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  1. John Watson

    MI 5 on PBS 2010

    Anyone still watching MI 5? I can't determine what season is now being shown on PBS, but the episode last night was the second of a two-parter, with if I'm not mistaken, the second use of a coup plot. In this one, the daughter of one of the plotters was instrumental in saving democracy in...
  2. John Watson

    Market for BEST OF TV series?

    I mean, collections of the best of Monty Python, or X Files, etc. There don't seem to many such around. I don't like to commit to complete series of long running shows, but I'd buy 'The Best of' packages of certain programs. Anyone else feel this way?
  3. John Watson

    The Last Enemy (mini-series on PBS)

    Has anyone caught this? Very gripping. I believe 2 of 3 episodes have already been broadcast, but worth watching next time it's shown, or when it comes to DVD. For reference, here's how Amazon review summarizes the story and the forthcoming DVD : "Review Comes close to being a masterpiece...
  4. John Watson

    PC is very quiet. Troble?

    I have an old small computer, and in recent days it has been abnormally loud, as tho fan bearings are gone? But today, to my surpise, it has quieted right down, and is so quiet, I'm starting to think a fan has actually stopped running. If so, any ideas on how much operation might I expect...
  5. John Watson

    Image slopes (slightly)

    For years I noticed on a 4:3 set that the DVD image for less-than-full screen movies, sloped slightly from left to right, at least along the top edge. The decline amounts to almost 1/2" on the 27" set I always wondered if might have been the TV tube of that particular Sony 27" set itself...
  6. John Watson

    Documentaries-travelogs-nature etc, with music

    Is there any good source, or series, of DVDs on non-fiction themes? I have a few of the DVD Iternational Naxos "Musical Journeys". The series seems to have come to an end, and really, they were not as good as I had hoped they might be. I would really love one about the oceans, the movement...
  7. John Watson

    LCD Monitor - how serious is this defect

    I just got a new computer, bundled with a 17" flatscreen monitor. I immediately noticed a 'missing pixel', a tiny pin-point size green dot in the screen before the wallpaper comes up. It's not noticeable on most screens when I'm using programs, so, should I return it, or is this within...
  8. John Watson

    Nero failing?

    Or could it be the burner. Not too many problems for a year or so But recently, I was doing a set of cd-rs and on about 3 of 6 attempts I have had failures, with the message "SCSI/ATAPI command timeout error". The process seems to stall at 8%, and I've had to use reset, which generated...
  9. John Watson

    Security check list for home absence

    OK, if you are away from a house for over a month, what should you turn off? First, someone will be checking the house frequently to keep the insurance company happy, so power must be left on to allow lights, alarm, to work. Should water be turned off? Power to furnace and hot water...
  10. John Watson

    NAV 2005 - is this inevitable!?!

    Warning - Rant ahead! Ever since upgrading from NAV 2002 to NAV 2005 a few months ago, my Windows 98 computer has gotten much slower to use - tasks such as word processing or surfing are frequently, and on no discernible schedule, interrupted and slowed down by my hard drive chattering, and...
  11. John Watson

    Debt Collectors - Shakedown artists?

    I've just received a second notice from a New York state based outfit, requesting I pay an "outstanding" charge of $50 odd Canadian, for their client, a Music Club which I will leave nameless at present. The situation is highly galling. To my knowledge I have no unpaid accounts from the music...
  12. John Watson

    Pandora's Box

    I thought I read a year or so ago that this classic film was coming to DCD. Anyone have any news?
  13. John Watson

    Horse Operas, recommendations?

    I'm looking for a small set of at least B-grade westerns. An old fashioned Saturday afternoon series or collection, B&W is perfectly ok. As to what I don't want : I once watched a Madacy John Wayne collection : the plots were crummy, execution poor, and quality of the picture abysmal...
  14. John Watson

    Unusual furnace behaviour

    It's an oil burning furnace that heats water that is pumped to several different zones of the house. As of this morning, it has been making a steady low noise, as well as the regular (normal) much louder noise, when the burner starts and heats water from time to time. Since there are often...
  15. John Watson

    Film Soundtracks

    I used to enjoy film music as sampled on compilations by Silva Screen. Just went to their website, and it's gone! Domain name up-for-sale, and irritating pop-ups. Anyone know what happened?
  16. John Watson

    Gasoline smell in car

    In recent months we have ocassionally smelled gas for a few moments at a time. It dissipates quite soon. My dealership looked at the car recently, test drove it for a few kilometers, and couldn't duplicate the problem :frowning:. I was told the mechanic checked the system (visually I expect)...
  17. John Watson

    Blocked Sender

    On e-mail on Outlook Express, on Windows 98 SE, what does this accomplish? What does the sender see? I've been geting a string of similar looking porn spam, and short of cancelling the e-mail address, would Block sender give me any relief? Or does the sender send from a different address...
  18. John Watson

    Corner Gas

    Just a reminder to Canajuns, Corner Gas is back this week. Hope it lives up to last year's quality.
  19. John Watson

    Did I escape?

    A new experience this evening. During some heavy surfing, as well as my active programs buttons, there were 4 more little "about blank" buttons on the task bar, and they could not be closed by any means, except finally, by Restart. Their appearance was preceded or accompanied by "malicious...
  20. John Watson

    Not Laser Disks? Video disks?

    I saw a small lot of movie disks for sale in a junk shop. The titles were Pink Panther, and other musicals. I am not sure what a Laser disk looks like, but understood it to be much like an LP, in a large sleeve, whereas these movies I saw were in a white plastic container, with no evident...
  21. John Watson

    Attention Everly Brothers Fans / Roots Rock Fans!

    There's a petition underway to encourage Rhino records to release the rest of the mid 60's Everly Brother albums that were to have been released on cd a couple of years ago. For those who have only heard of Bye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dream, or Cathie's Clown, you might be interested to...
  22. John Watson


    About a year or so ago, these titles used to apppear on an Anchor Bay "coming attractions" list. I'm not sure if AB still exists as such, and in the case of BLISS, I'm not sure if it was even the movie I wanted (an Australian film from the 1980's). Does anyone know if these movies are...
  23. John Watson

    Critics! Stalin ordered John Wayne's Assassination?

    Fascinating article. Power corrupts. http://www.arts.telegraph.co.uk/arts...ixartleft.html
  24. John Watson

    How to defraggle your motherdisk

    Computer not working well? http://www.datadocktorn.nu/us_frag1.php :)
  25. John Watson

    24 - Day 3 - Hour 22 - 5/11/04

    Well, the shit has hit the fan, Tony is on the lam, and there's only 3 hours left to put the worms back in the can.
  26. John Watson

    24 : Day 3 - 5/4/04 - Hour 21

    Tony is on the horns of the traditional dilemma - try to save his wife, or milllions of innocent folks in the free world. Only 3 more hours to come to a resolution, see justice for Sherry, and then retire the show with glory !
  27. John Watson

    Travelin' Wilburys

    Any word about these disks coming back to print? I even had a "Nobody's Child" rendition by the Wilbury's on a benefit cd. Lousy bootlegs are not the answer!
  28. John Watson

    New Email Spoof - "Mailbox overflowing"?

    I have seen strange things in e-mail - things that are mis-addressed for example, or about messages sent back to the sender (by the ISP) because they were too big (collections of pix was my guess for the reason) But I just received one saying "Your mailbox is over the high water mark. Please...
  29. John Watson

    Rap is 25, and its best days are past?

    Very interesting article http://www.prospect-magazine.co.uk/S..._Article=12426
  30. John Watson

    Ulysses - Bloomsday Centenary

    By coincidence I had just received my order of the DVD of the 1967 movie ULYSSES based on James Joyce's novel, when I heard on the radio that the book itself was actually first published in 1904. (I'm tempted to call it the original 24, but maybe that would be too low a form of humour for...