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  1. Doug2000

    Netflix Damsel (2024)

    Thought I'd add a few more comments... This is not a complex story. There are not multiple story-lines running through the movie and, although there is a bit of history, this is not a movie where you're bouncing between multiple timelines. Character development is quick, efficient and just...
  2. Doug2000

    Netflix Damsel (2024)

    Watched it last night on Netflix with the family. Its well done and enjoyable to watch. First thoughts to myself after the end "Well that's a pretty good movie." Acting, sets, effects, costumes, script, storyline, sound - all good.
  3. Doug2000

    What annoys you?

    On the one hand, X is not a representative sample. But generally I agree. People are a lot less friendly then in years past.
  4. Doug2000

    What annoys you?

    Disney researched human behavior to determine that the average person would walk 30 feet before dropping their trash on the ground. So, Walt instructed all his Park designers that there should be at least one trash can every 30 feet in the Parks.
  5. Doug2000

    Roku 5.1 - Easy to setup / Easy to Use / Affordable / Sounds Good

    I installed this over the holidays. The Roku 5.1 wireless system. Background: I have a much more expensive/more traditional/wired HT in a dedicated room in my main home. But I wanted something easy to setup/easy to use & affordable for my cabin and I went with the Roku 5.1 system. Their...
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  14. Doug2000

    Show Off Your Pics

    Some rain & fog rolled in yesterday. I experimented with some settings and new techniques to improve sharpness.
  15. Doug2000

    Show Off Your Pics

    Thanks for this feedback. I've been shooting with a iPhone before so I'm just learning about the file formats & related settings. I have the camera set to produce both JPEG and Compress RAW but these images posted here are based on the JPEG. I also got Adobe Light Room but haven't had a...
  16. Doug2000

    Show Off Your Pics

    Thank You. Yes, I got the A1!! ...and three zoom lenses (200-600, 100-400, 13-35). We have a cabin in the Sierras where we spent Xmas and will be here through New Years. This is the view from our back deck. These mountains are called the Crystal Range. Lake Tahoe is just on the other...
  17. Doug2000

    Show Off Your Pics

    Got a new camera and my wife insisted making it into a Xmas gift and so I had to wait until yesterday (Xmas) morning to open it. Here's a pic of this morning's sunrise.
  18. Doug2000

    This thread is for the birds!

  19. Doug2000

    Movies with Jazz Scores

    The Cotton Club
  20. Doug2000

    Movies with Jazz Scores

  21. Doug2000

    Your current GAS list?

    Been researching and trying to decide what to get for almost a year. I'm thinking its got the speed for birds and wildlife and the megapixels for landscape and a good lens selection.
  22. Doug2000

    Your current GAS list?

    Agreed. The global shutter looks great.
  23. Doug2000

    Your current GAS list?

    I just ordered a Sony A1. Had a film SLR years ago and have been itching to get back into it.
  24. Doug2000

    Babylon (2022)

    I thought Babylon was great. We watched it back-to-back with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The two movies work well together.
  25. Doug2000

    Flourescent bias lights

    Did you search Amazon. I recently purchased some 21" fluorescent bulbs/tubes and just now did a search & found 18 inch. In the search make sure you spell out "18 inch".
  26. Doug2000

    What annoys you?

    In my previous home we had an HOA and our lot was indicated in the CC&Rs as a "View Lot" and the HOA was supposed to maintain the green belt around the view lots such that our view was not infringed. But they failed to maintain it (as they did with most of the lots) and it got worse and worse...
  27. Doug2000

    What annoys you?

    People should follow the rules they've committed to. That said, I hate HOAs and I'm so so happy that I no longer live in an area with an HOA. To my mind, they often cause more problems then they solve. Going along with the theme of this thread - I'd have to put HOAs as one of those things that...
  28. Doug2000

    The Woman King (2022)

    We liked the film a lot. Generated strong emotions for my wife and I, as we became heavily invested in the main characters. A more sophisticated (and longer) version could have developed the antagonist characters more, but its very good as is.
  29. Doug2000

    The Fundamentals of Atmos

    Thanks Carlo for this. I've been traveling so havn't had time to dig into it yet. But wanted to say thanks.
  30. Doug2000

    UHD Review Everything Everywhere All At Once – UHD Review

    And here we are now - the movie that just won Best Pic and a slew of other awards - features a fight seen with two pants-less "villains" kick fighting against the central character, each with a dildo like projectile shoved up their butts' flapping around like a mandator's sword in a bull.