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  1. LennyP

    *** Official "BULLETPROOF MONK" Review Thread

    Strangely, I couldn't find a thread on this. Well I just saw it, I must say it's another disappointing movie with lots of bad, unrealistic, out of place dialogue. The trailer made it look exciting & fun, Jaime King sure looks beautiful, plus the two 3named guys are a strange but interesting...
  2. LennyP

    Robbery Homicide Division ALL NEW UNAIRED EPs 11, 12, & 13!

    Wow! I'm so excited, I've been recording reruns of RHD on USA network and was thinking, they went through at least 3 full repeat cycles of the 10 episodes that aired on CBS or whichever stupid channel cancelled this excellent show, and why don't they show the 3 completed, unaired episodes. And...
  3. LennyP

    NYPD Blue Season 1 cheaper than $39 shipped from Amazon.ca anywhere?

    With a $10 off coupon which makes it like free shipping 'cause it's about CA$10, the set comes out at just US$39 shipped. Is there a better deal anywhere? Probably not.
  4. LennyP

    Advanced editing software?

    What software would you recommend that allows to create your own scrolling credits at the end, like in films, and impose titles on video, join mpeg2 clips, stuff like that, basically edit a short movie together from clips into a presentable format. Just for my hobby. Price doesn't matter, any...
  5. LennyP

    Battle Royale II !

    The great BattleRoyaleFilm.com fansite has some behind the scenes footage and 2 teaser trailers! "It's three years after the events of the original Battle Royale, and Shuya Nanahara (Tatsuya Fujiwara), one of the survivors, is now a well-known terrorist determined to bring down the...
  6. LennyP

    Help me ID a movie!

    Ok, here is the story. I saw this Sci-Fi movie long ago, in 1996 or earlier that I wanted to get on any medium for the past 3 years or so. Now I couldn't sleep, turn on one of Showtime channels, Beyond I think, and it's showing a movie with a similar plot to the one I'm looking for. It's called...
  7. LennyP

    Tripple and Quadruple blank amaray DVD cases?

    I guess this is the most fitting section of the forum for such a thread. Anyone know where I could purchase blank DVD cases for 3 and 4 DVDs, 5 or 6 DVD cases would be great too. I can't seem to find them anywhere, even ebay.
  8. LennyP

    Please recommend some R3 only DVDs

    I don't have anything besides Battle Royale and Taxi movies from R3 and now noticed they have Besson's Wasabi with Jean Reno out and would like to get a few more DVDs in one order. What are some R3 releases that are not available in R1/2/4? Action/Sci-Fi and Anime are what I prefer :b I'm...
  9. LennyP

    Best/standout scenes & cameos

    You know those scenes, that you remember long after the movie or an episode of a series is over, maybe it's a cameo that stands out, it might even be better than the whole movie, or a scene that's just perfect, etc. So let everyone know about your favs, maybe some will discover a great movie...
  10. LennyP

    Need a DVD-R capable DVD Player with Zoom function

    Hello, I already own a great Malata N996 which basically plays everything, any DVD from anywhere in the world and has every feature I could need, but it screws up on some DVD-R discs, so I'd like to buy a DVD player just for DVD-Rs. All I need it to have are 3 things: 1. Of course play DVD-Rs...
  11. LennyP

    Counting your collection. How do you do it?

    I think this thread fits ok in this forum, please move it if not. Anyway, I haven't counted my collection for the first 3 years and only started in recent 12 months or so, and it troubled me (as much as this kind of thing can of course :D ). Just counting by the boxes isn't fair, you got...
  12. LennyP

    Luc Besson's Wasabi with Jean Reno DVD?

    Hello all, I'm trying to get this movie on DVD, it's out in France on 3rd of July with a DTS track but there are no subtitles. It's also out in Japan on August 23rd, 5.1 DD but only Japanese subtitles. OL is French and I wonder if there is any DVD release in any country with English subtitles...
  13. LennyP

    D-Tox aka Eye See You is great! The 'new' Stallone film.

    "Natural selection. Born to win. Born to lose. Born to die. Three situations that make up everything in the world. No interference is necessary. But interference happens. So if you remove the authority, the police, then you'll see life as god intended it to be. Without police, the weak and...