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  1. Doug_NHT

    Tubes vs. Solid State...EE Times Interview

    Chu == voice of reason...
  2. Doug_NHT

    Denon remotes suck!!

    Have you tried fresh batteries?? The dvd-1600 remote was acting like that but fresh batteries seemed to help some.
  3. Doug_NHT

    PB2+: Boomy-Bass with Underworld?

    I did not think that Underworld is a hot as Star Wars ep2. I'm going to have to watch it again though as for some reason, this movie intrigues me quite a bit. It seems to me that some of the lowest bass that I have felt would have to be Balins Tomb in the FOTR. Just after Pippin knocks that...
  4. Doug_NHT

    Subwoofer rattle...bottoming out?

    I had a clacking sound in on of my NHT sub2i subs but it only happened during Balins tomb or SWII during the beginning scene with the flyby of that silver ship. I could only get it to do this when I played a 20Hz test tone. I pushed on the driver and heard a slight crunchy rubbing sound. Turns...
  5. Doug_NHT

    cable risers..any sonic improvement?

    Those things remind me of those ceramic cable guides from powerlines that one would find every now and then.
  6. Doug_NHT

    NHT SUB 2 and 5800/03

    I am more concerned with music than movies since I feel that if it sounds killer for music, it will also sound great for movies as well. No, I don't switch any settings around for movies and music. I can't remember the name of that dial(video contour??) now but I leave it set to flat. One thing...
  7. Doug_NHT

    NHT SUB 2 and 5800/03

    I'd just follow NHT's instructions and you'll be fine. If I'm not mistaken that THX Ultra2 spec is to ensure that your sub will go down to 20hz and play at a certain db level or something like that. I can't remember now. I set my mains to large which causes a full range signal to the L/R...
  8. Doug_NHT

    Santa is HERE! Lex/ sherbourn combo HT w/pics

    Nice dude. I bet that system sounds killer. How does that sub sound for 2 channel listening??? I dig it... Doug
  9. Doug_NHT

    Question For Denon 1600 Owners

    If I blink, I miss the layer change. I'm surprised that some people are bothered by it at all as I've seen much worse. Doug
  10. Doug_NHT

    NHT Speakers

    I run VT2.4 towers, VS2.4(5), and 2 Sub2i subwoofers. I drive the towers and surrounds with a Denon 4802 and I cannot get enough of my system. I'm very happy with it. Doug
  11. Doug_NHT

    radio cooming from tv speakers

    I used to have a six million dollar man space back pak that had a clip that you would clip to anything metal. It was basically a radio. I used to clip this to my chain link fence and get all kinds of transmissions on it. My old cheesey Lloyd stereo picks up cb radio transmissions all the time...
  12. Doug_NHT

    Panamax or Monster Surge Protection???

    I would go with the Monster HTS5100 according to your budget. I recently sold mine to get the HTS7000 as I needed two more high current outlets but I really miss the amperage display on the 5100. Doug
  13. Doug_NHT

    Anyone using NHT VT 1.4 system?

    I run NHT VT2.4 towers, VS2.4(5) center/surrounds, and 2 Sub2i subs. They are connected to a Denon 4802 and I absolutely love these speakers as they are great for both 2 channel and HT use. I plan on moving to seperates though shortly. I have read that the VT1.4s are great sounding speakers as...
  14. Doug_NHT

    Wow, my SVS can't handle the new ATOC DVD!!

    I run two NHT sub2i's and had no problems. The bass actually seemed quite tame to me compared to FOTR. I still have to say that FOTR is still the best audio for a movie that I've heard yet.
  15. Doug_NHT

    Anyone else find calibrated Subwoofer not loud enough?

    I used to run mine at the calibrated level but when listening to 2 channel, it just didn't sound right. After a concert I went to, I realized it was just simply a matter turning the volume up some. My towers go down to 24Hz and before I had subs, I was quite satisfied with the bass. I suppose...
  16. Doug_NHT

    Anyone else find calibrated Subwoofer not loud enough?

    Yeah, I noticed that too. What I did was set the volume at a level for 2 channel listening that I like and then use that for movies as well. On the RS spl meter, that registered right at 5db over the 75db calibrated setting that they recommend. I was surprised as I thought it would be much...
  17. Doug_NHT

    Sherbourn 5/1500A Owner Opinions?

    Does anybody know where to purchase Sherbourn amps??? I've been trying to get a price on one from a place in KC(Ron Fone pointed me there) but they haven't given me a price yet and when I call back, the sales guy is always out. I'm near St. Louis, MO if that helps any. Doug
  18. Doug_NHT

    Strange results with AVIA audio phase test

    I have not experienced any problem such as that with Avia. Doug
  19. Doug_NHT

    Dual versus Single Subwoofers - Which

    I second everything that Haru has stated.
  20. Doug_NHT

    Do speakers need a break in period?

    When I first set up my NHT VT2.4 towers, I didn't like them much at all. After around 2 weeks though, they really came alive and I didn't have to push them as hard. I would say yes since there is a physical medium, the surround, that needs to break in. Needless to say, I am VERY happy with these...
  21. Doug_NHT

    Movies to demo subwoofers?

    LOTR has to be the movie with the best audio ever. When Sauron implodes/explodes after his ring his hacked off, the bass is just unbelievable. 2 NHT sub2i subs to thank for that.
  22. Doug_NHT

    Monster HTPS5100 FS

    back to the top...
  23. Doug_NHT

    One Sub or Two???

    Right on Haru. Sounds like you have your subs set up just like mine. I have 2 NHT sub2i's right next to my NHT VT2.4s. I have been going back and forth setting the crossover to either 50Hz or 40Hz. I still haven't settled on one setting just yet. I would never put a sub in a corner as it just...
  24. Doug_NHT

    Monster HTPS5100 FS

    Has been in use since June 2002. Wanting to upgrade to the Monster HTPS7000 as I need two more high current outlets. Original box with everything that originally came with the unit. $400 I am in the St. Louis, MO area. I don't really know what the procedure is for payment and shipping so...
  25. Doug_NHT

    Best sub Period.

    Like Haru, I have two NHT sub2i subs and I cannot be happier with the low, tight bass that these subs produce. Musicality is my main focus in my system. Marilyn Manson has some great deep organ bass in the song, "The speed of pain".
  26. Doug_NHT

    Why isn't NHT more popular?

    I run VT2.4s, 5 VS2.4s, and 2 Sub2i subwoofers off of a Denon 4802. I spent close to 6 months looking at other speakers and it came down to the NHTs and the Revel Performa series. I didn't hear any diff to make me spend more money on the Revels even though they are awesome speakers. The new...
  27. Doug_NHT

    Question about my denon 4802

    Ummm, I read the manual and have had no setup problems. The manual will answer all of your questions even if it is worded a little weird in places.
  28. Doug_NHT

    What's up with Def Tech speakers?

    I run NHT VT2.4s and they have a switch for video/audio. In video mode they are bi-polar and that sounds great for watching movies. Flip the switch and great imaging for 2 channel listening is there for ya. It seems, from what I've read on this board, that the DefTechs will be great for ya if...
  29. Doug_NHT

    Denon 4802 and external amp???

    I run NHT VT2.4s on my 4802 and I plan on getting a Sherboune 2 channel amp at first since 2 channel is my priority. Then L8R on, I'll get one of their 5 channel monblock amps for the center/surrounds. Then l8r on again, replace the 4802 with a pre/pro. I was at a hifi shop that had a 4802 and...
  30. Doug_NHT

    best speaker brands? bang for buck?

    I went with NHT as I was going to go with Revel Performa's at first but the NHT specs and the sound swayed me. Well, the price did too as it allowed to go big(relatively speaking) in other areas.