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  1. andy wells

    Stryper murder by pride July 21, 2009!

    I'm a HUGE Stryper fan, and for those of you who may like them, here are some songs from the upcoming CD Murder by pride. Very much a return to roots sound wise while having a modern twist to them. Hope you all enjoy! For those interested, itunes is releasing 1 song per week up until the release...
  2. andy wells

    New Rocky Balboa clip

    What a great scene! I'll be first in line! :D
  3. andy wells

    Yamaha HTR-6090. Did I get the Best deal ever?

    I just got the HTR-6090- a 1,000 dollar reciever for 200 DOLLARS! UNREAL! The store re-modeled and was getting rid of some inventory. Haven't had the chance to mess with it yet.. What does the "Pure direct" button do? Does it only work with certian inputs? Thanks in advance.
  4. andy wells

    I bought the Mistubishi WD-65731

    I'm having it delivered Saturday, and needless to say, I am very excited. Any owners of this tv here care to give their thoughts on this TV, who have been able to spend some time with it? Thanks in advance. :D
  5. andy wells

    Service plan on DLP. Yes or no?

    I mentioned I was interested in buying the mitsubishi 65731, and was wondering.. Should I get the 4 year (the only one available for DLPs) service plan (399.99) or is it worth it? I could get the TV this coming week, but with that additional cost, I would have to hold off for a while longer (a...
  6. andy wells

    Need advice on new TV! Please help...

    I hope I am not repeating a previous question. But I am looking at buying a 65 inch tv and the mistubishi is VERY tempting. I think I read that the 06 model (65731) was not able to display the full 1080 lines of resolution? Is that correct? I was also wondering (I checked the best buy where I...
  7. andy wells

    Three's company closed captions?

    I have a buddy who is deaf and never seen three's company before. I noticed every season has the CC logo but I can't seem to get them to work on any season. It seems a bit odd that they would continue to put it on the box if it wasn't on there. Could it be that it has problems on certian players...
  8. andy wells

    62HM195 reviews and availability question(s)

    Just wondering if anyone has this set (62HM195) and can comment on it. Its on toshibas website, so I'm assuming its been released. Does anyone know if best buy carries it or can order it (To early for me to check at the moment- they are closed:) ) thanks in advance..
  9. andy wells

    Whatever happened to T3 extended cut?

    Not sure if it may have been overlooked in my search, but wasn't there talk of an extended (directors cut) of Terminator 3 on DVD? Was it cancelled?
  10. andy wells

    Looney tunes.. what cartoon was this?

    I can really only remeber a VERY small bit of it, and I honestly can't say for sure it was looney tunes, but I am almost positive. There was a ghost in it who would yell "BOO!" and had a really silly laugh right afterwards and it sounded somewhat barney rubble-ish. I know that may not be too...
  11. andy wells

    Wasn't there supposed to be a DC of man on fire?

    Sorry if I missed the thread on this (couldn't find it with the search) but I could swear i read about it. Have I gone crazy or was it cancelled?