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  1. MichaelG

    Remo Williams DVD - MGM screws up BIG TIME!

    I keep reading this thread hoping to hear good news, albiet knowing that they won't do anything to change this title to an anamorphic release. Oh well, still no sale.
  2. MichaelG

    Breakfast Club re-release on Sept 2???!!

    I have also waiting for Three O'Clock High, and of course anamorphic Breakfast Club, Weird Science and Sixteen Candles.
  3. MichaelG

    VGA out to HDTV component?

    I believe that the VGA breakout cable is for connecting to a projector. They use the the two sync connections. I would be very surprised if that worked with component video.
  4. MichaelG

    Remo Williams DVD - MGM screws up BIG TIME!

    No Sale here either
  5. MichaelG

    Seinfeld being prepped for a DVD release!!!!!!

    All signs point to YES!
  6. MichaelG

    MP3/LAME encoding questions

    Nothing comes close to the iPod as far as what? Sound reproduction? Size? UI? Flexibility? The price of a 20gig iPod for a PC is about $200 more than the Zen, that is a huge difference. I would have bought an iPod for my girlfriend last year except that the price is ridiculous, I ended up...
  7. MichaelG

    Super Bowl XXXVII coming to DVD!

    If they actually release a DVD with the complete game then I would buy. I have no interest in a highlight video, no interest.
  8. MichaelG

    Which file system for XP

    I just re-installed XP Pro for my home PC and I plan on setting up a RAID-0 with two 80gig partitions. I have one 100gig with a 20 gig partition for the OS and an 80gig. I haven't used this before but since it's an option in XP Pro I thought that I would try it out. I do plan on running a...
  9. MichaelG

    HTF REVIEW: "Road House" (with screenshots)

    This part of the review makes me crack up! "Of course rednecks want to the picture to fill up their television screen, so MGM has obliged to this sect of the population by providing a dual-layered DVD that contains both a WIDESCREEN and FULL FRAME version of this film." And of course...
  10. MichaelG

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "The Bourne Identity" (with screenshots)

    I really liked this one and I plan on buying it also
  11. MichaelG

    Printer for pictures

    Cool, maybe I read that wrong or something. I need to go get my BTTF set now.
  12. MichaelG

    Printer for pictures

    Ken, the rebate for the Canon i850 is good through the end of this month, so you might not want to wait until January to buy. I just got mine last week and the photo pictures are very nice. I bought a 50 pack of 4x6 Canon Glossy Photo Plus (about $9 at Best Buy) and the pictures look great. I...
  13. MichaelG

    Printer for pictures

    Check out the reviews for the Canon i850, I have been looking around and this one has been getting great reviews. Although it only uses 4 ink cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) it prints fantastics pictures. This one is sort of a replacement for the Canon S820 which has the two extra...
  14. MichaelG

    HTF REVIEW: "Back To The Future Trilogy" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    I have been waiting sine 1997, finally it's here. this is another no-brainer for me.
  15. MichaelG

    CONSOLIDATED LOTR:FOTR Extended Ed. Problem Thread; Please Post ALL Problem Reports Here!

    Ray, thanks for the info. I have been so busy working late every day the last month or so that I haven't really checked and updated my system in a while. I do have the newest ATI Catalyst drivers installed, but I will re-install just to make sure. The ATI drivers have been flaky on my PC in...
  16. MichaelG

    CONSOLIDATED LOTR:FOTR Extended Ed. Problem Thread; Please Post ALL Problem Reports Here!

    My OS: WinXP Pro Admin: Yes Radeon AIW 7500 DMA : Yes MB chipset driver: not since May PowerDVD 4 with hardware Acceleration enabled My computer locked up both times that I loaded EE Disc 1 in PowerDVD. The Menu starts to load and about 1/2 way through loading the computer freezes. I can...
  17. MichaelG

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Glengarry Glen Ross" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    Talk about clueless, I thought that this was being released in March of next year! I will be getting this one for sure. My brother has been in sales for only about 4 years, but he said that this movie is awesome because it really hits home and represents an accurate portrait of this way to make...
  18. MichaelG

    Weekly Roundup 11/12 (May The Force Be With You!)

    I will be at best Buy tomorrow morning to grab -> LotR:FotR -5 Disc Giftset for $49.99. Wasn't sure about Star Wars, but I think I will get that one too.
  19. MichaelG

    Touchstone redesigns "Signs" cover. Why?

    I would also prefer the original artwork, I don't care for the mug shots.
  20. MichaelG

    HTF REVIEW: "Scooby-Doo" (with screenshots)

    I finally saw this last night and I didn't think it was very well done. Shaddy and Velma were played very well though, Fred was horrible (but when has Freddie Prince Jr ever been good in a role?), and Daphne was ok. I think the writing was part of the problem, I don't remember Fred and Daphne...
  21. MichaelG

    Has anyone received there E.T. Ultimate from Suncoast?

    I did finally get mine on Saturday. It took two weeks, which I don't mind for the price paid, but two weeks seems ridiculous to send almost anything. It took that much time for my car to be shipped from Germany, on a boat, then by way of a truck from the east coast! Does the post office really...
  22. MichaelG

    Has anyone received there E.T. Ultimate from Suncoast?

    Well I still haven't even received a notice from the post office in my mail box. Since I live in an Apt with a small mailbox they have to leave on of those yellow slips. Man it's almost been 2 weeks! I guess that I have to send Suncoast an email. I saw the title of the other thread but I...
  23. MichaelG

    How Limited is the Lord of the Rings Gift Set??

    Does anyone know if the Gift set will be sold by retailers like Best Buy or Walmart , ect???
  24. MichaelG

    Has anyone received there E.T. Ultimate from Suncoast?

    I received an email on 10/19/2002 stating that my order shipped, but I still haven't received anything. Has anyone got there order from Suncoast yet? ----------------------------------- Merchandise in this shipment: 2 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Ultimate Gift Set) @ $22.94 each...
  25. MichaelG

    HTF REVIEW: "CQ" (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) (with screenshots)

    I will at least rent this one now. I didn't really know anything about it before now.
  26. MichaelG

    What's up with widescreen "back to school"?

    This sucks. I was planning on buying this at some point, but a cropped Pan & Scan version? What could be worse than that? I guess that if the Full-Frame version is open matte then I can use matting from my PowerDVD to get the true apect ratio. What I mean is, if the movie was shot open matte...
  27. MichaelG

    HTF REVIEW: "Spider-Man" (with screenshots)

    No question about this one, loved the movie, as long as they didn't ruin the transfer and give us something a la Highlander (that first crappy version) I was getting it.
  28. MichaelG

    HTF REVIEW: "Sopranos Unauthorized" (with screenshots)

    I will pass, the show is great, but I don't need to see this.
  29. MichaelG

    iPod rip-off hits the market soon

    camp, in all the reviews that I have read about iPod, the most common gripe that I see is about the audio level/quality. All the reviews that I have read about the creative products similar have stated good audio level/quality. Yeah the Zen is larger, but not by much, check out these pictures...
  30. MichaelG

    Weekly Roundup 10/22 (E.T. Phone Home!)

    I was able to get 2 copies of the E.T. Ultimate Gift set from Suncoast for $49.87 delivered, I see nothing else that I want this week. The next few weeks coming up might be expensive though.