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  1. Walt Park

    silver solder

    Is it really worth it? I was thinking about this after I built the XO for my speakers. Everybody concentrates on all the stuff in the signal path down to the level of the solder used. But then... when you look at the cross over, the caps, resistors and what not all have tin leads. I...
  2. Walt Park

    Attn? Where to find good pot?

    I've got a Njoe Tjoeb directly connected to an amp. The Tjoeb, has built in volume control, but the control is not very sensitive. ie, the jumps between the integer settings are quite largely gapped, and the min is not very quiet. Now, all I'm playing is cd's so I'm not sure I need a pre...
  3. Walt Park

    teflon coating

    is there a way to coat something with teflon? I found some solid silver (.999) 20 ga wire for about $.55/ft but it's not coated. I could buy some teflon tubing and just slide it in, but then it's still exposed to air. I have thought about shrink wrapping it, but 20 ga is still pretty thin, and...
  4. Walt Park

    copper vs silver vs gold

    is there really a sonic difference assuming resistance/inductance is the same? If so, does solid silver sound different than silver plated copper? I found some cheap teflon coated silver plated copper, but some people claim that the coating does nothing other than help prevent oxidation...
  5. Walt Park

    tweaks/upgrades: which ones really work?

    Ok.. so Chu got me thinking about stuff. After looking around, I think the silver serpent interconnects are just eichman bullets or cardas rca's soldered to the cable that DH Labs uses. I found the wire in bulk at http://www.welbornelabs.com/dhlabs.htm Then it's just covered in techflex...
  6. Walt Park

    interconnect length

    I bought the bettercables silver serpents. They arrived yesterday, and one is 3/8" longer than the other. Should I worry about it?
  7. Walt Park

    cabinet question

    When you do all the measurements for the cabinet and what not, do you have to remove the volume of stuff that goes inside? Like the XO parts and what not. I'm building the GR criterion kit, and I build the XO on a piece of pergo. Anyway the internal volume isnt very large, and the foil inductors...
  8. Walt Park

    picture cropping

    I got a calibration dvd, and was looking at the test images. Some of the screen is getting cut off. I've noticed this at the store too. Like when they have rows of tv's showing the same channel, different models crop the picture at different places. If you look at what's being shown at the edge...
  9. Walt Park

    upsampling cd's

    I just ordered a Njoe Tjoeb CD player, and as an option, they offer a 24/192 upsampler. http://www.upscaleaudio.com/4000faqupdate.htm I'm wondering if it's worth it. I've read reviews saying that it is better and others saying it's just another oversampling and that any percieved benefit is...
  10. Walt Park

    best analog rca for under $100?

    ok.. so until last night I was not a believer in interconnects. I picked up a pair of monster interlink 400 and a pair of reference 2 rca cables. The ref 2 was noticibly better than the 400 and both were alot better than the ones I had before. I didnt want to believe it because honestly I didnt...
  11. Walt Park

    need 1" and 1.5" mdf

    I bought a kit that calls for 1" and 1.5" mdf, but I went to Home Depot and Menards, and they only carry 1/2 and 3/4. Does MDF come in 1 and 1.5"? Also can I just double up the 1/2 and 3/4 to get the 1 and 1.5? I'm a little bit concerned about the gap since that's apparantly the arguement...
  12. Walt Park

    Rotel 1070's vs Bryston B60 vs Blue Circle. Best deal for less than 1.5k?

    Hello, I'm looking at doing a 2 channel for the living room, and went to the "boutique" last night to check stuff out. I was looking at the rotel 1070pre/pro but the sales guy was really trying to steer me to the Bryston B60, which sounded better, but was playing on B&W CM4's as opposed to the...
  13. Walt Park

    pioneer 811s as a pre?

    Hello, I'm wanting to setup a strictly stereo system in the living room. I am probably going to start separates for this, but dont have enough $$ to do it all at once. I am thinking of getting an 811s ($299 at BB right now) and using them until I can get a pair of the Outlaw M blocks (500/pr)...
  14. Walt Park

    what does DVC's gain you?

    Just curious. The Shiva's and some other sub drivers are DVC, but the Titanics are SVC. What are the pro's cons of DVC over SVC?
  15. Walt Park

    Question about Vas

    Ok... so I bought a PE 10" titanic kit, and it just kicks my Polk PSW 350's @$$ all over the house. So... I'm thinking... Can I just get another 10" titanic driver and put it in the polk box. (I want to use the Polk, or at least it's box and plate amp in another room) The titanic kit box is...
  16. Walt Park

    10" titanic kit

    Sorry if this has been posted before. I know it's not really DIY, but I ordered the PE 10" titanic kit, and it should be here tomorrow. Should I fill it with poly, or will the eggcrate stuff it comes with be good enough? If I should fill, how much? I bought it because my Polk PSW 350 was not...
  17. Walt Park

    Onkyo TX-SR600 remote help please

    What's the trick to programming the remote manually? I can get it to take the preprogrammed codes, but there isnt a code for my Sony CD carousel. I tried the mode+enter, but the learn light never comes on, and it doesn't work after hitting mode again. Any ideas? Am I reading that wrong...
  18. Walt Park

    Speaker Wire Ends

    Sorry if this gets posted twice, but my first posting didnt show up, so I'm not sure it went through. I got some free monster speaker cable when I bought my speakers.(Pair with premade clips, and a cable with a pack of screw on gold plated woven something at the end for center channel)...
  19. Walt Park

    Any impression on Jamo's?

    I was looking at cheap bookshelf, and for the money I think the Jamo E 800's were pretty decent for $300. I ended up going with Polk LSi's for the TV room. Anyway I'd never really heard much about Jamo, but they sounded nicer than anything else in the $300/pr range. I was thinking about getting...