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  1. dannyboy104

    The Sound of Music on 4K Disc?

    Sound of Music - 4k restoration official trailer
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    A Sneak Peek at Zulu and Khartoum

    I have ordered the new Blu Ray, and I am looking forward to hearing the improved stereo soundtrack. The photo attached, I would suggest, displays the correct red, which is very inconsistent on the UK Blu Ray. For example take a look at the 21.55 and then compare to 32.14. Thanks David
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ The Great Escape -- in Blu-ray

    Highlights from an interview by Bill Duelly with John Kirk, Director of Technical Operations, MGM/UA and Paul Rutan Jr., and Tony Munroe of Triage Motion Services. Restoring The Great Escape From Cinema Retro magazine January 2005 CR: Was the original negative Technicolor or Eastman? JK...
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    A Few Words About While we wait for A few words about...™ Lawrence of Arabia -- in 4k/UHD Blu-ray

    The following info was posted by myself previously on another topic, but I thought it might be ok to post it again here - anyone with corrections then please let me know. Thanks David The Restoration Reconstructed and Restored by ROBERT A. HARRIS Restoration Produced by ROBERT A. HARRIS and...
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    A Few Words About While we wait for A few words about...™ Lawrence of Arabia -- in 4k/UHD Blu-ray

    Great topic - and info, looking forward to the Blu-Ray release. Have found this : Also this : Thanks
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Don't know if these have been mentioned and of interest Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan (Blu-ray) £14.99 Free Delivery Pre-order. | Due for release on 25/05/2009 BUY Star Trek: The Voyage Home (Blu-ray) £14.99 Free Delivery Pre-order. | Due for release on 25/05/2009 BUY The Machine Girl...
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    WHV Announcement: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and True Romance (Blu-ray)

    I used to really like "True Romance" in the laserdisc days,but its not one I will purchase on Blu-Ray.The only scene that sticks with me is the classic one with Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walkin. With the mention of "Dances with Wolves",I have the German edition which is the director's cut...
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    The good news , this is being screened as I type this on channel 4 hd in the uk,the bad news , is that after the opening credits ,they have changed the aspect ratio from 2:35:1/2:20:1 aprox to 1:85:1,makes the split screening very tight. Apart from that,the picture looks great.
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    Lawrence of Arabia

    updated in my post above with full Restoration notes taken from the CAV laserdisc.
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    Lawrence of Arabia

    Thanks for the links Stephen. There is some more info regarding the Balcony scene , taken from an interview conducted by Geoff McNeal with Robert A Harris in August 2000. "When we were completing the cut, we attempted to put together a balcony scene in reel 11B, in which Allenby works to get...
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    Lawrence of Arabia

    ink to some interesting background information regarding the restoration,and links regarding the movie. The Restoration Reconstructed and Restored by ROBERT A. HARRIS Restoration Produced by ROBERT A. HARRIS and JIM PAINTEN Editorial Consultant ANNE V. COATES, A.C.E. Sound Consultant...
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    Fist Full Of Dollars

    Here is an article from last year about the work done on the film.Restoration for Blu-ray | A Fistful of Dollars undergoes additional video restoration work for Blu-ray release What's not clear,is, if the italian release has used a different master for the Blu-Ray release.
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    Thanks for your thoughts, Whilst on the subject of Technirama, Channel4 (HD channel) in the UK, are screening "The Vikings" this thursday, I can't wait to see Jack Cardiffs superb cinematography.
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    1.I would be interested to know how you might intend to view this movie in the future, if you felt that 20 mins of the Blu-Ray version was enough ? I know I need a copy at the ready,for when the occasion occurs. 2. Have you been able in the past to catch the film in a cinema in either 35mm or...
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    I don't know how,but it does not represent what I'm seeing on my screen. That's the problem with screen grabs,they can give indications on aspect ratio,and an aprox idea of the step up from dvd to hd, but not much else. Rather appropriate to discuss Zulu on Remember Sunday,which is why the disc...
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    I expect The ITV "The Ipcress File" to be region free,as the ITV disc's I own,have been region free so far.
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    I agree with the comment about the make-up with this film.The new Blu-Ray reveals the over use of make-up,which can make the actor's skin tone's look slightly odd.For instance you can now see, really clearly Michael Caine's light blue eye liner! It appears that the leads had more make up applied...
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    further insight taken from Widescreen Museum - The Technirama Wing - Page 3 showing the frame marker Technirama® vs Super Technirama® 70 Image Sizes There is often some misunderstanding about how much image is lost in one dimension or other when Technirama negatives make 70mm versus 35mm...
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    Confirmation that the UK Blu-Ray Zulu works on a US Sony BDP-S1 main feature,yet to test the extras. Audio is Stereo L and R only.
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    With regards to region codes, I have just viewed Paramount UK Blu-Ray Godfather on my US Sony BDP-S1 without any problems. I will update when the UK Zulu is released with info.
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    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Dr. No - in Blu-ray

    I agree with the above comments, superb transfer.I did notice at 24:14 there appeared to be a jumpcut in the frame? I don't know if that was on the standard dvd as I no longer own it.
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    DVD Review HTF DVD REVIEW: Touch of Evil 50th Anniversary Edition - Highly Recommended

    This new version looks like it is still missing the great documentary " Reconstructing Evil The Making OF The Touch Of Evil ". This was dropped from the 2000 DVD release due to a legal rights issue . It was shown once on BBC2 in the UK on the 17/12/2000.It featured interviews with Charlton...
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    I have just updated my post above with what looks like the final artwork(Amazon UK) plus a few bits of additional info. Thanks Dannyboy
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    ITV (UK) Blu-ray-titles coming (e.g. "The Boys from Brazil", "Great Expectations")

    Regarding ITV Blu-Ray UK titles, we have just had the screening on the UK channel 4 HD of "The Battle Of The River Plate"1956 (US 'Pursuit Of The Graf Spee') . Shot in a VistaVision , my initial thoughts were that it really looked splendid, with beautifully saturated colours, nice and sharp,with...
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    Sleeping Beauty BD - 2008

    Taken from DVD Times - DVD News, Reviews and Features IFA 2008: Blu-ray Disc Assc. Press Conference Gordon Ho from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Sleeping Beauty is already coming out this Autumn. "How many people have seen Sleeping Beauty? Whether on video, LaserDisc, DVD? I...
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    Godfather 4k

    I think ,thats for the standard definition dvd. 'Godfather' screening at Film Forum - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety
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    Godfather 4k

    Godfather related : Rather expensive book coming soon Nachricht für Netscape 4 User The new versions hit the big screen soon The Godfather Returns The UK Blu-ray at a reasonble price (UK) : The Godfather Trilogy: The Coppola Restoration (Blu-ray) : Blu-ray - Free Delivery
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    The Last Emperor on Blu-ray

    Aspect ratio from Apocalypse Now Redux info The aspect ratio of this matte, as chosen by the film's cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro, is 2:1, cropping some of the side of the original 2.40:1 anamorphic image. This controversial decision was intended to be a compromise between proper...
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    ZULU - On Bluray ( UK )

    Thanks Stephen for the new info, which I've now revised.