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  1. GrantM

    MGM Free DVD deal!

    on that website it says: Class Members who submit timely and valid Claim Forms may exchange each Eligible DVD for (i) a new MGM DVD from a list of 325 titles or (ii) $7.10 But I suppose if there is a dvd in that list of eligible ones that you don't want anymore you could sell it back for $7.10
  2. GrantM

    Stolen collection: advice sought

    I can't speak from experience, but it would seem the best thing (if he wants to do this as cheaply as possible) would be to be patient. Replace as any as possible through Columbia House. Then wait for titles to go on sale, or for DeepDiscountDVDs next 20% off sale. For the rarer titles try...
  3. GrantM

    Great Deal On Tivos (Only 50 BUCKS!)

    I picked up a square stickered one, but it rang up at $180. Went ahead and got it anyway, still seemed like a good deal.
  4. GrantM

    Shrek 2: Menu Shots & (Some) Specs!

    Same here. I just can't believe that box set would be fullscreen only. That's just crap.
  5. GrantM

    Sideshow/Weta LOTR Collectibles

    Finally ordered a LOTR item from United Cutlery. I've been wanting to get a sword from them forever, but the helmets didn't really interest me. That is, until I saw the Helm of Sauron. Wow, is that thing impressive. I ordered it pretty much immediately. I had been contemplating ordering the...
  6. GrantM

    Once Upon a Time in the West - Best Buy Deal

    It is nationwide. and not only is it $9.99, it is part of a 3/$20 sale with about 25 titles total. You can find the details in the weekly round-up thread here:
  7. GrantM

    Babylon 5: Should I invest my money and time? ANSWER IN POST #500

    I, too, was a total noob when it came to B5. So far I've bought the first 3 seasons and the pilot blind. No regrets. I just got done with season 2. While I'm not sure I'm ready to say "best sci-fi series ever", it is getting really good. About midway through season 2 is where it really picked up...
  8. GrantM

    Babylon 5: Should I invest my money and time? ANSWER IN POST #500

    I, too, was a total noob when it came to B5. So far I've bought the first 3 seasons and the pilot blind. No regrets. I just got done with season 2. While I'm not sure I'm ready to say "best sci-fi series ever", it is getting really good. About midway through season 2 is where it really picked up...
  9. GrantM

    DVD Review HTF Review: Field of Dreams - Anniversary Edition (Highly Recommended!)

    I believe it was directed by Van Ling, IIRC.
  10. GrantM

    Is there a certain actor/ actress's movies that you won't watch?

    I second Barbara Streisand. I'm in a real delima in regards to "Meet the Fockers". Can't believe she's going to be in it. I'm definitely not going to spend any money to watch it.
  11. GrantM

    "The 20" Previews before the actual movie itself, in theaters

    Wow, that sucks. That wasn't the case the one time I've seen "The 20". I much prefer it to lame advertising and movie trivia slides. And it is INFINITELY better than 99% of the music I've heard in theaters. I don't think I've ever heard a good song in a theater.
  12. GrantM

    Freaks and Geeks reviews?

    Same here. I might have seen some of one or 2 episodes when they aired, but this was mostly a blind-buy for me. I love this show!!!! I can't believe I will never see another episode. Really upsets me.
  13. GrantM

    Predator 2 Special Edition?

    The thread title needs a question mark. And to answer your question - yes, I would be interested. Would've been nice for them to do a small boxset with a Predator 2 SE along with the upcoming Predator SE
  14. GrantM

    Running Down the Universal Properties - popular series

    Never even heard of most of those. I have seen some of them, but nothing on that list that I would actually buy.
  15. GrantM

    Hollywood Video starting 3/$25 today on used rentals.

    The sale at HV in Athens, GA is 3/$30. Needless to say, I didn't look much further at those titles. But their was a sale on $9.99 previously viewed DVDs. They were 3/$20. Most of them were crap selections, though. Didn't find 3 that I wanted.
  16. GrantM

    ALF Season 1

    count me as another person who thought a "?" was probably left off the thread title. Great news!!!!!!
  17. GrantM

    Boondock Saints Fans, Your Day Has Come:

    Easy - the cat :) I, too, was introduced to this movie in Blockbuster. But it wasn't a recommendation, i just saw the movie on the shelf and happened to pick it up. Rented it, and the rest is history. I've now introduced alot of my friends to it and they all love it.
  18. GrantM

    Matrix box set shaping up

    I hope that was sarcastic. I look at it conversely - If Matrix will have a 9 disc set, why can't Star Wars? Honestly, though, as much as i would love that, 9 discs for Star Wars may not be possible. But 6 discs should be feasible. No matter how good the SW doc will be there will still be that...
  19. GrantM

    Saving Private Ryan Reviews?

    Why in the world would they re-release this and not put DTS on disc1? It's not like there wasn't enough room. Oh well, saved me from a double-dip.
  20. GrantM

    Field of Dreams: Anniversary Edition.......June 8th

    Thanks for the advanced warning Randy. Guess I need to hang on to my current copy (that doc really was good)
  21. GrantM

    Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison SEs on 8/31

    Wow! Best news I've seen on here in a long time. Well, maybe just since they announced Batman Animated in box sets. Anyway, definitely going to get this. I got Happy Gilmore back before I knew to check for OAR (in the dark ages of DVD - December 1999).
  22. GrantM

    *** Official TROY Discussion Thread

    Nick, The review in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution mentions the score as a big negative.
  23. GrantM

    Are Motion Menus A Thing Of The Past?

    exactly what I was going to say James. I don't mind the animation at all on the unrated Van Wilder menus. In fact, it would be nice to be able to play them in a loop.
  24. GrantM

    Best Review of TITANIC...Ever...

    wow. that last quote had me in tears.
  25. GrantM

    Sideshow/Weta LOTR Collectibles

    Finally broke down and ordered 2 Saurons. I know I would be kicking myself later if I didn't. Can't wait to see the pics of the full statue.
  26. GrantM

    New Batman 5 rumor....

  27. GrantM

    Watching 5.1 DVD's in 6.1

    I have my Denon 5800 convert everything into 6.1. I haven't noticed any problems with it. Some things are really improved. One that I can think of off the top of my head is Strange Days. The opening seen where everything is happening form the 1st person POV the dialog comes from directly behind you.
  28. GrantM

    The Problem with Defective Box Sets

    How fast do you fast forward? Can you see the pixilation using the fastest speed? I've seen some discs that pixilated when playing at regular speed, but didn't see the problem when fast forwarding through them.
  29. GrantM

    New THX trailer - A BIG workout for your sub

    Is this the same version that is on the Ultimate THX DVD? I know there are one or more "Let's see it in THX" trailers on there. I haven't pulled it out to check, but I couldn't tell anything different about the Indy THX trailer.
  30. GrantM

    The Problem with Defective Box Sets

    I've been really fortunate so far. I've only had to go through this for one set - Babylon 5 Season 1. I went through several sets before getting a good one. Toward the end, I exchanged just the problem disc. That's what I'll do from here on. After all, it's all the same to the retailer. I just...