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  1. Nathan A

    Rock Band -- are you kidding me?

    I'll be buying a mic stand so I can sing/guitar and sing/drum at the same time. But how will I work the cowbell in?
  2. Nathan A

    Guitar Hero PS2

    I'm pretty excited about this, but $50 seems a bit steep. Am I crazy or did they sometime in the past say it'd only be $40 since it was an expansion? Plus, I haven't heard anything about bonus tracks (unlockable, smaller bands) - and I like having those. Some end up being really good (and...
  3. Nathan A

    Rock Band -- are you kidding me?

    I'm ashamed to admit...I don't know that album (or much Who at all, really!). Here are the songs they've announced so far: The Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again" Mountain - "Mississippi Queen"* David Bowie - "Suffragette City" Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"* Blue Oyster Cult - "Don't Fear the...
  4. Nathan A

    5/15/07 The Fountain HD DVD Combo & Blu-Ray

    I hope so - just ordered thru DDD after reading a lot of "love it or hate it" comments. Here's hoping I fall under 'love it'.
  5. Nathan A

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Eternal Sunshine... -- in HD

    This was my favorite film of 2004 (with Nobody Knows a close second) and is perhaps the biggest reason why I'd like Universal to go neutral. I envy those with the ability to watch it in HD - it's good to hear that the disc has been done right.
  6. Nathan A

    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    That's right. Porcupine Tree, Rush, Planet X, Dream Theater, and Megadeth (am I missing anyone?) all right after one another. Then there's the Tool show May 16 (hooray for my first Tool show), and DT is actually making it to Dallas this time. The Rush show was just too expensive. Anyone else...
  7. Nathan A

    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    I dig the instrumentals, although the brevity of Malignant Narcissism is a bit disappointing (2:16). After a very quick run-through, my favorite lyrics are from The Larger Bowl. And for anyone who's wondering what a pantoum is (see The Larger Bowl), it's where the 2nd and 4th lines are...
  8. Nathan A

    Best Buy 2 Hour Private Sale Sunday May 6

    I got the same email, but I assumed that the "sale" was just the coupons in the email. Hopefully someone else knows for sure.
  9. Nathan A

    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos in 5.1!

    Who's there been besides Moore, Sherinian, and Rudess? Am I not as big a fan as I thought?
  10. Nathan A

    Guitar Hero 2 - XBOX 360 Review - Opinions

    I've played the 360 demo a couple times, and the guitar feels a little different. I'd be interested in updated versions of the GH1 songs (with easier hammer-ons and co-op), but there's no way I'm paying what they're (currently) asking for all of them. Aaron, how are you doing with the PS2...
  11. Nathan A

    Rush: "Snakes and Arrows" discussion

    After one listen, I'd say I pretty much like the new song. It is a little heavier than their more recent stuff, especially Neil's drumming. The bass line generally isn't terribly complex, but it does have a really good, smooth sound to it. The guitar work seems like pretty typical recent Alex...
  12. Nathan A

    Weekly RoundUp 2-13-2007

    Half Nelson is now listed at $17.99 at Amazon. I'm considering- Half Nelson The Departed Marie Antoinette The U.S. vs. John Lennon
  13. Nathan A

    Wii Virtual Console & Wii Ware Weekly Release

    I don't think I can recommend any of the Genesis titles for anyone with a PS2. There's a "Sega Genesis Collection" disc that goes for $20 (or less) which includes Sonic 1 and 2, Ecco the Dolphin (and its Genesis sequels), Comix Zone, Ristar, Gain Ground, Bonanza Bros., Altered Beast, Columns...
  14. Nathan A

    Wii Virtual Console & Wii Ware Weekly Release

    Mariokart 64 is supposed to be next Monday's game. (I don't know if there are supposed to be any others along with it.)
  15. Nathan A

    Guitar Hero PS2

    Ah, well. I don't think I can justify picking up the 360 version. On a happy note, the new EGM states that GH2: 1980s Edition will be released for the PS2 in "Spring 2007" (which might translate into "summer"; I'm not sure if spring really means spring). I haven't found any info on included...
  16. Nathan A

    PS3 downscales 720p to 480p for non-720p sets?

    I've heard speculation that a supposed update in March might fix the problem, but I don't at all expect it since they've been so quiet on the matter. I'm also beginning to suspect that a hardware change may be necessary, and if so, I'm not so sure they'll bother with it. I had my first real...
  17. Nathan A

    Buy the Xbox 360 now or in a week or two?

    I've read that Toys R Us is giving a $100 gift card with the premium 360. If so, Saturday's likely the last day. Some are saying that their store's out of stock, though.
  18. Nathan A

    Post when you bought your XBox360 and if it is has broken down or not

    I posted earlier that I'm on my 4th system since I originally purchased it in December of last year. It too now is dead. It won't boot up half the time; the other half it freezes within 30 seconds. It might've happened sooner, but I haven't had any time to play it the last few months because...
  19. Nathan A

    Wii component cables and Nunchuks. Anyone have any luck in finding these?

    My Best Buy had third party component cables in-stock today. React- $24.99; 8 foot cable; BB had 2 Psyclone- $59.99; 12 foot cable; BB had 2 or 3. It's a pretty heavy cable with some thick braiding. The Psyclone doesn't quite seem worth it, but the React might be an attractive alternative...
  20. Nathan A

    DDD buy 1 get 1 free fox shows inc. x-files

    Here's the link: Here are a few notables: Alien Quadrilogy- $58.55 Arrested Development S1 or S2- $29.27 each Die Hard Ult. Collection- $36.59 (just in time for Christmas!) Errol Morris' First Person- Complete Series- $27.54...
  21. Nathan A

    Are first party component cables good or is the extra money worth it?

    I haven't tried the more expensive Monster ones, but I do use the official 1st-party component cables for the XBox, PS2, and Gamecube on a 55" Mits, and I have no complaints. I doubt the Monster cables would really be worth it for most people.
  22. Nathan A

    Guitar Hero PS2

    A few siblings and I are getting GH 1 and 2 (with 2 guitars) for my sister for her birthday. She doesn't play video games at all, but she really enjoys GH (and Wii bowling). By the way, Toys R Us is doing a sale through Saturday for the GH2 bundle with an extra (official) guitar controller...
  23. Nathan A

    PS3 downscales 720p to 480p for non-720p sets? It looks like Sony's promising a fix (via a firmware update "when it's ready"). Good news! I wonder why it took a fairly large backlash to get them to do it. At any rate, I'm again going to keep on the lookout for one. I can't imagine they'd...
  24. Nathan A

    PS3 -- Release Day Thread

    I've no idea what the numbers are, but I know I'm one of them. As far as it "working", I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. The PS3's an advanced piece of technology which is why it's so expensive. If you can't take advantage of HD even though you have an HDTV, then that's a huge reason...
  25. Nathan A

    PS3 downscales 720p to 480p for non-720p sets?

    Yes, according to IGN. It won't upscale 720p to 1080i; rather, it'll downscale it to 480p. Here's a discussion thread at Evil Avatar. Apparently, it's true. The only launch game I...
  26. Nathan A

    Japan PS3 launched 88,000 PS3

    I'm not so sure it's a good idea to compare adjusted prices when the industry has changed so much over the years. And when you knock off the most expensive modern machines, the NeoGeo, CD-i, and 3DO (which I think is fair to do since they were niche systems), the PS3's $600 is pretty expensive...
  27. Nathan A

    Guitar Hero PS2

    That's good news! And bad news! Sorry. I've barely been able to play beyond getting through each main song once, plus I have a still unopened copy of Gears of War that I got last Wednesday. Why do I wait until the end of the semester to do term papers? My GH2 box sounds like your GH1 box; my...
  28. Nathan A

    Guitar Hero PS2

    Still nothing? As for the slowdown, I think it's more like choppiness. But my brother (who has his own copy and a pretty new PS2) says he's experienced it too. We both agree that it's not really that common; it's more of a minor quibble. Another quibble is with the packaging. You probably saw...
  29. Nathan A

    Japan PS3 launched 88,000 PS3

    I'm sure, too. It just seems like an awful lot to pay for something you're just using for gaming. To be sure, though, I might bite if I didn't have an HDTV even at $600 if there were games I wanted bad enough. I just think that most people who don't have HDTVs (and don't plan on getting one...
  30. Nathan A

    Japan PS3 launched 88,000 PS3

    This is true, but I don't understand why it's true. How is the PS3 worth $5/600 if you're not using the BR drive and/or don't have an HDTV? C'mon, people! Don't be foolish; that's why it's so expensive! The director (or was it just a Capcom executive?) of Dead Rising (an XBOX360 game), in...