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  1. Chris Wittry

    Help Finding TV to Fit Specific Entertainment Center

    We're looking to get my in-laws a new TV for Christmas this year, as they're among those who will be affected by the digital switch in Feb. They don't want to get a new entertainment center, so we're stuck finding a TV that is no wider than 29.5". They currently have a 25" tube TV, so we're...
  2. Chris Wittry

    Help with video playback on multiple monitor setup

    So, I have a multi-monitor setup with a GeForce 6600 GT PCI-E (128MB) video card and two 21" Trinitron CRTs hooked up to it. Windows XP is able to see both monitors and I can use the desktop on both monitors as well. I'm also able to play games on the primary monitor with no difficulty. The...
  3. Chris Wittry

    Help Recommend a Workout Program for Me

    So I started at the gym at the beginning of the year (like everyone else) and have been going ever since. However, the last 2 months I've hit work pretty hard, so the gym time is down. Now, my goal was to lose about 80 lbs and gain some muscle definition by the end of July. I'm down about 40...
  4. Chris Wittry

    WTB: CHEAP Stereo receiver

    I'm looking for a stereo receiver for my outdoor speakers. I don't need anything really great, just 2 channels, maybe 75-100 watts or so. Anyone who's got one sitting around collecting dust and wants to unload it, just let me know. Thanks! :D
  5. Chris Wittry

    Please recommend a budget amp for my new SVS

    So, I picked up an SVS 25-31CS from someone on this forum and it's soon to be on the way. Now I need to purchase an amp for it. The only way I was able to justify getting the sub in the 1st place was the good deal, so I can't go spending a ton on the amp. Please recommend a decently priced...
  6. Chris Wittry

    Question about speaker placement

    I've got a quick question. I'm finishing up my front wall and would like to know if my chosen speaker placement will cause problems with the sound (due to the right speaker being closer to the ceiling than the left one - see picture). Thanks for any help! :D
  7. Chris Wittry

    Lighting Control Question

    Here's a question for you lighting control experts. I have the following setup: 1 circuit w/ 9-50 watt cans 1 circuit w/ 4-50 watt cans 1 circuit w/ 3-50 watt cans I would like to be able to control those 3 circuits with a remote (either IR or X-10) and also from a set of switches at the...
  8. Chris Wittry

    Speakers + Receiver for < $2000 (larger, weird shaped room)

    Ok, so I'm finally remodeling my basement and am to the point where I need to start auditioning speakers, so I will know where to run my wiring. First off, I'm looking to spend about $2000 on my first round of HT gear. I'll be picking up one of the SVS subs at a later date, so the sub can be...
  9. Chris Wittry

    WTB: Entry Level Tivo

    I'm looking for an entry level Tivo with approximately 20 hours recording time. I can't seem to find them anywhere, either B&M or online, except on eBay where they seem to be mainly the upgraded ones going for 500-600 dollars or extremely overpriced low end models. Someone out there must have...
  10. Chris Wittry

    ReplayTV 4040 vs Tivo - Help me decide

    So here's the deal. I'm looking to get a PVR. I'll be starting out with a single unit in the HT, then if I like it (not really any doubt about that) I'll be getting another for our other tv. I want one for the general reasons (pausing live tv, no more tapes, etc), but there are some specific...
  11. Chris Wittry

    Help me lay out my basement

    Hello all. I'm finally getting through the planning/saving stage of redoing my basement and am ready to get to work. What I would like is some ideas on how I should lay it out. I am looking to take the large area (see the picture in the link below) and put in 3 major things. The most...
  12. Chris Wittry

    How far to put a pool table from a wall

    I'm trying to decide if I have enough room in my basement to put in a pool table. I would be able to leave a minimum of 3'6" on all sides, with 2 of the sides being in the open. There's just 2 sides that would be questionable and I don't want to put a table in if it's going to end up being a...
  13. Chris Wittry

    Dave Barry's take on Windows

    I read this and love it. I've been a Windows fan for a long time now and most likely I'll be one until the end (either of me or MS). http://www.miami.com/herald/special/...docs/jan06.htm
  14. Chris Wittry

    Recording Problems with General Instruments DCT2224 Digital Cable Box

    Here's the problem I'm having. My cable box has an IR blaster that controls my VCR to do recording duties. It seems like every 2-3 months the cable box will stop controlling the VCR. The box then has to be either replaced or 'hit' by the cable company for it to start working again...
  15. Chris Wittry

    General Instruments cable box and Tivo question

    I was looking at buying a Tivo, but I have a question first. How does a Tivo work with a GI cable box? Do you use the Tivo guide or the cable guide to change channels? Does the Tivo control the cable box or vice versa? Just looking for how this works in general. Thanks!
  16. Chris Wittry

    Your thoughts on this computer's configuration please

    I'm putting a new computer together and don't want to spend a ton of money, but I want to be able to play most games that are out now or will be released for the next year or so (minor upgrading allowed). Please let me know if this hardware will do it for me and also if you see any possible...
  17. Chris Wittry

    Widescreen to 4:3 conversion website?

    Does anyone know of a website that allows you to put in the size of a widescreen tv and then it spits out equivalency numbers for a 4:3 television? I remember seeing it one time, but now I can't find it. Thanks!
  18. Chris Wittry

    Room Layout Help - My 1st Real HT!!!

    Ok, the time for lurking is over. I've put in my time reading threads and have made the decision to put together my 1st HT. I've just bought a new house and have a room in the basement that I have decided to use for the HT. I currently have a 25" TV and cheap surround sound, but will be...