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  1. Bruce Hedtke

    The saddest movie I have ever seen

    I found Grave of the Fireflies to be an exceptionally well crafted film but it really didn't hit me emotionally. It was bleak and harrowing but I just couldn't bridge the gap to connect with the characters. However, when I watched Crazy/Beautiful, I totally connected with Kirsten Dunst's...
  2. Bruce Hedtke

    NFL 2012 Season Discussion Thread

    I'll just be happy if Ray Lewis ends his career with a loss. Then again, win or lose, I'm sure he'll run around the field, looking for every camera he can find to do his little fake crying act.
  3. Bruce Hedtke

    Books you've read in 2009

    I just finished up reading Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk. I really didn't expect to finish it. There were times at the beginning of the book that it was almost incomprehensible but as I stuck with it, the style began to flow a little better. Not a typical Palahniuk ending, which in this case I...
  4. Bruce Hedtke

    Holy crap! I've been a member here over 10 years!!!!

    10 years of eating Silica and I'm still going... Bruce
  5. Bruce Hedtke

    Is it okay to crush vitamins and mix with apple sauce?

    I think I'll skip on the pills that CAN'T be crushed. Bruce
  6. Bruce Hedtke

    Home Theater Forum 2.0 Has Arrived!

    I have a signal booster at the ready in case the rabbit ears aren't up to snuff. Bruce
  7. Bruce Hedtke

    Man is betting everything he owns on one spin of Roulette wheel

    He gets to place his net worth on Red or Black. Bruce
  8. Bruce Hedtke

    Car Audio Question: Is A Sub Necessary For Good Bass?

    The vibrating license plate is far more annoying than any subwoofer. Bruce
  9. Bruce Hedtke

    Do you wear denim? George Will thinks you are a immature slob

    I disagree. The reception part of a wedding should be considered informal, if you're not part of the wedding party. I mean, once all the drinking and dancing starts up, the shirts get untucked, the ties fly off, any hair that was specifically styled for the wedding is ruined...mostly it ends up...
  10. Bruce Hedtke

    "Monster's Inc" and "A Bug's Life" officially announced for May 19

    I don't know about A Bug's Life but I preordered Monsters, Inc. through Amazon and it lists for $28.99. Bruce
  11. Bruce Hedtke

    Fifth Element: Gee I have to keep dvd

    Keep the disc...I'll take the art! Too bad if they're going to limit it to only 150 sets, though... Bruce
  12. Bruce Hedtke

    It's freakin' COLD man!

    It's sitting at -17 F right now (-32 w/c). It's supposed to bottom out at about -24 F (-40ish w/c) around 6 a.m., right at the time that I'm getting done with work. How did those commercials go? It's Brisk, baby! Bruce
  13. Bruce Hedtke

    The 90 minute rule.

    I doubt we need even one hour long "gross out" comedy. Bruce
  14. Bruce Hedtke

    Radio in your head?

    This is what plays in my head all the time. No wonder I'm sleepy all the time. Zzzzz
  15. Bruce Hedtke

    Sony Blue-Ray BDP-S300

    It was going along so well, and then...:P Bruce
  16. Bruce Hedtke

    For Fans Of Olivia Newton-John

    My earliest memories of Olivia Newton-John was from Two of a Kind. Ok, crappy movie but man, what a looker. She's still beautiful and her singing ability is top-shelf. Bruce
  17. Bruce Hedtke

    Regarding the "tax stimulus" refund....

    Is this information taken from the IRS website? Perhaps I read it wrong, but the informational notice that the IRS sent out explaining the upcoming rebate seemed to say that a person making between $3000-$35,000 adjusted gross income would scale up from $300 to $600 and over $35,000 would get...
  18. Bruce Hedtke

    6 million dollar Home Theater

    It looks like a set from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Bruce
  19. Bruce Hedtke

    2007-2008 NFL season discussion thread

    The Bills were heavy favorites against the Giants in 1991.
  20. Bruce Hedtke

    *** Official CLOVERFIELD Discussion Thread

    Was it me or was the monsters roar really subdued compared to the trailer? In the trailer, when the monster roared, buildings would shake, lights would dim and everything seemed to come to a stand-still. It was quite intense and gave great hints at the enormity of the, it was...
  21. Bruce Hedtke

    Car care question: ABS "idiot" light

    Another possibility is that you have a wheel bearing going out. Bruce
  22. Bruce Hedtke

    *** Official I AM LEGEND Discussion Thread

    You can't hear the sounds of the terrible script over the monsters roars. Bruce
  23. Bruce Hedtke

    Heeeee's Baaaaaaack...

    Surely it's time to upgrade that musket to something digital. Bruce
  24. Bruce Hedtke

    2007-2008 NFL season discussion thread

    I just wonder when the NFL is going to do something about the horrendous officiating that occurs week in and week out during every game. It's one thing if a guy is out of position and has to kind of guess at what happened. But when an official is exactly where he needs to be on the play, is 10...
  25. Bruce Hedtke

    "No turns ..."

    In some cities around here, there are signs posted prohibiting turns between a designated time to cut down on cruising. In Appleton, for example, people will cruise up College Avenue, turn left right before Lawrence University and swing around the block so they can cruise back down College. You...
  26. Bruce Hedtke

    Anyone else being harrassed by AFNI Collections agency?

    I had a bogus negative on my credit report from some collection agency that I didn't recognize. I filed a dispute with Experian and the negative was removed from my report. Whether the company withdrew the neg or Experian decided in my favor, I don't really know. I was just notified that the...
  27. Bruce Hedtke

    A question for all the golfers out there about balls ...

    No. However, different brands of golf balls certainly feel different for every player. I remember when I first started out playing, I bought whatever was cheap and available, which happened to be Ultra's. Since I had no experience, I thought these were fine and continued to use them until the...
  28. Bruce Hedtke

    Will she be another Lindsay or Britney?

    That's a good start! Bruce
  29. Bruce Hedtke

    You can tell what God thinks of money by who He gives it to - case study no. 1

    So true. I generally hit the ball pretty solidly but every once in awhile, I'll skin one or shank one or chunk one and it seems like I just took the same exact swing that I've taken 20 (or 200 or 2000) other times which produced solid hits. It's damn maddening. However, as any golfer will...
  30. Bruce Hedtke

    plague of frogs

    Try red paint around your doorway. Bruce