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  1. Michael TLV

    Stiletto Remote useless in Car??

    Greetings I picked up the unit about 3 weeks ago and had some great hands on time while I was calibrating in Toronto and Ottawa the past couple of weeks. I had the unit set up on its cradle in the car and the remote control was pretty much useless as one button press somehow was received...
  2. Michael TLV

    Contrast Ratios DLP/LCD/CRT RP units

    Greetings Here's an interesting find to chew on. I worked on three different technology types on the weekend. A Toshiba CRT rptv, a Samsung 56" DLP RP and a Sony 60" GW LCD RP unit. Out of curiosity, I decided to determine what the contrast ratio was on these three units following a proper...
  3. Michael TLV

    Stargate SG1- Redemption 1 6/7/02

    Greetings So any feedback on the season premiere of SG1 last night on Sci-Fi Channel? I welcomed the 16:9 resentation, but miss the loss of the DD5.1 track. I also do not like the low bitrate on Sci-fi compared to Showtime. So much softer and worse looking compared to the previous season...
  4. Michael TLV

    Stargate SG1- Meridian 5/10/02

    Greetings Any feelings about this particular episode and where the show goes from here? I enjoyed it a lot and found the Corin Nemic character interesting ... another nerd ... although I remember him from Beans Baxter ... he should be an interesting addition to the show. I still love the...