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  1. todbnla

    Revolution season 1 thread

    So question: the episode shown tonite (4/22) about the nuke, is that the 1st of the return or the 2nd episode since this came back on in the last few weeks?
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    Which blu-ray player?

    I picked up the 220 for $114 new and the 320 for $109.99 on one of amazons lightning deals a few days later on 9/3, it is bascially the same unit with a few more bells and whistles, the big difference is the remote which some won't like, its a touchscreen and it does take some getting used too...
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    Grimm Season 2

    I realy enjoy this show, I hate to see any of the regulars leave, can't wait unitl the 28th.
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    Sons Of Anarchy: Season Five

    The scene with Great Start
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    Revolution season 1 thread

    The big issue I have with this show out of the box is how easy some things just fall into place when I watched the first episode via streaming. SPOILER ALERT ! if you dont want to know, Do not read below!
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    Which blu-ray player?

    Wondering where you found it for under $90? Amazon is $112 today?
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    SAFE to mount 50" TV to this? (Pic)

    The photo is the wall above my fireplace, my concern is the studs the wall mount would attach to. Am I ok? :eek: Would it be safe to attach my 50" to these two studs as shown in the pic? :confused: PLMK, Thanks.
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    Entourage season 7

    I was reading this same sentiment last night on facebook seconds after the episode ended, seems a lot of viewers felt like something was left out, too much drama this season, no pun intended. I too thought all of the cameos were a bit distracting although Drew Brees I can understand since he is...
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    Nip/Tuck - season 6 / season 7

    This used to be one of the most popular shows around here and when it first started was all the buzz. Hard to imagine no one still watched it after all this time.
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    MP3 & phone app deals/freebies (Amazon/Starbucks/etc.)

    Downloading cars now that guys
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    FS: Yamaha RX-V1600 A/V receiver

    Link works, but page is outdated w/no info.
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    Magnavox BD Player $110.00 (Model NB530MGX)

    Made an offer, need a bd player for our spare room.
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    Circuit City closing all stores -- watch for bargains coming soon

    My nephew was an asst manager at a CC store that closed in the first round back in December, I told him, they (CC) would not make it and they shuffled him to a store in a different state and he and another guy commuted daily 75 miles one way! Now that store (all of them) is closing too. You...
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    Panasonic BD35 NEW

    I sent an email offer before I read sale pending so please disregard, thanks.
  15. todbnla

    Panasonic BD35 NEW

    David are you listed on the Good Traders list here? PLMK
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    House season 5

    Anyone catch Hugh Laurie on SNL, it is crazy to watch him speak out of character, we all know him has house but he is such a great actor we have not seen his other side... My question IS: when will House and Cutty ever hook up, if ever? How much longer can they drag this out????
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    Life season 2

    Liked how Ted got extra cake/pie from his "new friends" in the slammer, cant wait for next year, I really like this show too. Still kinda creepy that she hooked up with her LT :O
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    FS: Pioneer RFD-1 RF Demodulator

    I have one still in the box used but will only sell it with the Pioneer LD player, these are very hard to find now and mine was hard to find back in the "day" to discuss.
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    FS DirecTv Powerline Adapter for On Demand

    I will take them send me your paypal info, thanks. todbnla AT gmail DOT com
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    First DSLR - Please help me learn how to use it

    Scott, I just got a new Rebel XT so can you recommend some quality lens for it?
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    I would luv to know what equipment you guys are using?
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    Black Friday Deals ??? Whats the scoop

    FWIW-Last year after B/F I picked up one of those visio 50" plasmas last year at wally world for $995 and we have had great service from it, the picture is very good, in fact my wife makes fun of me, because I am constantly remarking how good the picture is, very pleased. YMMV
  23. todbnla

    FS: Denon AVR and InFocus SP4805

    PM'ed offer on 4805 & bulb
  24. todbnla

    Zero Turn Mowers - Residential use

    Funny you should ask, were going to closing tommorrow at 11am, not on the original house but one better, we got the seller down about 8% and it turned out to be a nicer home so were good. Now I have to mow some grass, yes the market is down here too but where were moving the mowing bis is still...
  25. todbnla

    Zero Turn Mowers - Residential use

    Justed checked out a Ferris IS 500Z and man what a nice unit but its $2K more than the Cadet I viewed and but it has a Briggs engine which I'm not fond of but it features a kick *** suspension on all four corners, very well made, IMHO. Also, viewed the low end Scag and the Ferris beat it IMHO...
  26. todbnla

    Zero Turn Mowers - Residential use

    Were moving into a new house Monday and the lot is over 1.5 acres and I don't want to waste my entire day cutting grass, so were looking into the zero turn mowers. After some research, the best deal I see is the Cub Cadet 50" with the 22hp Kawasaki engine ($3k). After reading some more, it seems...
  27. todbnla

    NCIS season 5 thread

    Wow, in respect fo those that tivoed; Jenny dead and the rest of the team shipped off to different
  28. todbnla

    CSI: Miami Season 6 thread

    Woah, so Horatio is down and the lil punk CSI is dirty yet once again, go figure! More gambling debt ya think? Hello...anyone but me watch this show ? PS-not complaining just saying, can the females in the cast blouses get cut any lower, come on... really?
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    Desperate Housewives season 4 thread

    If you noticed in the opening shots no pic of Edie so either shes gone for good or this 5 year thing was just a play on words and she will return next season...?
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    Is now the time to buy a home or wait it out?

    Our seller countered our initial offer with a reduction of $8500 and that was all she had in her so we walked away from the table. Looks like she may have more in it than it may currently be worth? Oh well, bring on more listings.