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  1. Michael Eriksen

    THX with HDsound ?

    So on 7.1 HD sources you dont apply any thx processing ?
  2. Michael Eriksen

    THX with HDsound ?

    So you use PLIIx also with the 7.1 HD sources TrueHD and DTS MA ?
  3. Michael Eriksen

    THX with HDsound ?

    I just recently upgraded to a receiver that decodes HD sound. Using the Onlyo sc-886 pre amp with a sunfire power amp. Now..... i almost only use it for blu ray and dvd movies. When playing blu ray, its usually TrueHD 5.1 og 7.1 or pcm 5.1, 7.1 og DTS ma 5.1 og 7.1 Is it best to just...
  4. Michael Eriksen

    Denon AVP A1HD power supply ?

    Im considering the Denon AVP A1HD as a pre. For some reason Denon thinks all europeans want their equipment in silver, which really wouldnt match the rest of my equipment, so its not an option for me. Does anybody know is the US or Canadian version og AVP A1HD is able to accept 220v/50hz...
  5. Michael Eriksen

    Got my Svs Ultra, have question about setup with 2 subs

    Actually i dont want to use 2 subs to get more bass, but to even it out thought out the room more. When I meassure the svs alone there are some drops at some listening positions at different hz, probably because of my room, furniture ect. One listening position meassures 75 db on 70 hz, and...
  6. Michael Eriksen

    Got my Svs Ultra, have question about setup with 2 subs

    Tried and run the testsignal again. I get these numbers, on the same sound level. I ran them 3 timers: The PB13 Ultra alone / The Svs and servo together: 20 hz - 75 db / 75 db 30 hz - 77,1 db / 76 db 40 hz - 62,5 db / 62,2 50 hz - 62,6 db / 73,4 60 hz - 72 db / 82,2 70 hz - 66,3 db...
  7. Michael Eriksen

    Got my Svs Ultra, have question about setup with 2 subs

    They are on each side of the screen but placed somewhat assymetric. They are both in fase with each other and with the front/center speakers, so basically there is no problem. No decrease of bass at any hz. I find it very hard to hear any difference using just the svs or both...more bass...
  8. Michael Eriksen

    Got my Svs Ultra, have question about setup with 2 subs

    Thanks. Im experimenting with it right now. I tested from 20 hz up to 80 hz and I get an db increase at every stage (every 10 db), so there is more bass using 2 all over. But maybe I should just go with the svs and then turn it up if I want more bass, or maybe add another svs later. That...
  9. Michael Eriksen

    Got my Svs Ultra, have question about setup with 2 subs

    The Svs PB ultra13 finally arrived at my home yesterday. Now im trying to get it to work with my paradigm servo 15. When calibrating the speakers are set to 75 db om a test signal, and using one sub the output is around 80. Ok, using 2 subs now should give me a 6 db increase. So what do I do...
  10. Michael Eriksen

    PCM question

    Of course you need a player that is able to decode the formats and send as PCM, and a player that actually has the analog connections.
  11. Michael Eriksen

    PCM question

    Toslink will only have room for 2 channels of pcm. So if you want to send more than 2 channels pcm from the player use either the hmdi cable or the analog out.
  12. Michael Eriksen

    Signal degradation in receivers video treatment ?

    When feeding a receiver with a HD signal from a blu ray player does it matter what video chip the receiver has, or is that only used for upscaling non 1080p source material? Does the realta chip for exsample in any way effect a 1080p signal. I would prefer the receiver just being transperent...
  13. Michael Eriksen

    XLR combined with RCA?

    Probably right, but the marantz have 1 xlr sw output and 1 rca sw output, so I could use both without having to use a splitter. :-)
  14. Michael Eriksen

    XLR combined with RCA?

    I currently use the sunfire grand cinema as an amplifier and a denon as a pre. They are connected with rca cables. Thinking about buying the new Marantz AV8003 as a pre and connecting the speaker channels via the balanced XLR connections. One of my subwoofers dosens have a XLR input...
  15. Michael Eriksen

    Do we need HD decoders in amplifiers ?

    With the upcoming blu ray players like the pana BD50, that is able to decode all HD sound formats and send them as PCM to the receiver or pre amp, is there any advantage in having af pre amp that can decode the HD sound formats ? As long as its able to receive a 7.1 PCM signal via hmdi and...
  16. Michael Eriksen

    Set to RGB or YCbCr?

    It is an option in the TV setup. I have no idea which signal the playstation sends via HDMI, since that dosent appear in the manual.
  17. Michael Eriksen

    Set to RGB or YCbCr?

    I have a sharp 46´ tv connected to my playstation 3 with a HDMI connection. The tv is model 46XD1E with a 1080p display. In the HDMI setup i have 3 possibilities 1) Set to RGB 2) Set to YCbCr 4:4:4 3) Set to YCbCr 4:2:2 I really cant see any difference, but I cant change the setting...
  18. Michael Eriksen

    Howard The Duck On DVD?? Please

    I want it. I actually liked it a lot. It contains one of my favorite quotes from Jennings when he sits in the café and explain to Howard how he wants to take over the world and the waitress takes his plate, and he says "She took my eggs". Classic.
  19. Michael Eriksen

    The Jerk: Special Edition - July 26th

    One of my favorites. Love all Steve Martins early work. The Jerk and The lonely guy is my favorites. I think after roxanna and dirty rotten scoundrels his work become more..hmm..civilized. Also I remember on vhs you could get a great stand up show with him....really whacky, with the arrow...
  20. Michael Eriksen

    Tilt - subtitles

    All retailers says no subtitles on this one. Is that correct ? Thanks in advance
  21. Michael Eriksen

    Rambo: Ultimate Edition - any reviews?

    Are there no english subtitles on these ultimate editions ?
  22. Michael Eriksen

    Rambo trilogy coming back on DVD with a fixed 3rd part???

    I skipped the first release because there were no english subtitles at all. If thats still the case, Ill skip these ones too. Dont understand why Artisan cant make movies with subtitles just like everybody else.
  23. Michael Eriksen

    Great Westerns NOT on DVD?

    Major Dundee....always loved that movie.
  24. Michael Eriksen

    Subtitle support

    Are you certain that the r1 alias has english subtitles all 3 seasons ? All retailers says no subtitles at all on S1 and spanish subtitles on S2-3. The same is written on the backcover. If its true I will just import s2+3. Thanks in advance for your help
  25. Michael Eriksen

    Subtitle support

    I just recently started to discover the fun in watching various tv-series. I have started off with Sopranos s1-4, The Shield s1-2, 24 s1-3. I just ordered the first season of Babylon 5. I am however interested in more, specially Alias, Combat and Farscape. The problem for me is, that there...
  26. Michael Eriksen

    Advanced Anime Discussion Part II

    Regarding Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust DVD rightstuff shows an cc edition on the following link which retails for 10 $ more then the no cc version. However I have heard nothing about a new version and cant see any difference in the specs. Anybody know the difference ...
  27. Michael Eriksen

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: "Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (Highly Recommended) (with screenshots)

    Is there english subtitles on the new edition just as the old one ? regards Michael
  28. Michael Eriksen

    Advanced Anime Discussion

    I saw that the Tenchi Muyo OAV series will be re - released next there anything they could fix with the present set ? In other words should I wait out for the new set ? thanks.. Michael Eriksen
  29. Michael Eriksen

    Lord of the Rings extended DVD

    It seems all the most special discs always are the ones who lack subtitles. Pearl Harbour and other vista series, infinifilms, anchorbay, artisan.....Dosent seem right. I dont think there are subtitles on the extended FOTR version since its listed nowhere I´ve seen. On the other hand its...
  30. Michael Eriksen

    Lord of the Rings extended DVD

    Can it be that there is no subtitles on the extended version, but english subtitles on the normal version ? I would gladly exchange one of the commentary tracks for some subtitles. This annoys me. Michael Eriksen