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    New AVR vs Speakers

    I to had an older set up that I was looking to upgrade. Then my Yamaha reciever failed on me. A 12 year old unit! Lol. Paired with Mirage OM-12 towers Mirage center and some old Sony bookshelves i used for surrounds. Pretty Frankenstein I know. So I replaced the reciever first, with the Yamaha...
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    New/Old Canadian Guy

    Dude go with the Premiers, you won't regret it! They're fantastic!
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    New/Old Canadian Guy

    I just bought the Paradigm 800f towers and the 600c center channel. All I can say it WOW. It doesn't seem to matter what type of music I play or movie I watch, these new Paradigms sound amazing. I use them with an old 12 Mirage sub, the PSB Imagine XB and PSB Imagine S. But mostly, since I've...