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  1. kevin_asai

    Weekend Alone: What movies should I watch?

    No one mentioned Black Hawk Down: Superbit or Saving Private Ryan (DTS)? Other titles worth mentioning are Star Wars Episode(1,2,4,5,6), Minority Report, Matrix Trilogy, Lord of The Rings: (FoTR, TTT or RoTK), EDIT: Star Trek: First Contact, etc etc..
  2. kevin_asai

    flipping a sub UPSIDE DOWN?

    Just a question, will the sub or the sub's driver will get easily spoiled by making a front-firing sub to downward firing sub?
  3. kevin_asai

    The Polar Express

    Still no official announcement yet? I thought Polar Express was entertaining when I caught it in the theater.
  4. kevin_asai

    Movies with a lot of rear surround action

    Top Gun: Special Collector's Edition Alien vs Predator Patriot Tears of The Sun Day After Tomorrow Black Hawk Down
  5. kevin_asai

    Bourne Identity regular theatrical vs explosive extended?

    I would choose the first edition anytime. the DTS is woah, superb!
  6. kevin_asai

    Help:'s server error caused double charge to my bank account!

    Thank you the replies. Appreciated that. I made a call to a few hours ago as some of the posters have had suggested. I was assisted by a nice and friendly lady who served me well over the phone. I was told that the amount of money that was double charged would only be returned by...
  7. kevin_asai

    Help:'s server error caused double charge to my bank account!

    I am charged twice for the order. It was like: the order went to Shipping Soon process and I added a title to the order but with the additional titles to the order (as Star Wars still not yet released), Share The Love discount was not applied to some of the title. God knows why. So I cancelled...
  8. kevin_asai

    Bad Boys 2 Region 3... DTS?!

    I have HK's R3 Bad Boys 2 and it doesn't have dts track.
  9. kevin_asai

    The scariest line of dialog in any film you've seen

    Usual Suspects: Keaton once said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze.
  10. kevin_asai

    The Pianist DVD - bad PQ?

    The canadian version sort of turns me off. In layman's term, the picture is moving too fast. :frowning:
  11. kevin_asai

    DVD Review HTF Review: Casper: Special Edition

    the dts track in Casper ROCKS. 100%. It's my new demo DVD ;)
  12. kevin_asai

    Recommendations for an "Opening Night" film in my new Home Theatre room

    Clockstopper or Showtime it is! ;) :emoji_thumbsup:
  13. kevin_asai

    R2 TFTM widescreen pics... vs. Rhino TFTM(FS)

    X-boxes :D
  14. kevin_asai

    Movie score or song

    E.T.'s bicycle theme
  15. kevin_asai

    Strange icon on my "Tomorrow Never Dies" DVD...

    My player is Samsung M-108 and appearantly, I am unable to turn it off. It's very annoying.
  16. kevin_asai

    Black Hawk Down: SE

  17. kevin_asai

    Black Hawk Down: SE

    JoshB, good review! Thanks :emoji_thumbsup:
  18. kevin_asai

    Equipment visible in movie?

    Minority Report: When John Anderton opened the door of the red Lexus car, I could see a cameraman's reflection from the door.
  19. kevin_asai

    Best picture quality dvd

    JFK director's cut Seven Years in Tibet Fifth Element Swordfish Speed: 5 Stars Collection
  20. kevin_asai

    Directors Movies you've never seen (and are afraid to admit)

    I've never seen Citizen Kane, Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones trilogy, Wizard of Oz, Raging Bull, Scarface, Gone With The Wind, Psycho, Casablanca, etc :b
  21. kevin_asai

    Warner Bros. says no to DTS!

    Slightly off-topic. FYI, HK version of Hero 2 disks set DVD has average video bitrate of 9.43Mb/s and it has full bitrate DTS-ES track and Dolby Digital 5.1 EX. It's an anamorphic transfer too.
  22. kevin_asai

    Jet Li's "Hero" Any word?

    The average video bitrate for Hero's HK DTS version is 9.43MB/s and the DTS track is full bitrate. :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
  23. kevin_asai

    Saving Private Ryan - DD vs. DTS

    Why would they used different master for DTS?
  24. kevin_asai

    Best horror movies with awesome soundtracks?

    You gotta try this The Others
  25. kevin_asai

    Disney needs to put out a Donald Duck Classics DVD now!

    Great news. I am a big, great fan of Donald Duck.
  26. kevin_asai

    What are the differences between The Rock and the Criterion Edition

    The Criterion Collection is the only good version for R1.
  27. kevin_asai

    The Prince of Egypt: DD or DTS??

    There is a new version of Prince of Egypt. It features both dts and dolby digital. Someone in this forum pointed saw it. I've seen it too in local stores. FYI, Chicken Run has a new version too. Lesser extras and no dts :angry:
  28. kevin_asai

    Cover Art for Chicago & Gangs of New York

    Gang of New York's cover = YUCKS