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  1. ken thompson

    Olds Aurora

    Then by those standards the Aurora would make a great used car purchase.
  2. ken thompson

    Olds Aurora

    Brandon, What does the car's rate of depreciation have to do with you being stuck with it?
  3. ken thompson

    How can I test if something is a mouse dropping?

    Roach turds look similar to what you describe.
  4. ken thompson

    Olds Aurora

    They come in a V6. Its the 3.5 or something. The V8 is the 4.0. The top of the line ones are very plush. The V8 is a derivative of the Northstar in the Caddie. My father leased one for a few years and he loved it. I liked it too.
  5. ken thompson

    Vote for your favorite college cheerleader!

    Which one has the biggest tats.
  6. ken thompson

    Places That Deal Heavy In Checks

    Anything that caters primarily to women. Women love the checks.
  7. ken thompson

    Financial Advice for teen

    Just put it in a savings account. No need to get fancy with just $1K.
  8. ken thompson

    stupid chunks of retread

    I had some of that stuff kick up from the car in front of me. It landed on the hood, rolled up the windshield, across the roof and mangled the crap out of my radio antenna on the rear of the car. All this at about 75 MPH.
  9. ken thompson

    How can Michelle Wie hit 300 yard drives?

    She's a gender bender, that's how.
  10. ken thompson

    Thinking about buying a Parrot... advice?

    I had a couple of keets a few years ago. One thing I can tell you is that birds are filthy animals and will require tons of maintenance on their living space. Birds will literally crap in their own food and water. Not only will the cage become full of crap but a good ten foot radius around the...
  11. ken thompson

    How do i get my ribs to be tender?

    Yeah, definitely boil 'em first. Quick and easy.
  12. ken thompson

    Why does this happen? Automobile related.

    You may be tightening the cap too much. It's amazing but if the cap it too tight it will efect how the car runs. Also, I'm sure there is some kind of vent, maybe in the cap itself, that lets air in as the gas is removed. This vent, and perhaps cap itself may be bad.
  13. ken thompson

    Jacksonville Jaguars Fans: Best Seating @ Alltell Stadium, any suggestions?

    I'm sure there will be plenty of available seats for most games this season as not many give the Jags much of a chance this year. Most every seat in the stadium is pretty good. If you can up your ante a bit you can get club seats for about $150 per. This is the only way I go anymore. Much better...
  14. ken thompson

    what makes diesel fuel different than other fuel?

    We're getting raped? Your paying 80 cents a liter and you think we are getting raped? That's over 3 bucks a gallon. Your the one being raped.
  15. ken thompson

    Boating questons...

    Definitely dont buy new. $20K will only get you about 18 feet worth of new boat. This is certainly not enough to do the kind of boating you want to do. Used is the only way to go. Also one thing I've learned that fishing style boats are often built better, hold their value better, and are easier...
  16. ken thompson

    what makes diesel fuel different than other fuel?

    Diesel is actually an oil very similar to kerosene. Gas stations actually take the kerosene they have remaining after the cold season and dump it into the diesel tanks. I believe the low octane is needed because the combustion that occurs in a diesel engine is derived purely from compressions as...
  17. ken thompson

    Home Mortgage Interest Rates

    Here is what to look for. Long-term rates are almost completely independant of short-term rates. Don't decide wether to lock or not based on what you think the Fed is going to do to short-term rates. What you need to watch is is the mood of the stock market. Mortgage rates on homes fluctuate...
  18. ken thompson

    Home Mortgage Interest Rates

    I'd lock it. Rates are already heading back up.
  19. ken thompson

    Pizza Cuts Cancer Risk?

    Eat pizza and masturbate. You'll never get cancer.
  20. ken thompson

    Pizza Cuts Cancer Risk?

    I'm guessing here, but I'd bet that pizza in Italy is much different than it is here.
  21. ken thompson

    Help my fridge is leaking

    Check the seals on the doors. Your fridge may be running too much for the evaporation of the wate to keep up. Also clean you coils. Older units may have them on the back. I think most of the newer units have them underneith. Just run your vaccuum cleaner over them. Should fix the problem.
  22. ken thompson

    Does Stonehenge Depict Female Genitalia?

    Yeah, They're bar stools for ancient giants that have since become extinct.
  23. ken thompson

    How do I get rid of carpet ants?

    Yes. Borax contains boric acid. That's why it works on pests.
  24. ken thompson

    How do I get rid of carpet ants?

    Borax works great on fleas. It may work on the ants as well. It's worth a try. I'd leave the Borax on the carpet a while though. Just smash all the big chunks into the carpet and you wont even see it. I'd leave it there until you notice to ants are gone. Frankly, I've never heard of carpet ants...
  25. ken thompson

    Anybody live in a Toll Brothers house?

    Never heard of 'em. Is that the name of a construction company?
  26. ken thompson

    The birds at a local pet shop won't leave me alone.

    Is it really that hard to get rid of mixed breed birds? What ever happened to just opening a window?
  27. ken thompson

    Air Conditioner Unit: Vent Open or Closed??

    Well, a central unit draws all of its aire from inside and recirculates it. I'd think this would be more efficient for a widow unit as well. The unit would be cooling already cooled air instead of the hot outside air. I believe the vent should be open only if the unit is being used as a fan only...
  28. ken thompson

    Dentist Scams?

    Yes. They are defitiely motiveated by money to some degree. Varies by dentist obviously but as with any medical opinion, get a second. And a third for that matter.