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  1. Andy Anderson

    HD Players - Layer change?

    Paul- Interesting--I hadn't thought of the layer change. I've watched several movies on my Xbox 360 HD-DVD Add on, and have never noticed a layer change, and I am always very sensitive to a layer change when it occurs playing SD DVD's on my Panny CP-72. Do the movies even bridge the...
  2. Andy Anderson

    Official XBox 360 HD-DVD add-on Review Thread

    Whaaa? You mean I have to pay $99 for an application to use my HD-DVD player to display on my computer? Yowch! For me it would simply be a novelty, or a way to watch HD-DVD's somewhere else than the living room, so I think I'll pass unless there's a free app that I can download. I'll probably...
  3. Andy Anderson

    Official XBox 360 HD-DVD add-on Review Thread

    JediFonger- I haven't yet, but I've heard that it works. What software are you using to view the HD-DVD's on your PC? Andy
  4. Andy Anderson

    The Dark Tower (Stephen King)

    While I would love to see this happen, I can't think that this would ever get off the ground. King's work doesn't often translate well to the screen, and this story is problematic to say the least. The blend of "fantasy, sci-fi, horror and Western genres" will make it very inaccessible to anyone...
  5. Andy Anderson

    I see no Image using HDMI Connection

    I thought I had issues after hooking up my Oppo player and DirecTV box through my Denon Receiver and to my Vizio L32 via HDMI (all HDMI devices). I wasn't getting a picture reliably, and I checked and rechecked settings. Annoyingly enough, I discovered that everything was set up correctly, it's...
  6. Andy Anderson

    HD-DVD owners: What HD-DVD titles do you have?

    Y'all are putting my collection to shame! Maybe it's because I'm still a bit on the fence, but pulling for HD DVD... Batman Begins The Departed King Kong Mission: Impossible 3 Superman Superman II (Donner Cut) Superman Returns Andy
  7. Andy Anderson

    HDMI 1.3 Receivers?

    dany- OT, but damn--who is your avatar pic of?
  8. Andy Anderson

    Denon vs. Onkyo vs. Onkyo...

    Exactly--Stephen's exactly right. The word "upconversion" is misleading in that regard, because "upconverting DVD players are actually "upscaling" DVD players. Just know that if a receiver can pass 1080p over HDMI, then you're fine. Only worry about "upconversion" over HDMI if you plan to...
  9. Andy Anderson

    Denon vs. Onkyo vs. Onkyo...

    Note that there is a difference between scaling and upconverting: From another board post: "HDMI upconversion with reference to these receivers, simply means that video signals received through component/s-video/composite video connections will be output from HDMI out. It does not change...
  10. Andy Anderson

    Denon vs. Onkyo vs. Onkyo...

    Thanks Stephen. After doing some digging, it looks like the Onkyo 674 also has the Audyssey setup. I can't find a heck of a lot of info on the 804, and how it differs, other than its THX certification, which means nothing to me...
  11. Andy Anderson

    Denon vs. Onkyo vs. Onkyo...

    Stephen- Thanks--are you sure about the Audyssy on the AVR-887? I thought the 987 had Audyssy, but the 887 didn't... Thanks for the tips, though--I'll look into the Yamaha... Andy
  12. Andy Anderson

    Denon vs. Onkyo vs. Onkyo...

    Folks- Like StewartG, I'm looking for a quick 'n' dirty recommendation on a receiver for a bedroom setup. Recently acquired an Oppo DV-970HD and it running to a Vizio 32" LCD HDTV. I'm planning on running the SVS SBS-01 speaker system with the default 10" NSD sub. (I can't wait to...
  13. Andy Anderson

    Recommendation on an AV component/optical switcher

    I've used an older Zektor switcher for years for both audio and HD video, and have been very happy with it. Excellent build quality and great customer service. It is remote controllable and lends itself well to use with universal/macro style remotes. Good stuff.
  14. Andy Anderson

    Marvel Dark Tower Sketch Book Out Today!

    Nice. I went to high school with Jae Lee. Robinson Secondary School in VA. he was a senior when I was a sophomore (I graduated '92). I didn't know him, but he had art class the period before mine, and they always hung his stuff on the walls (I was always more in to photography). He did a lot of...
  15. Andy Anderson

    Laptop Sleeve/Case Recommendations?

    Thanks guys! I really like the Booq stuff, and I went ahead and ordered their Vyper L. Thanks for the suggestions... Andy
  16. Andy Anderson

    Laptop Sleeve/Case Recommendations?

    Hey folks--just recently bought a laptop and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a nice/cool/stylish laptop sleeve or a very small case. I'm thinking about a sleeve but would not be averse to the idea of a small case that would also hold a mouse and AC adaptor. I have a 15.4"...
  17. Andy Anderson

    "Draft N" Wireless - a good idea?

    Peter- Thanks for the reply. Yep--after doing some research on it, you're absolutely right. There doesn't seem to be much advantage there. I don't typically have problems with my reception at my house. Additionally, where "Draft N" seems to shine is not actually speeding up downloading from...
  18. Andy Anderson

    "Draft N" Wireless - a good idea?

    Hey folks--I'm considering a Dell laptop (I can get a good discount), and was perusing options on their website. Wireless networking is important to me, and Dell has a "Draft N" wireless card available for a few dollars more ($40-50, I can't recall exactly). What's the general consensus on...
  19. Andy Anderson


    I have searched this thread up and down but can't actually find any clear confirmation... Do the special editions of the movies on these newly released DVD's have the same "swapped music channels in the rear" problems that the last batch of releases did? I see that there's been much...
  20. Andy Anderson

    Post when you bought your XBox360 and if it is has broken down or not

    Purchased Dec 2005. 3 red rings this month (Oct 2006), returned to MS for repair, got back after 2 weeks, working fine as of 10/24/06.
  21. Andy Anderson

    360 streaming video with WMP11

    I had nothing but problems when I went to WMP11 Beta on my machine (XP SP2). WMP11 takes over for Windows Media Connect, but it never worked properly. I found where all of the settings were, and they were set correctly (as far as I could discern from help online), but my Xbox360 would not find...
  22. Andy Anderson

    Xbox 360 locking up

    FYI, I rolled back to WMP10, and re-installed Windows Media Connect, and everything's working perfectly. Back up and happily playing again though COD2. Cheers!
  23. Andy Anderson

    Xbox 360 locking up

    Well--my Xbox arrived last night. So far, everything is great on the gaming and XBLive side. The only problem I'm having is getting Windows Media Connect to work and get my Xbox to find my computer. It may be because I upgraded to WMP11 Beta, which takes over for Windows Media Connect. It...
  24. Andy Anderson

    Xbox 360 locking up

    Well, that's good to hear. Playing through Call of Duty again, and I'm jonesin' to get back up and running! A side note that adds to my frustration. I just got back from Europe, (Oktoberfest in Munich, Prague, London, Paris), and one of the great things about my 360, is that I have it linked...
  25. Andy Anderson

    Xbox 360 locking up

    Ah--that would make sense, wouldn't it? :) Actually, I was thinking about that, but after reading so much about disconnecting the HDD and restarting helping some folks, it made me wonder whether or not the HDD was the problem. Thanks though. Andy
  26. Andy Anderson

    Xbox 360 locking up

    My 360 locked up last night after a PGR3 update over Live. It restarted and froze, so I turned it off and on again. Got the 3 red lights flashing. Did all of the recommended reboot hocus-pocus (detaching harddrive, etc.) nothing worked. Called 1-800-4MY-XBOX, and spoke to a very nice woman in...
  27. Andy Anderson

    Ultraviolet (merged)

    What do we think our chances are of getting a Director's Cut of this movie? Wishful thinking? (Probably, eh?)
  28. Andy Anderson

    *** Official PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Dead Man's Chest Discussion Thread

    As for the fainting on the beach--after re-viewing the first movie, you might remember that Elizabeth "faints" quite a few times to divert attention. (Remember Jack's hanging scene in the end?) On second viewing of DMC, did anyone else get the impression that after a while for Elizabeth, when...
  29. Andy Anderson

    Walked out?

    The only film I've ever walked out of was "The Two Jakes".
  30. Andy Anderson

    Fictitious countries in films

    Elbonia - Wag the Dog (does that count?)