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  1. Axel Wolfe

    Do you live an unconventional lifestyle?

    no , i dont think that i am conventional, i am married , 5 kids, work 70 - 80 hours a week, still find time to watch the ocasional dvd, hate conforming, if someone dosnt like me , stuff them, its there loss. i smoke, i drink, shave when i feel like it, dress in comfortable cloths, even if they...
  2. Axel Wolfe

    best DVD (sounding)

    Dragon Heart super speedway fast and the furious Eagles , Hell freezes over Saving private ryan Gone in 60 seconds the haunting I use sceens from these movies to name a few, that i use when testing new equipment.
  3. Axel Wolfe

    any one use two differant subs in same room?

    I use 2 subs , A whatmough typhhon at the front ( Forward firing 15 inch ) and a Klipsch sub at the rear ( Downward firing ). I find that i get fuller bass in movies this way, but tend to upset the wife and neighbours, Axel
  4. Axel Wolfe

    What would you do? Klipsch RB's or JBL S's

    I would go for the klipsh, becauce i like the in your face sound for movies, but ultimatly it is how they sound to you, because you have to listen to them. Axel
  5. Axel Wolfe

    I need some help please with some trilogy trivia.

    Doug Bradley , plays pin head in hellraiser seris
  6. Axel Wolfe

    Where to buy Harry Potter online in Canada?

    Try , i have found them to be very good and reliable
  7. Axel Wolfe

    Help Needed: Anybody from Melbourne, Australia

    i live in melbourne , what rob has said is correct. Kew is about 15 minuets from the city, on a major tram line, no train service, Rent in kew is expensive as it is a fairly afulent area. If you can prove that all your cd's And dvd's are pre owned and for personal use, you shouldnt pay tax. If...
  8. Axel Wolfe

    Klipsch a low end speaker?

    I have a full klipsch system, ledgend seres klf30 for the mains, klf c-7 centre, and ksp-s6 for surounds, 'front rear, and center rear.' i spent almost a year looking and for my price range i belive that the klipsch was the best for my money. axel
  9. Axel Wolfe

    Would you spend more on AUDIO or VIDEO part of your HT?

    I would find it hard to spend as much on the video part of my home theater as i have on the audio. Even with a large projector, i wouldnt come close to what i have spent, and planing to spend on my audio. Axel;)
  10. Axel Wolfe

    How many DVDs?

    298 dvd's 150 laser disc started 2 years ago