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  1. PomingF

    Why no love for Magnepans?

    Interestingly, there's a German guy just started a post over at AVS with pics of his 3.6 setup driven by what looks like a Pathos integrated amp and Planet CDP. HT with Maggies can be great if you have the room size and equipment (amp and SW) to complement them. PF
  2. PomingF

    The Almost Official 2004 Austin GTG Announcement & Invitation

    Exactly Curtis. I had a hard time telling b/w two pair of speakers even with a switch just because I have to get up, physically flip that switch then get back to the sweet spot and replay the same music passage again. A reasonable quality switch shouldn't affect the sound any more than many...
  3. PomingF

    What ever happened to all the Diva Lovers?

    Still own & love those Diva's. In fact after finally giving away the Def Tech's, my home now features the entire AV123 line up with Diva's doing HT and Rockets in charge of HiRez/MC music. :) PF
  4. PomingF

    Static Sound from Paradigm Studio 60 V2 - Can anyone help?

    John, I suggest you hook up your speakers to a friend's functioning system to see if the problem persists for I had kinda the same problem intermittently till I finally decided to change interconnects within the path of the problem system. It so turned out one of them has a loosed solder and...
  5. PomingF

    Axiom vs. Rocket for HT

    Pete, Max Yokell (over @ HTT) now owns the Rocket setup in place of his Klipsch Legend KLF system. I think him & David were both @ Mike Knapp's Florida Rocket demo a while back. May be you should contact him & arrange for a listen. PF
  6. PomingF

    B&W speakers 15% off?

    Bjorn in San Antonio still runs the same buy one get second half off sale once every year. In fact I bet their last one in March this year ran for almost two months. They do carry Boston, Klipsch, Phase Tech, Def Tech, M&K besides B&W. Of course there's always Bose. :) PF
  7. PomingF

    Electra, Rockets or Thiel?

    That's a pretty good budget esp if you shop around here in the US, not knowing if you're actually doing this in Malaysia though. For speakers @ that price range you really have to listen for yourself to decide. FWIW there's a brand new review on the Rockets just went up on the Audio...
  8. PomingF

    Klipsch vs Rockets

    Go to HTT and check out Max's impression on the Rockets. PF
  9. PomingF

    Klipsch as my baseline?of Redish's Schulte in all I know I don't know

    JD, have you gone over the AVS long Rocket thread? There's at least one user in Austin who just got his entire Rocket setup. If you don't mind travelling I have the Rocket 750/200/300 setup and am about to do a demo to several folks from around the area (in fact one of them will be coming down...
  10. PomingF

    Diva and Rocket Speakers

    DeT, you got PM. :) PF
  11. PomingF

    Diva and Rocket Speakers

    DeT, Spokane WA should have other Diva or even Rocket owners. Have you post @ AVS or submit request @ AudioEnvy to see if anyone out there can help? As for wiring change you can just swap the two speaker terminals to the C3 @ the back of your receiver. Btw, when I said 'mistakes', I mean those...
  12. PomingF

    Diva and Rocket Speakers

    DeT, there's no reason for you to accept compromised performance esp given the quality of equipment you have. That said I have to agree with Rich that your entertainment center probably bears most of the problem. First off it wouldn't hurt to borrow some other center speakers to see how they...
  13. PomingF

    Diva and Rocket Speakers

    DeT, please tell us about your C3 setup (a pic would be nice) see if we can somehow help make it sound better. I have a Def Tech setup with the CLR2000 center and can tell you the C3 doesn't give away much to the Def Tech at all. PF
  14. PomingF

    New Diva owner wondering if I need a new receiver?

    Brook, if your Sony has all the formats/features you need and has preamp outs I suggest you look for a new or used 2/3 channel amp to take the load of the receiver's amp section. I bet this would beat the sound of any new $500 receiver. PF
  15. PomingF

    What amp for B&W Nautilus 802's?

    Phil, it's funny you brought this up for I tried to e-mail you on more than one occasion without success figured you must have changed your addy. My amps were actually delivered a few weeks before the 'meltdown' which I'll be glad to share with you my experience later on off-line. As good the...
  16. PomingF

    What amp for B&W Nautilus 802's?

    For some reason I am hearing more & more B&W dealers using McIntosh amps on the higher models. In fact I listened to my local dealer's N800 Signature/McIntosh set-up not too long ago and thought they sound very well together. That said I'm driving mine with a pair of Theta's and love it. PF
  17. PomingF

    Speaker upgrade- suggestions?

    David, the RS250 is the bigger of the two bookshelf models in the Onix/Rocket line. If you go to's website I'm sure there will be a link to the Onix/Rocket page. It has the Vifa ring-radiator tweeter, a 6" aluminum woofer and is rear ported. I'm in San Antonio and had just received an...
  18. PomingF

    Speaker upgrade- suggestions?

    David, I haven't heard any of the speaker models you mentioned except the Rocket as I am into stereo music without a sub so floor standers are more to my liking. After auditioning to the other brands you have in mind and if still interested you're welcome to audition the 250's. You may want...
  19. PomingF

    Most Transparent Speakers under $1500?

    Paul, I said that 'cause I mentioned @ AVS how mine didn't seem to integrate too well but now that you had measured your room and decided there's just not enough for it to work ... To me the 250 is closer to the 550 while the 200 is somewhere b/w the two floorstanders. The speed & lowend...
  20. PomingF

    Most Transparent Speakers under $1500?

    Scot, don't take my word for it. If you really like the 1.6's this much you owe it to yourself not to bring the 200 center down to the Maggie dealer to see how they go together. Btw, you'll like the 750 as fronts a lot more than the 250's. PF
  21. PomingF

    A question to ROCKET owners

    Mike, if you spend much time at all over @ AVS you would have read about the break-in some of us betas encountered and that is with the first run models. I believe the upgraded production model is a tad tamer on the highs so rest assure it should come out alright. Have fun. PF
  22. PomingF

    Onkyo receiver owners! Need a huge favor, please!

    May be my Onkyo 939 is a bit old compare to you guys but I have mine set to fronts 'large', center & surrounds 'small' and my SW still gets it's share of workout. Just make sure you have the SW set to 'on'. PF
  23. PomingF

    Switchable rear surrounds:Does anyone *OTHER* than Denon enable this???

    Many manufacturers (Niles, etc) carry speaker switch boxes for different power ratings. I have one by Bryston taking the outputs from a pair of 7B-ST's to switch b/w two pairs of speakers without any problem. You can go to the Bryston website and check it out. PF
  24. PomingF

    B&W Nautilus 802..... any opinions?

    Geo, I'm glad you finally pulled the trigger for I don't think you can get any better speakers for the price (barring buying used). Bad news for you is that you'll be looking for better front ends very soon. When I first got my B&W's (and waiting for the amps) I was running them off my Onkyo...
  25. PomingF

    Help with Bass Shakers!

    You also want to make sure the power & impedance ratings of the Bass Shakers are compatible to those of your receiver. If not you may have to figure out a way to connect several of them in series/parellel to a final circuit that is compatible. PF
  26. PomingF

    I have too many speakers, which speakers should I keep and which to get rid of?

    Jeff, you get the trophy on this one. :D I know there has to be a few on the forums who over time might have own the same number if not more pieces than your list but all at the same time... I hope you don't have them all hooked/powered up blacking out the neighborhood. PF
  27. PomingF

    Magnepan dealers?

    Yeah, I would love to compare their FR curves as well. :) PF
  28. PomingF

    Magnepan dealers?

    Jack, thank you for your interest/curiosity. ;) I was referring to Ling-W's 'letting go of boxy speakers' comment in that I don't by no means hold any preference to one design over another know each has it's own limitations & attributes. Also despite the difference in design hence sound...
  29. PomingF

    Magnepan dealers?

    I like to look at it as being 'diversive' instead of narrow minded. FWIW my favorite/reference speaker happens to be neither. :D PF
  30. PomingF

    Magnepan dealers?

    Have you check out the Magnepan website yet? They may be able to help you with either direct sale or refer you to the nearest dealer. I got mine off Audiogon. If you live close enough to an owner or beta tester of the new Rockets, their flagship model (750) sounds mighty sweet enough to remind...