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  1. Michael Mohrmann

    Can't isolate hum in our HT

    It appears that we have been bitten by a ground loop problem. Or have we? We have been hearing a hum coming from both of our ACI Titan II LEs subwoofers. The hum appears to be coming directly from the amplifier backplane and not the woofers themselves. It can occur whether the subwoofer is...
  2. Michael Mohrmann

    First laptop purchase

    We are about to purchase a laptop for use as follows:Primary use as a "desktop" for our 11 year old daughter, who is not into video games muchBe able to play DVD movies on frequent 1-2 hour trips to visit family and 6 hour trips to DisneylandBe able to download photos from digital cameras while...
  3. Michael Mohrmann

    WTB: Kimber Kable Silver Streak ICs

    I am looking for one pair of Silver Streak 1 meter, plus one single ("broken" pair) Silver Streak 1 meter, RCA connectors (preferably the WBT-0147s or WBT-0144s). Can pay with Money Order or PayPal. Thanks, Michael
  4. Michael Mohrmann

    WTB: Paradigm X-30 crossover

    I am looking to purchase a Paradigm X-30 active crossover, in very good to new condition. I do not need the original cable that comes with the unit, just the X-30 and its power adapter. I can pay with money order or PayPal (I have a 207 rating on eBay with no negative feedback). Thanks...
  5. Michael Mohrmann

    Who has SVS photographs?

    Does anyone have links to some in-room photos of their SVS subwoofers (mostly the 25-31 and 20-39 subs)? I am trying to get a feel for what they look like placed within a room. Closeup shots will not be of much help here, as I am trying to organize my "sales pitch". ;) Thanks, Michael
  6. Michael Mohrmann

    Looking for updated subwoofer output data

    In searching the forums for subwoofer output data, the most recent one I could find is this post. Later in that thread it is commented that some of this data is out of date. Does anyone have a list with more up to date output numbers that can be posted or linked to? Thanks, Michael
  7. Michael Mohrmann

    Low pass crossover question

    I have noticed in many cases that a low pass crossover is often sloped at 24 dB per octave. On occasion, there are options for a 12 dB per octave crossover and even an 18 dB per octave (Paradigm X-30) crossover. While I pretty much understand how the slopes work with respect to the crossover...
  8. Michael Mohrmann

    WTB: Canton Ergo speakers

    I am looking to buy either a Canton Ergo CM51 center speaker or a pair of Canton Ergo 22DC speakers in the Black Lacquer finish. I will pay for the actual shipping costs. Michael
  9. Michael Mohrmann

    WTB: Canton Ergo speakers

    I am looking for a Canton Ergo CM51 center speaker in the Black Lacquer finish. I would like the speaker to be in good condition, no chips or dents please. I will pay for the shipping and insurance to zip code 95014. Thanks, Michael
  10. Michael Mohrmann

    Anthem AVM-20 Bass Peak Level setting

    Hi AVM-20 owners! Now that we have had the AVM-20 in our home for 24+ hours, I have finally gotten around to revisiting the owner's manual (kind of mediocre - I have seen worse and I have seen better) for the system's setup. One setting I came across was the Bass Peak Level setting, starting...
  11. Michael Mohrmann

    Bryston SP1.7 is out - I need some suggestions

    Having waited nearly 2 months for the Bryston SP1.7 to be released (having sold our Lexicon MC-1 in early January), I find out today that my online source for the SP1.7 (offerred at $3200 delivered, much less than the planned $4300-4500 MSRP) has backed out. So, I am back in the audition game...
  12. Michael Mohrmann

    SVS CS-Ultra: Is it musical?

    When I wrote the subject line of this post, I wondered whether I was asking the right question. Nearly every post dealing with the SVS subwoofers on this and many other online forums talk about reference SPLs, removing one's home from its' foundation, knocking pictures or drywall loose...
  13. Michael Mohrmann

    FS: M&K MX-125mkII Subwoofer

    I have for sale an M&K MX-125mkII subwoofer in very good working and cosmetic condition. I am the original owner, with the original sales receipt, so I can transfer the remainder of the M&K warranty to the new owner. This particular MX-125mkII is in the Black Oak finish instead of the standard...
  14. Michael Mohrmann

    Bryston SP-1?

    The following report from CES states that there is a Bryston SP1.7: http://www.guidetohometheater.com/shownews.cgi?1198 Does anybody have more information than is provided in this report, like when the SP1.7 will be available, and when an upgrade for the SP1 to the SP1.7 will be possible...