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  1. Jamie Doucette

    Anybody got link to run a VIN #

    I've used in the past. Highly recommended. Cheers
  2. Jamie Doucette

    Please help identify a programme

    Earth Star Voyager has been on the Family Channel a few times this past year, although I believe it was heavily edited to fit the time slot. If you check the family channel listings periodicly, you might catch it.
  3. Jamie Doucette

    Unnable to access websites do to my location

    Proxy server... Thanks, now I know what to search for, I found my answer. I found this website that has many proxy servers: Apparently, firefox has a proxy extension, but I haven't tried that yet. cheers.
  4. Jamie Doucette

    Unnable to access websites do to my location

    Is there a way to hide/block my IP address? I live in Canada and there are several websites that I would like to access but am not allowed because I don't live state-side and I get the "unable to to view due to your location", or something to that effect. Mainly videos from NBC and Sci-fi...
  5. Jamie Doucette

    Yamaha LPX-510

    I was hoping someone would reply as I too am interested in a new projector. According to this review it sounds like an excellent deal.
  6. Jamie Doucette

    Who feels bad for Lindsey Jacobellis?

    I don't buy the stabability argument. I watched finals live on CBC, and I'm pretty sure she was pumping her arms up in the air right before she did her jump/grab thing. I'd say she was "hot doggin". I tried finding a video on the net, the only one i can find is here but i get a "this video...
  7. Jamie Doucette

    Winter Olympic Events you would eliminate

    Removing Figure Skating from the Winter Olympics would be the same as removing Gymnastics from the Summer Olympics. As hinted to earlier, without olympic figure skating, chances are there would be no winter games. As for a sport I'd remove: Snowboarding Exactly.
  8. Jamie Doucette

    Help Looking for Retailers Currently Stocking Panasonic 50-Inch Plasma (TH-50PX50U)

    I am also interested in the 50" TH-50PX500. From what I can tell from scowering the internets, is the panasonic TH-50PM50 is a costco only build from panasonic and it does not have a built in DTV Tuner nor a Cable Ready Card, so they can market it at a lower price. Other than that, they are the...
  9. Jamie Doucette

    Halflife 2 and steam Uninstall

    Hi, I'm a complete PC gaming n00b. Most of my forte is in the consoles, so I hope this question doesnt seem to dumb. I bought a retail box of half life 2 and installed it on a computer with an intergreated Intel AGP 900 128mb video card. Needless to say, it does not run very well, and...
  10. Jamie Doucette

    Pioneer DV-578A-s vs. DV-588A-S

    I was about to start a new thread on the DV-588A, but then I found this one. I was thinking of getting a universal progressive player, but for less than 150 Canadian, this seems like a steal!. Is there anything i should be worried about? Any more opinions? Cheers.
  11. Jamie Doucette

    Any opinions on Leatherman tools?

    I've owned a Swiss Army Victorinox Swisstool since they first came out (well, two actually). I don't think they are as "sexy" looking as the Gerbers or Lethermans, but if you plan on getting heavy usage out of a tool, I say look at the Swiss. The reason I owned two, was my first one broke...
  12. Jamie Doucette

    Ever stopped watching a good show because you couldn't stand ONE character?

    I stopped watching Survivor Marquises (sp?), Survivor Allstars and the most recent Amazing Race after just a few episodes of each, because of one character. I'll give you a cookie if you can guess who I'm talking about. :)
  13. Jamie Doucette

    Questions on Interlaced, Progressive, and Frames Per Second

    I was always under the impression that video that was displayed interlaced (480i,1080i) was shown in two fields: All the odd lines, then all the even lines, giving 60 frames per second actual, but giving the illusion of 30 frames per second. With progressive video (480p, 720p, 1080p), the...
  14. Jamie Doucette

    Did you ever do something good?

    25$ a jump!? Heck, if I even charged 1$ to all the people I've givin jumps to I'd... well... at least have enough to buy a discount DVD or two.
  15. Jamie Doucette

    Anyone actually own a Diner's Club card?

    I have one. I don't use it as much as I used to as I went back to school. Its more of a travelling credit card than anything. I thought it was great as it automatically covers most insurance when renting a car, buying a plane ticket etc. It has many nice perks for people that use it while...
  16. Jamie Doucette

    Gran Turismo to support 480p & 1080i?

    Futureshop, here in Canada, has a release date of Feb 25. :) Link
  17. Jamie Doucette

    *** Official "EQUILIBRIUM" Discussion Thread

    I actually thought both Matrix sequels... well... sucked. Heck, I even think the first Matrix movie wasn't that great. But hey, everyone has there own likes and dislikes.
  18. Jamie Doucette

    Anybody ever get an empty DVD box?

    I've never bought a video game that was empty, but I have bought 2 dvds over the past 4 years that were empty. One was from -- I emailed their customer support line and i recieved a new dvd within a week. The second was 2 christmas's ago at Future Shop (Canada's version of best buy)...
  19. Jamie Doucette

    Kitchen radio

    I got my mom this one here a few years ago. Probably does not sound as good as the CSW one, but it has everything you want. GE Spacemaker
  20. Jamie Doucette

    Receivers that upconvert

    I don't like the word "upconvert". It implies that a receiver improves the video quality of a signal when going from one video source to another. Examples of receivers that do upconvert or improve picture quality like this are the HK AVR7300 (see post above) and the yamaha RX-Z9. It sounds...
  21. Jamie Doucette

    Forgive possible repeat - TosLink vs. Digital coax

    Here is a link to the HTF FAQ Primer: As for what I think? I can't tell the difference on a blind sound test and I use both.
  22. Jamie Doucette

    The Bourne Ultimatum - when can we expect it?

    I saw the book in stores the other day. I did'nt realize until right now that it's by a different auther. I just saw Ludlum's name and just assumed he wrote another novel. As for another movie, I would really enjoy one, but I hope the director doesn't use the "camera jerk n shake" during...
  23. Jamie Doucette

    Bose and the wife.....

    Here's another recommendation for the Energy Take 5.2 's, but all the other recommendations in this thread are great options as well. (they come in either 'Black Ash' or 'Matte White')
  24. Jamie Doucette

    WTB: Polk CS400

    you have PM
  25. Jamie Doucette

    what do you do where your dog pees on your lawn?

    This article here has some good tips and explanations. I found the "Dietary Modification Techniques" about half way down the link very interesting. Cheers
  26. Jamie Doucette

    Yamaha RX-V1400 Video Conversion Question

    Yes. OK, I did a little research on your tv. Hopefully this is it: From the looks of the specification PDF (i hope I'm reading it right) you can hook a component cable to it and it will auto select the...
  27. Jamie Doucette

    Yamaha RX-V1400 Video Conversion Question

    Rick Wilson wrote Just to be clear, the Yamaha RX-v1400 and 2400 will NOT upconvert the signal to 1080i. You will need an external video processing unit that does this. I am not familiar with any of Mits HDTV's, but it may very well upconvert the signal for you after your 1400/2400 switch...
  28. Jamie Doucette

    Yamaha receivers, can you re-assign optical inputs?

    Yes the Yamaha RX-v650 has assignable ouptical inputs. The 650 also has an AUX-input in the front of the receiver. for more information go here (PDF manual): hope this helps cheers
  29. Jamie Doucette

    Yamaha RX-V1400 Video Conversion Question

    Christopher B: As for how it works or at least how Yamaha says it works, go here: Click on the Brochure PDF link for their explanation on upconversion in the RX-Z9 (starts at page 12 of the pdf file)
  30. Jamie Doucette

    Yamaha RX-V1400 Video Conversion Question

    I really don't like the word 'upconversion'. The yamaha 1400 and 2400 don't increase the video quality, they just 'convert' the signal among component, s-video, and composite, mostly for universal switching. You should not get a better picture quality in these models by using this feature. It is...