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  1. Thom B

    Jet Grind Radio on GBA, anyone play it?

    Just curious as to folks impressions. JSRF is in my top 3 on Xbox and I've been debating picking this up. How's the music? Thx. T
  2. Thom B

    ***Official The Brute Force Xbox Thread***

    Couple of q's for folks. Does it support 4 player co-op on a single box? Also, how does the stretching look on a WS set? Thx. T
  3. Thom B

    Is the GBA SP headphone adapter out yet?

    I picked one up. No complaints. T
  4. Thom B

    Running Java Applets under XP

  5. Thom B

    How can I get rid of a spammer?

    What's your mail client? You should be able to set up a rule to automatically delete all mail from the address. If you're using Outlook this can be done under Tools->Rules Wizard.
  6. Thom B

    Now that the GBA SP is out, what are the "Must Have" games?

    :D just asked a similar q in the sw section the other day. here's the thread with some good resources including this article on "must have" titles. And this article on games to watch. I'm partucularly looking forward to Jet Grind Radio. Missed this title when it first came out and fell in love...
  7. Thom B

    GBA resources?

    Coolness. Thanks for all the great info! :)
  8. Thom B

    GBA resources?

    So I finally gave in and picked up a GBASP with Monkey Ball and Metroid to start out with. (cool stuff) This is the first handheld player I've had since my GameGear gave out. I'd like to know where y'all go for game news/reviews/etc. Also, any game reccomendations are also appreciated. Thx in...
  9. Thom B

    Having LAN party. Need Halo mode/map ideas please

    An amusing xbox lan party story- Buddy of mine got married last summer. For the bachelor party we rented a second big screen set and got to fraggin'. (ffwd 2 hrs) The host walks into the room, "hey guys, the strippers are here...guys...?" "Hang on, we only need two more captures to win." :D
  10. Thom B

    Having LAN party. Need Halo mode/map ideas please

    Crazy King on most any level is pretty popular with the crew I play with. Hang 'em High is the most requested map. Unlimited grenades and pistols the most requested wepon selection. Whenever you start be ready to put in a good five hours at least. Mucho funo. T
  11. Thom B

    Palm games and Pronto Lite?

    Dunno about the M130 directly, but most palms lack sufficent IR strength to function as a remote beyond ~5-8 feet. I'd reccomend trying something you can demo before dropping the cash. T
  12. Thom B

    Help!! Very Worried About Purchasing An XBOX For Our New RPTV

    The Xbox actually automatically adapts to your tv format. That is, non 16x9 games are automatically "stretched" to fit your set by the console. I've never had a game which looked bad on the set. Most look stunning, and only a couple are noticeably stretched. (20 titles owned + 10 or so rented)...
  13. Thom B

    Help!! Very Worried About Purchasing An XBOX For Our New RPTV

    I've got a Mits 46807 that I've been running an Xbox on for over a year and a half, including multiple long session nights on it. (5-10 hrs straight Halo multiplayer :cool: ) + some long evenings with Jet Set, Panzer Dragoon, and such. As noted above, be sure the set is calibrated. I'd say...
  14. Thom B

    What is the differance between these two drives?

    Fibre channel is a connection interface. You'll note that the second drive lists "80pin" in the description which is the more conventional scsi interface.
  15. Thom B

    Explorer.exe Error

    Here's another thing to check. MS KB article 282470 "Please Insert a Disk into Drive A:" Message Continually Appears When Starting the Computer
  16. Thom B

    Panzer Dragoon Orta

    Sorry Gary, you're stuck with one save only. For the ep. 10 folks- The trick is to lock onto the dragon's "nose" just as he's prepairing to fire.(flying the base form of course) This will generally catch all of those f#*@n lasers. Timing can be a bit of a trick, but there are a couple of...
  17. Thom B

    Stumped by IE 6.0 crashes/errors HELP!

    Dude, before you even think of rebuilding your pc, write down the name of the dll and the full error message, if/when the error reoccurs. Go to the MS knowledge base ;kbhowto]here. Do a search on the error, and just the filename. Chances are pretty good that there's a solution posted. There...
  18. Thom B

    IE settings

    Open an IE window, enable the status bar, close the window with the x in the upper right. The status bar should be retained for all new windows. IE seems to "remember" the form it was in the last time it was closed and a new instance retains the settings of the last window you closed. Ever...
  19. Thom B

    Panzer Dragoon Orta I mean, WOW! This is the first time I got my ass kicked in a game because I was too busy staring at the scenery instead of focusing on the game. Gameplay rocks as well. Nice job Smilebit. Once again you've produced an outstanding title. I'm really beginning to like these guys.
  20. Thom B

    Generic computer woes :(

    A search in the MS knowledge base comes up with a few hits referring to Office and related apps. The msvcrt.dll (MS visual C run time library) has been overwritten by another app installed on the system. My guess is that the reason you're getting the error on startup is that some office function...
  21. Thom B

    Win 98 or ME or XP

    XP pro or home, assuming you can get your ram up to 128 minimum. I strongly reccomend going with 512 MB. Unless you tend towards the geek end of the scale, home should be more than sufficent. It's most likely you won't miss any of the components added in pro.
  22. Thom B

    Microsoft to pour even more cash into Xbox

    Good point, and with broadband becoming more present (remember BillG has a considerable interest there as well) online multiplayer is going to be a bigger and bigger chunk of the market. Everyone would love to be the Amazon of the next big thing. The real questions seem to be, is it to early...
  23. Thom B

    Really BIG screen gaming

    It's definitely a pay-for-play proposition. They're charging the price of a movie for 2 hrs gaming. I assume they just arranged to be 'authorized' through some sort of licencing deal with the various console and game manufacturers. Prolly generate a reasonable amount of business for the...
  24. Thom B

    What’s the very first video game you EVER played? (arcade included)

    Pong here as well. First arcade game was Asteroids.
  25. Thom B

    What's in a name? XBL Gamertag origins...

    Fuzzybutt originated in the Quake II days when my skin was a sheep with a howitzer strapped to its back. Some of the guys I played with had an overabundance of testosterone, and just couldn't handle getting their ass handed to them by a sheep named fuzzybutt. There's nothing I love more than...
  26. Thom B

    Advice needed

    It's a pretty broad question bro. With the only criteria listed that it be 1.5k or less, pretty much any reciever out there will match. More specifics might be helpful, as well as a bit of legwork on your end to narrow the possibilities. Questions to answer could include- What features...
  27. Thom B

    WIndows Explorer -- can View be set globally?

    Open an explorer window and set the view style you want, then go to Tools->Folder Options->View and click on the Apply to all folders button. T