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  1. Tim Baldwin

    Rogue Audio 66 Magnum Preamp w/ Phono

    No problem at all on the discussion guys. I like to talk about this stuff, and this is as good a thread as any. Kevin, that last little bit of your last post now makes it all make sense: I would totally agree with you. On a quiet preamp, the little bit of extra noise which may be created by...
  2. Tim Baldwin

    Rogue Audio 66 Magnum Preamp w/ Phono

    Kincade and Kevin, Yes, an active preamp is adding gain, and the volume control (as with a passive) is attenuating the output signal. So you could say the active preamp's volume is 'adding' gain when you turn it up, because it is attenuating it less. Therefore you don't just turn it all...
  3. Tim Baldwin

    Rogue Audio 66 Magnum Preamp w/ Phono

    Kincade, Turns out you are correct. Here is the response I got from Mark O'Brien: I just calibrated at, and return the volume to, 12 o'clock. Not a big deal for me, but YMMV. Regards, Tim
  4. Tim Baldwin

    Rogue Audio 66 Magnum Preamp w/ Phono

    Sorry, I'm not aware of any such option existing. I know you can bypass the preamp section of the Tempest integrated, although it involves physically changing some shunts inside the unit. The 12AU7's are Penta (German) (and I have a spare set that are unlabeled ... ?), and the 6DJ8's are...
  5. Tim Baldwin

    Rogue Audio 66 Magnum Preamp w/ Phono

    Kincade, No, these do not have an HT bypass per se, though I HAVE used it in my HT. As with any preamp, you feed an auxilliary input from the receiver or prepro's L/R preouts, and calibrate your HT at a known specific setting on the preamp's volume control (I use 12 o'clock). Then whenever you...
  6. Tim Baldwin

    Rogue Audio 66 Magnum Preamp w/ Phono

    Rogue 66 Magnum all tube preamp with phono stage. Magnum version features upgraded tubes, power supply, and parts (caps, resistors, wiring, sockets, etc). Excellent condition cosmetically and sonically. Good phono stage for MM or HO MC. Asking $695 + shipping. Link to Rogue Audio Link to...
  7. Tim Baldwin

    wtb: crt projector

    You need to get on Curt Palme's mailing list. He rebuilds and sells CRT's, and has a great reputation. I was going to buy from him, until I got a killer deal locally. I have his latest list at work, and will try to email it to you later. As far as the cost, quality, setup and all, he will...
  8. Tim Baldwin

    HTF Jazz Club

    Or, if you want something a bit more accessible in a trio, try some Dave Brubeck. The classic Take Five is always a good starting point.
  9. Tim Baldwin

    Theater demolition update

    Scott, YGM. Tim
  10. Tim Baldwin

    HTF Jazz Club

    Hi Stefan ... glad you pointed me to this thread. Maybe we can get it going again. Going to take me a while to read through it and see what I've missed. BTW, since you mention Kenton you may be interested in Mike Vax. He has a band with a number of Kenton alumni. Saw him last year in a...
  11. Tim Baldwin

    DO you ever go CRAZY trying to make a decision?

    aaron, think we can share a room at this asylum right now. i'm in same quandary. i almost said screw it and bought a tube preamp today instead! still might. see how nuts i am? at the moment, i have a 520 and an rp82 in one cart, a 4es in another, and several older flagship receivers or the...
  12. Tim Baldwin

    Magazine Review Objectivity

    I agree with Bill. Just like movie reveiwers, I try to "calibrate" the equipment reviewers against my own tastes and experiences. Once I've heard their opinions on movies I've seen I know how to judge future reviews. Unfortunately, the late Gene Siskel was about the only movie critic with whom I...
  13. Tim Baldwin

    DVD player? changer? CD player? HELP!

    Jason, I think you may be wasting your money at a 200 price point. I believe you will be better off doing one of three things: 1. Adding 200 to your DVD player purchase and upgrading that 2. Add an outboard DAC (ART DIO, MSB LinkDac, etc) to your DVD player 3. Save a little and start looking...
  14. Tim Baldwin

    AVR 520 Mini Review from a Novice.

    Dan, I have deliberated for a long time in a similar situation. I am much more finicky about music repro than movies. I considered a flagship receiver, or modest pre-pro and multi-ch amps, but have decided on an alternate course. I've decided on a low-mid range receiver (like the 520, 4ES...
  15. Tim Baldwin

    Harman Kardon on uBid

    I have bought three pieces from Ubid - an H/K CD changer, a Newcastle receiver, and a Citation amp. They were all new - not refurbs, and I had/have zero problems with all of them. I will buy used but not refurbed - my philosophy with cars is pretty similar - I find when they start breaking, they...
  16. Tim Baldwin

    Which receiver to buy in the $1000 range?

    Hi Gil, Can you say where you've seen the 4ES at $650 shipped? It's on my shortlist, but the best I've found is about $690 plus. Thanks!
  17. Tim Baldwin

    SURVEY: Do you notice a big difference in $10K+ speakers vs. more affordable ones?

    I generally agree with Lee on this. My very general rule of thumb is that you must spend about double the price to realize a really significant difference. This would apply to similar price/value firms - eg budget-to-budget, value-to-value, overpriced-to-overpriced ;) etc) Certainly at all price...
  18. Tim Baldwin

    A choice of better mains or matched timber

    Robertto, What is your split between movies and music, and about which are you more passionate? I listen to more music than view movies, and I am much more discriminating about music reproduction, so I would opt for better mains without hesitation. In general, I would always opt for better...
  19. Tim Baldwin

    Looking for speaker companies with best bang for buck values

    Allen, ACI and Adire make some very nice kits for DIY. The ACI stuff will only last for a short time, and then they'll be out of the DIY business.
  20. Tim Baldwin

    SURVEY: Do you notice a big difference in $10K+ speakers vs. more affordable ones?

    Larry, are you trolling or do you believe what you said? John, agree totally. I'd further add that in order to realize those sometimes subtle gains it seems that system matching and attention to the room become much more critical. Just a quick wander around CES will prove that just plopping...
  21. Tim Baldwin

    Studio 20 vs B&W 602, any thoughts... ?

    Mike, Originally you mentioned 2 monitor style models. Are you really looking at monitors or considering floorstanders as well? As we speak, there is a pair of Apogee Centaurus Minors and VMPS Towers on Agon for 675 and 650 respectively. Both use ribbons and will be a bit different than your...
  22. Tim Baldwin

    Studio 20 vs B&W 602, any thoughts... ?

    Mike, I fully agree with Jeremy about the used market. Speakers easily can be had for 60% of list and below. If you exercise good judgement wrt the seller and transaction, you are unlikely to get burned. You've received some good suggestions. It seems your tastes may require something...
  23. Tim Baldwin

    Where can I buy really nice audio racks?

    I'm partial to Schroers & Schroers and Link Removed, although for the price my Salamander Synergy and Bell O'ggetti look fine.
  24. Tim Baldwin

    Survey: What's the best-looking floorstander UNDER $3000?

    Legacy and Soliloquoy (in addition to the ProAc mentioned previously) make impressive cabinets to go with wonderful sound.
  25. Tim Baldwin

    Studio 20 vs B&W 602, any thoughts... ?

    Mike, You say you are looking for a different sound in your 2-ch rig. Can you elaborate on that? And the kind of music to which you listen? Maybe what you would want is something a little more striking than moving from one dynamic speaker to another, but rather to a planar, horn, or...
  26. Tim Baldwin

    WHY is POLK AUDIO not respeced??

    As a former owner of one of the "model" series (7's) I'd agree with many here that the RT series simply is not at the competitive psoition relative to other brands/models that Polk enjoyed in the 70's/80's. I think you can make the same argument about Infinity. I don't agree that they are...
  27. Tim Baldwin

    Is extended warranty worth it?

    I am as good a capitalist as the next guy. What I mean when I say that they are pure profit, is that they are an insurance policy on which the underwriter is seldom called upon to pay off - ergo, pure profit. I've simply never had any electronic items actually break down. Maybe i buy ones with...
  28. Tim Baldwin

    Is extended warranty worth it?

    The only items I'd expect to even HAVE in five years are the speakers and amplifiers, which don't NEED an extended warranty. The ones on RPTV's that include an annual adjustment/cleaning might be worth it ... the others are virtually pure profit.
  29. Tim Baldwin

    Is upgrading a good amp really worth it?

    I'd take a good look at your sources and room treatments before I bought the amps.
  30. Tim Baldwin

    Rotel 1075 vs Outlaw 755 vs Parasound 1205A

    All good amps. For "warm" sound, you might also consider YBA, B&K, EAD, Anthem (might have to go used on some of these to fit in your budget).