says it all, want to buy a dish 6000 system with or without HDTV module, need a dish too. Send me an email or pm. Thanks
  15. Serge Breton

    Samson S700 amplifier and Sony HS10 projector

    Sony HS10 is still looking for a good home. Up for sale now is my beloved Samson S-700 amplifier. This is an excellent sub amp providing 350 watts x2 of clean power. Have original box, manual and pro interceonnect also included. Amplifier is in excellent condition as usual. Price is $300US...
  16. Serge Breton

    WTB: LOTR Fellowship and/or Two Towers extended dvds

    Title says it all, email or PM me. Thanks and happy Easter to all!
  17. Serge Breton

    Some quality items...Sony HS10 projector and SVS 20-39 CS subwoofer!

    Pondering selling my HS10 so act quickly! This is an excellent projector with very little use. Native 16:9 resolution is 1366x768! Have original box, extra multisync cable, manual, unused remote and CCR40 filter ($30) is included. Projector has a total of 160 hrs of use on the rated 2500hr bulb...
  18. Serge Breton

    where are all the AV12 or AV15 threads?

    I am planning on building my own sub, a 24" cubic enclosure with an AV15 and two 18" PR's is what i am after. Is there a better solution for the price? A 2ft box is as big as i would like to go. Right now i have an SVS 20-39 with Samson S-700 amplifier. I think 700 watts will suffice for the...
  19. Serge Breton

    WTB: quality component cables 7.5-8 meter length

    Title says it all. Please email or pm me. Thanks
  20. Serge Breton

    WTB: RCA VHDC300 VGA to component transcoder

    Title says it all, please email or pm me with price, condition and included accessories. Thanks!
  21. Serge Breton

    WTB: Denon DVD-1600 dvd player

    looking for this player so if anyone has one available please give me a shout. Thanks!
  22. Serge Breton

    WTB: Good s-video, toslink optical, SDI and component video cables (1-2M)

    Looking for one or two meter lengths of each of the cable described in my title. Good build quality is a must such as the AR brand of cables. Please email or PM me to let me know what you have. Thanks!
  23. Serge Breton

    WTB: DirectTV P4 card, need 1 or 2 of them

    If anyone has one or two of the newer P4 cards available for sale please let me know. I need one for suresince direct tv will not ship me one. Send me an email or PM. Thanks
  24. Serge Breton

    FS: Panasonic sa-xr10 digital receiver (brand new in box)

    Bought this receiver but i no longer need it. Sells for $300 new, will sell for $170 + actual shipping. This receiver is new in the box. Please email me with questions. Here are some of the specs: Features: built-in Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding 100 watts x 2...
  25. Serge Breton

    FS: Audio/video grade case feet and accessories

    Nice silver case feet for a pc case or any other audio/video component. Priced at $9.50US for a complete set of 4. Airmail shipping to anywhere (worldwide is $4). Will also ship regular mail if preferred. pics (actual feet are the ones pictured in top right corner): pics of feet...
  26. Serge Breton

    WTB: SDI modded RP82, RP91, XP50, Denon DVD1600

    If you have one of these player or even one without SDI i am looking. Will pay a fair price. Send me an email or PM. Thanks!
  27. Serge Breton

    FS: a few HT items

    1 3ft bettercables vga cable (male to male) like new sell for $35 ($45CDN). On of the best cables if not the best! Current price on their website is $109US for a 3ft length VGA. SOLD 1 Extron SW4VGA Xi video switcher. The Extron switchers are the best available, no signal degradation unlike...
  28. Serge Breton

    WTB: Complete Directtv satellite system

    Looking to buy a complete direct tv satellite system. Must have dish,receiver,remote,HU(football)card. Cables and brackets a bonus but not a must. -thanks
  29. Serge Breton

    FS: projector

    I have owned my projector for 2.5 years since purchased new. The model is a Mitsubishi LVP X-70 LCD projector and was manufactured in 2000. Makes a perfect home theater projector but can be used for business purposes also. Maximum 1280x1024 resolution (1024x768 native), very low 350 hours of use...