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  1. Mark Oates

    Any Chance Of: The Flash Gordon Serials?

    Does anybody know if there are plans for the restoration and release of the Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers serials on Blu-ray? There are currently reasonable, but by no means top quality, DVD editions of the serials and more gawdawful PD releases than you can stick a shake at. Can anybody tell me...
  2. Mark Oates

    Casino Royale (1967) on BD (UK)

    A strangely disappointing experience. I'd hoped for a radical improvement on the 2008 Collectors' Edition DVD, but unfortunately Fox/MGM has only done lip service to putting the picture on Blu-ray. I know Casino Royale is the red-headed child of the Bond franchise, but personally I regard it...
  3. Mark Oates

    R2 Wizard Of Oz - What's Going On?

    After getting PR bumf that the UK would be getting ostensibly identical two- and three-disc sets of the 1939 classic The Wizard Of Oz, it's now starting to look as if only the two-disc version is going to be available. Retailers are only listing the two-disc set, and if they have offered the...
  4. Mark Oates

    Warner - Man From UNCLE - pretty please?

    Us lucky souls in R2 were fortunate enough to get a boxed set of some of the theatrical edits of the double Man From UNCLE episodes. Is there any chance of the whole world seeing a season-by-season release of all the episodes of this and its spinoff Girl? I'd buy the lot faster than you...
  5. Mark Oates

    Fox R2 - "Here Come The Double Deckers"

    Would 20th Century Fox UK please consider releasing the complete 1970 childrens' series "Here Come The Double Deckers"? It's a series fondly remembered by fortysomethings here in the UK.
  6. Mark Oates

    HD-DVD - Does R2 Get Left Behind?

    I'm wondering what will happen with R2 releases when (and if) HD becomes the standard for DVD releases in R1. As far as I can ascertain, the UK Government has no policy towards HDTV as they reckon it will be hard enough getting the public to switch over to digital standard definition broadcasts...