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  1. Jason F.

    Anyone know of a release date for Midway's Arcade's Hits 2?

    Thanks Guys! I will be picking it up today.
  2. Jason F.

    Great Video Game Moments

    Going over to my friends house for the first time when he was the first in his neighborhood to own a NES. Going online for the first time ever to play a demo of Unreal Tournament....HOOKED!! Finally knocking Mike Tyson OUT!!!!!!
  3. Jason F.

    Anyone know of a release date for Midway's Arcade's Hits 2?

    I have seen anywhere from the 10th to the 18th of this month. I haven't seen it in the stores yet. Anyone have any info on it? I am really looking forward to this game.....I can't wait to play the Mortal Kombats!
  4. Jason F.

    Considering a Hitachi 51S500

    I have the 57S500 and the Hit's don't get very much attention over here. But at AVS they get a ton of attention, I love the TV and would do it over again!
  5. Jason F.

    Decided on Hitachi 51s500

    Call up Keith at the Circuit City in Boca Grande Florida, over at AVS forum people across the nation are getting awesome deals from him. Well below anyone else! His number is: 561-368-3871
  6. Jason F.

    Desisions, desisions, Which Svs, and which surrounds? Money burnin...

    Definitely go with the Klipsch surrounds. As for the sub Tom talked me into the 25-31pc+ because of the size of the room. Remember that the 16 will play the lowest but the 25 will play the LOUDEST :)!
  7. Jason F.

    Pick one and Tell me WHY?

    I'm on the verge of a new T.V. and I think it is going to be the Hitachi. The Tosh just seems to have too many quality issues. I like the stretch modes on the Tosh but I guess that the S500 has improved in that area. And if you call Keith @Circuit City in Boca Raton he can hook you up with a...
  8. Jason F.

    "THX", "Dolby Digital" and "HTF" plaques

    The plaques from Bond look really good in the pics. But I have been e-mailing him for a month trying to order. And he can never do it, I think he is really busy.
  9. Jason F.

    Pioneer VSX-45TX

    I ordered my Denon 3803 from them, it was a Refurb and I had great service with them.
  10. Jason F.

    Possible teaser poster for Mummy 3

    Did you like Shrek 4D Hector? The family and I LOVED it! :D
  11. Jason F.

    Help! I live in the "lightning capital of the world!"

    Thank you for the responses guys, I won't have TECO it will be FPL. Whatever I go with I will definitely make sure that my homeowners covers my system
  12. Jason F.

    Help! I live in the "lightning capital of the world!"

    In a month I am moving into my new house about 15 minutes south of the St. Pete/Tampa area. I need protection from all the electrical storms. What do recommend for my brand new system? I have: Denon 3803 Denon DVD-1803 Either a Tosh57H83 or a Hitachi S500 6.1 Axiom set-up SVS 25-31PC+ I...
  13. Jason F.

    NCAA 2004 Is Here!

    Get mine today!!! Time to take Leak and the rest of my Gator's to a NC!!! :D
  14. Jason F.

    Which SVS?

    Mark my best suggestion would be to e-mail SVS with your question. I e-mailed them my room size and specs and they e-mailed me back within minutes. I ended up with the 25-31PC-Plus.
  15. Jason F.

    What is the best hdtv that best buy sells?

    I don't know about the best but I do know that the Toshiba H83's get alot of attention here. It would probably be considered a entry level TV though.
  16. Jason F.

    $1100 for bunch o' cables? - Help me out

    My Gawd that's ALOT for cables!!! I guess it depends on you budget, if you can really REALLY afford 1000 bucks in cables then do it. But if it were me I would go with the bettercables set-up, I highly doubt you could tell a difference. And a spool of 50ft sound king cables from partsexpress runs...
  17. Jason F.

    Looking for receiver recommendations

    For features and inputs the Denon 3803 is very tough to beat right now. It's a very subjective matter but overall I think that it get the most praises and the least complaints in receivers under 1000 bucks right now.
  18. Jason F.

    I am sick of my Sony 4es remote....

    MX-500!!! I bought one off ebay for 100 bucks shipped!! And it has been one of the best HT purchases I have ever made. It's so easy my wife can use it!! :D BTW-This will probably be move to the Accessories section.
  19. Jason F.

    Mits 55411 or Hitachi new 500?

    I don't know much about the Mit's but I have done my homework on the Hitachi's. The S500 is a wonderful set when you fix the red push that they have. The Hitachi's don't have very good stretch modes. I am either getting the S500 or the Tosh 57H83, I think I will get the Tosh b/c I watch alot of...
  20. Jason F.

    Reciever purchase: What would you do?

    If you don't mind getting factory renewed then you can get the H/K for 550 or Onkyo for 647. They both have factory warranties and oncall has great service! Onecall is out of H/K's but they said they would have some at the end of the month...
  21. Jason F.

    I Will Soon be Part of the SVS Owner Fraternity

    I just ordered my 25-31PC+ today, I went with the PC+ so I could get near reference levels in a large family room. It is backordered till the middle of July but that's alright b/c the house won't be ready till August! Congrats on your purchase Brandon!:D
  22. Jason F.

    How come the Hitachi's SWX's get no love here?

    Michael do you know if the DVI in the Hitachi's is HDCP compatible? I am going down to circuit city to look at one today.:)
  23. Jason F.

    How come the Hitachi's SWX's get no love here?

    Over at AVS forum they all talk about the Hitachi's and how good the are, once you get rid of the red push. How come I rarely ever hear about them here?
  24. Jason F.

    Brother considering Toshiba 57H83, comments PLEASE...

    From what I am hearing, they are a VERY good entry level TV. It has DVI so it can support DVD formats for the future(hopefully). The biggest thing with the new models if that Toshiba has finally fixed the upconversion problem they have had.
  25. Jason F.

    51H93 vs. 51H83

    Thanks guys:)
  26. Jason F.

    51H93 vs. 51H83

    I am getting real close to a purchase of a TV and I was set on getting a 51H83 but now I see that Onecall has the 51H93. It has a built in HD receiver and Firewire. I plan on getting HD TV when we move in our house, would the built in receiver be better? Other than that are the two TV's the same?
  27. Jason F.

    What does he 3803 do that the H/K 525 can't?

    Gerry it is an open-boxed model at 6ave. But they have great feedback form people here AND they are one of the few authorized Denon dealers. So you get the full 2-year warranty.
  28. Jason F.

    What does he 3803 do that the H/K 525 can't?

    Another question before I pull the trigger, what is dts 96/24? 6ave has a Denon for 815 shipped.....decisions decision!