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  1. Reagan

    Blu-ray PCM is it uncompressed or lossless compression?

    Will someone settle a bet for me (I'm betting myself here). Are the PCM tracks on Blu-ray really uncompressed or compressed with a lossless algorithm (e.g., win-zip style)? I know it doesn't matter (except that the latter would be better for total space and transfer rate), but it's been...
  2. Reagan

    The Aviator DVD thoughts

    Since I can't seem to find an HTF review of The Aviator DVD, I thought I'd share my own thoughts on it. As many of you know, both Miramax and the brothers Warner have their name on this production and some have speculated as to which would handle the DVD. After watching the DVD three times...
  3. Reagan

    Lady and the Tramp: Platinum Edition - March 2006

    UltimateDisney.com said it's confirmed for a March 7, 2006 release date. Good news for all Lady and the Tramp fans. Here's hoping for pristine PQ for the 2.35 version of the film and that if they do include the 1.33 version, it's on disc 2. -Reagan
  4. Reagan

    What killed the 70mm blow up of new releases?

    Until the mid 1990s you could count on one theater in town (if you lived in a really big city) having a 70mm blow up of a major new release. But no more. Why did it stop? Was it: 1) Digital sound, which brought the sound quality of a 35mm release to the level (or at least close to the...
  5. Reagan

    Disney/Buena Vista: Please move Lady and the Tramp up on the Platinum release sched.

    Hello Disney/Buena Vista people, I would like to see Lady and the Tramp sooner rather than later. I know that the order of the Platinum editions is up in the air now that you've moved to a two per year schedule. Please consider releasing Lady and the Tramp ASAP (spring of 2004 would be nice)...
  6. Reagan

    Jonah: Veggie Tales and Toshiba DVD player problem

    I can't get disk 1 to play on my Tosh SD6200. Anyone else have this problem? Is this a known incompatibility? Here's the weird part: disk 2 plays fine on the Tosh and disk 1 plays fine on my PS2. Thanks -R
  7. Reagan

    Warner/Morgan Creek: True Romance - Thanks

    Great job on True Romance. Very good picture quality. Plus having anamorphic deleted scenes was a classy touch. Much appreciated. Also, the audio commentary was great. Good job getting Quinten for a commentary track. I also really enjoyed the short commentaries from Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer...
  8. Reagan

    Warner - where is the Goodfellas SE?

    Rumour has it that a special edition of Goodfellas has been in development for some time. I'm climbing the walls waiting for it. Bring it out! Please. Don't make me beg. I'm not going to beg. Pretty please? -Reagan
  9. Reagan

    Fox - anamorphic Something About Mary please

    There's Something About Mary needs to be released with anamorphic video. Please. I'd gladly buy it again. Thanks, -Reagan
  10. Reagan

    Disney/Miramax/Dimension - Please release anamorphic Scream

    The original Scream is the only one of the series in need of anamorphic video. (Thanks for re-releasing Scream 2 with a 16x9 transfer BTW). Please release a new version of Scream with anamorphic video. I'll gladly buy it again. Thanks, Reagan
  11. Reagan

    Disney/Miramax - Thank you for Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown SEs

    Thanks for the great job on those two movies. Special thanks for including the rebate for those who bought the original Pulp Fiction DVD. That was a nice bonus. -Reagan