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  1. Christopher E

    Serenity (2005)

    Most of the non-english speaking international releases are cancelled. Think about it though, the movie would not translate well at all to other languages. A lot of the humor and some of the drama would be lost. I'm pretty sure north american movies are generally dubbed internationaly, so of...
  2. Christopher E

    'Firefly' added to Sci-Fi

    Just to let you guys know, the final domestic Serenity trailer will be airing on Scifi this friday during the episode "Serenity Part 2". Look for it sometime between 7:45-8:00pm EST. Should be online shortly after, but scifi has a nice little exclusive on it.
  3. Christopher E

    Spider-man superbit problem...

    I noticed the subtitle problem in the arena scene (but no others) on my ancient Sony DVP-S360.
  4. Christopher E

    Alias Season 2 DVD, no signal to subwoofer?

    It's possible that all the bass in the sound mix is contained in the l,c,r,sr,sl channels and not the .1 lfe channel. If this were the case, then when you had your speakers set to small bass below the crossover point would be directed to your subwoofer. However, with your speakers set to large...
  5. Christopher E

    Hsu Research subs

    Note to all Canadians in the market for HSU subs. According to a thread I read over on AVS Hsu is getting a Canadian distributor for their subwoofers.
  6. Christopher E

    Babylon 5 newbies? (Richard Biggs - RIP)

    In a word, No.
  7. Christopher E


    The frame rate during the action scenes is the same as the rest of the show which is 24fps (except in the sped up scenes) . They just raise the shutter speed so for each frame the camera captures light for less time. This means each frame has less motion blur (since only a small point in time...
  8. Christopher E

    Athena technology SPeaker systems

    Jaspaul, I also live in Vancouver, and have always wondered how much it would cost to bring a sub (or any speaker for that matter) bought in the US back to Canada. If you don't mind could you tell me how much you had to pay when you brought the STF-2 across the border?
  9. Christopher E

    Canadian channel "Space"....

    Hmmm that's interesting. I figured that since S4 was aired in widescreen in both the U.S., and U.K., getting a hold of widescreen broadcast tapes wouldn't be a problem for Space. I suppose they probably had a similar problem with getting widescreen broadcast tapes for firefly.
  10. Christopher E

    Canadian channel "Space"....

    Yet they somehow managed to not show farscape season 4 in widescreen.
  11. Christopher E

    The Shield, season 3 (MERGED THREAD)

    According to season 3 starts on March 9th and will have 15 episodes, instead of the usual 13.
  12. Christopher E

    FS: Energy E:XL-C

  13. Christopher E

    FS: Energy E:XL-C

    Selling an Energy E:XL-C. Retail $300 CDN. Selling for $160 CDN (Price is slightly flexible). Shipping is extra. Used for one year and four months. Great Condition. Still have the original box, and manual. It comes with a five year warranty from the manufacturer.
  14. Christopher E

    Anyone heard of Pro-Linear ??

    I've seen Pro-Linear speakers in an A&B Sound in Vancouver. Never heard them though.
  15. Christopher E

    FS: Energy E:Xl Series 5 Speaker HT Package

    Joey, check your personal messages.
  16. Christopher E

    FS: Energy E:Xl Series 5 Speaker HT Package

    Update, price dropped to $750 CDN.
  17. Christopher E

    FS: Energy E:Xl Series 5 Speaker HT Package

    Energy E:xl Series hometheater package consisting of: Xl 25's (one pair) Xl 16's (one pair) XL-C (one) Used for 1 year and 4 months. Great condition. Retail About $1375 CDN. Selling for $850 CDN. (Shipping is extra) Willing to sell each pair of speakers seperately.
  18. Christopher E

    BFD and Parametric EQ: noob questions

    I was under the impression that a house curve would compensate for the fact that movies are recorded and mixed to be played back at reference level. Since most of us don't listen at that loud a level, we are not hearing what the mixer intended. At a lower volume the bass and treble frequencies...
  19. Christopher E

    BFD input/output levels problem

    I picked up some mono adapters and they worked perfectly. Problem solved, now time for some EQ'ing. Thanks for the help guys!
  20. Christopher E

    BFD input/output levels problem

    Hi guys, I just got a BFD a few days ago, but I'm having a problem with volume levels. I tried running the sub output from my Denon 1803 through the BFD, but I got no readings on the input level LEDs, and the sub wasn't even recieving a loud enough signal to turn on. I found that if I used...
  21. Christopher E

    Jeremiah Season 2

    I was disappointed in the first season of Jeremiah, but I do think that Letters from the Other Side (Part 1, haven't seen the second part yet) was better than any episode of season 1. Oh yes, and Sean Astin is on the show now! Edit: Oh and I can't stand the new theme song.
  22. Christopher E

    Canadians- Firefly on Space

    Actually I saw a commercial on Space that mentioned 3 unaired episodes!!! Hopefully they will be shown in widescreen, but after their 4:3 Farscape S4 broadcasts I'm not so sure. I will probably get the DVDs anyways but this is still great news! :)
  23. Christopher E

    Energy XL series new? Because I cant find reviews?

    As far as I remember the e:xl line was updated last summer, around the time when I got my e:xl 25's. The update was mostly to simplify the line (the old e:xl series consisted of 8 speakers). Also, the speaker grilles were extended to cover the tweeters. When the new line came out I read that...
  24. Christopher E

    B5 3rd season.

    I'd have to say I'm anticipating B5 S3 as much as I was anticipating FOTR:EE (can't say the same for TTT though).
  25. Christopher E

    B5 3rd season.

    Jeez, I just realized that I haven't seen B5 S3 for 2 years. I can't wait for season 3! Only 13 days to go. :)