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  1. Butch C

    Maybe working in Indonesia. Any tips?

    Beware of the fact that you'll actually be in Indonesia!
  2. Butch C

    MLB All-Star selections and game

    How many Yankee Devil Ray games have you watched there in Mass.? Or are you saying that Nomar has never made a regular season error? I thought you just argued that Nomar makes more risky errors so he's better?!? Dude, get your storys straight. As far as only being considered good because he...
  3. Butch C

    Golfers, Are Iron 4, 6 & 8 and Wood 5 really necessary clubs?

    Should not hit any club with a number lower than 5 until you fell that you are really playing well. Walk before you can run...Ive played for 3 years and my 3iron is useless
  4. Butch C

    DVD: Whatever happened to all the "rental windows" talk?

    This thread is so unsure of itself!
  5. Butch C

    On second thought, Russell Crowe should have gotten that Oscar. Simply incredible!

  6. Butch C

    Anyone want to quit smoking with me? (second try)

    If the patch gives you nightmares take it off an hour before bedtime
  7. Butch C

    Gosford Park doesn't live up to its cover

    The dialog was tough
  8. Butch C

    I just saw GLORY for the first time.

    I just have to mention my Top 10 film as a partial Civil War tie-in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  9. Butch C

    Help for a Monty Python newbie...

    BBC America, if you have the Dish Network, has an excelent Python Documentry that it runs all the time hosted by Eddie Izzard, otherwise go for the set...the skits are so mutch better in front of the studio audience...something about the filmed versions of the exact same skit is off-putting
  10. Butch C

    Alternative to Flying Idea, Bullet Train Ahoy?

    Sorry the problems with Amtrack is that Congress never passes its operating budget unless certian senators get a pork barrel project put through...this is why you have empty Amtrack trains running from Pierre, North Dakota to Wicheta, Kansas... In order for Amtrack to make money it...
  11. Butch C

    MAG-LEV Trains

    I work in the transit industry and the consensus amoung some top planners and engineers is that Mag-Lev is not feasable and the only reason that there is still development is Government funding to keep the technology alive. (Mag-Lev does have a legitimate future as a space launch platform) That...
  12. Butch C

    Eminem oscar calliber actor?

    Were talkin OSCAR noms. sight unseen based on the words of a producer?!?
  13. Butch C

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    There is absolutly no need to watch the films in order but put the disk in the player as soon as damn possible!!!!!! You will thank us if you have one ounce of testesterone flowing through your veins!
  14. Butch C

    Alternative to Flying Idea, Bullet Train Ahoy?

    The NY to Wash Acella might make its operating expenses back but so does Amtracks entire Northeast Corridor...The problem with a nationwide high speed is that full trains from NY to Chicago would be counterbalanced by the empty load from Chi to one would ride NY to LA because with...
  15. Butch C

    Anyone want to quit smoking with me? (second try)

    RAIN! I have been using the Nicoderm CQ patch for 9 days now and I could do this standing on my head...ITS awesome! Below is a link that will give a running counter of money/life saved by quitting...since last Sunday Ive saved $120!!!!!!!!! As a guide I was smoking 2+ packs a day for 10...
  16. Butch C

    Late Late Show - Weird Natalie Portman Pic

  17. Butch C

    Interesting message scrolling across my TV last night - Dish owners take note!

    The FCC currently is trying to impose laws on the dish providers that state if they carry one local network from a region they must carry them all...this goes against this idea but the new law is a few months off...I have not seen anything in NY and i'm SURE I would have heared it...BTW that...
  18. Butch C

    37 and Kevin Smith...

    CHET...that is the most uninteligable unreadable piece of literature ever...I thought Naked Lunch was hard to pour through!
  19. Butch C

    Monster Garage!

    I was just going to start this thread! This show rocks even though I dont believe for a second that the VW beat the boat...its kinda silly at the end but alot of fun along the way
  20. Butch C

    WHy did it take mt so long to become a Scrubs fan???

    Because it was opposite "24"
  21. Butch C

    I'm so sick of stupidity in Hollywood!

    My your A list stuff for later and pump out thier "high concept" crap...when you have enough money and connections hit em with your real art and it might be made...even Picasso sold art just to get rent money
  22. Butch C

    Product Placement in Movies: Out of Control?

    A hilarious quote from Roger Ebert about product placement from his review of Josie and the Pussycats
  23. Butch C

    What will the next AFI countdown be?

  24. Butch C

    ***Official ET on DVD Discussion (Gift Set, Packaging, Features, Etc) Thread***

    I dont think I could buy a movie where the DIRECTORS PICTURE IS ON THE DISK!!!! What a pompous asshole!
  25. Butch C

    Goodfellas - A Monument of American FIlm?

    19 yr old Italian kid from the Bronx when the film came out... Needless to say we did and still do think that Goodfellas was sent to us from heaven.
  26. Butch C

    movies filmed in and around WTC buildings?

    If you want to see interior shots and the surrounding neighborhood when they were erect Three Days of the Condor is your best actually has a shot of the Globe that was recovered and is now in Battery Park...also try Ken Burns NEW YORK documentries...the problem with the WTC is that it...
  27. Butch C

    Alternative to Flying Idea, Bullet Train Ahoy?

    Public transit making money is a completely impossible idea...the cost of maintainance on a railroad with track, roadbed, signals, power, car equipment, train control, and stations is enormous for previously built less start ups As an example I was part of the Hudson Bergen light...
  28. Butch C

    I'm thinking of holding off on my HDTV purchase

    Buy the TV and if the technology changes to make your set obsolete come here to Manhattan and a korean shop owner will sell you a "fix" for about $100. Theres nothing guarenteed in life except that a candy store owner has something under the counter that will correct any technical crap that...
  29. Butch C

    Crime & Punsihment on NBC, New Show

    There public servents and as civil servents you can demand thier salaries, bonuses and employment history from your local gov. The taxpayers have a right to view every second of the proceedings.