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  1. Pam W

    What movies do you like to watch more than once?

    Star Trek IV (the Whales!) Galaxy Quest Miss Congeniality Chicago True Lies Many others we see from time to time as well - these are just the ones we have viewed the most!
  2. Pam W

    Show me your RPTV recessed in a wall

    We used a false wall to surround our 64" Pioneer Elite. Click on my signature below to see the website. It also shows how we built the surround. Good luck!
  3. Pam W

    Where to Buy Carpet & Color Ideas?

    Don't forget to check the carpet outlets for price$. Also consider commercial carpet with multiple colors. Blacks and grays are nice with the burgundy, but so is gold and green. You can actually call your black chairs your "neutral" color in the pallette. Take a painted card with you to various...
  4. Pam W

    Construction photos for building a curved front stage

    Ted White's curved stage is what we based ours on (we did a reverse curve on ours). Pam
  5. Pam W

    Darkening a bright room

    You can also get blackout liner for draperies. Try JC Penney or Sears for ready mades. Or you can buy the fabric and have them sewn as liners into draperies. most rental places allow "white" draperies to show. Since the linings are white, it would work. pam
  6. Pam W

    anyone know where I can buy a copy of Theo Kalomirakas' first book

    Charles, I got my copy of his book from There are some used copies floating around. pam
  7. Pam W

    Paint Color -

    What color is your carpet? Also, are there any pictures of your furniture? There are many shades of brown and red, and it would help to see them to give you a better idea. Navy is not out of the question. Go to your local HD and look at all the Ralph Lauren brochures - they do a lot with...
  8. Pam W

    Home Theater Projects Website

    Keith, have you tried ? I believe there is also All are great sites. I discovered while building my dedicated HT that going to the other sections of all these forums were invaluable in my quest to make my HT complete. Once you're bitten...
  9. Pam W

    Swim-In Theater

    Wow! We did a simplified version (sheet over deck) at our pool and called them "Dive In" Movies!:D
  10. Pam W

    Theater Recliners

    Scott, I have the Berkline 090s. Three are electric, and 4 are manual. The front ones are curved (wedge arms) and the three in the rear are straight across. Mine are also a combination of leather and leather match. We have been very pleased with them. Ditto with Darren on where to purchase them.
  11. Pam W

    A little update ........

    Mark, That HAS to be the largest bedroom theater I've seen!! Wow
  12. Pam W

    Building a Dedicated Home Theater

    scott>sau, Thank you for the compliment! Stephen_W, Hi "homehteaterguy"!:D
  13. Pam W

    Building a Dedicated Home Theater

    SW, Be aware that your square room is not acoustically desirable. Have the consultants mentioned that to you? I would spend some time (weeks) on this forum and read, read, read. What I may think is the BEST piece of equipment may not be the right one for you. But you can get a general...
  14. Pam W

    can i get away with not having a sub if i have really good mains?

    We built our speaker system bit by bit. We began with the towers, then added the center. Soon after, we purchased the sub, and finally the rears. It worked well for us and our budget - we didn't sacrifice bacause we hadn't heard what we were missing yet! Now that it is complete, whooeee!:D Pam
  15. Pam W

    paint and re-upholster my speakers?

    yes you can paint them without affecting the sound, but be aware of what Karl_C said. Find an acoustically transparent fabric to re-cover the faces. You can buy the black speaker grille cloth at Joann Fabrics or Radio Shack.Or you can go with other brands with hundreds of colors to choose -...
  16. Pam W


    Do the 1", not the 2" Cheers! pam
  17. Pam W


    BrianKR, We found ours at a store called NB Handy. They carry all that ductwork kind of thing. It was right on $200 for my roll of 100 feet, but I went with the 60" wide roll VS the 48" roll because of my angled wall height. I covered everything with it and I still have some left over. Pam...
  18. Pam W

    Anyone know a good place to get rope lighting from?

    I second BrianKR - Sam's Club and those great channels! Pam
  19. Pam W


    BrianKR, Linacoustic RC is the closest thing to JM's Theatershield in acoustics. It is also available and reasonable. We have it on all our walls up to ear level for absorption. We have the upper walls bare for reflection. They are also angled(just because that's the way the room is!)...
  20. Pam W

    The Wheel - O - Rama is done!

    Thank you all for the kind words! Scott, The chairs are Berkline 090s. You can find them at your local furniture store or on the web (just do a search). For your local info, go to David, We have been purchasing the equipment over a few years, so we haven't taken that...
  21. Pam W

    The Wheel - O - Rama is done!

    Here is my website for my new home theater. Thanks to you all for your input and help along the way! Pam:D The Wheel - O - Rama
  22. Pam W

    Just a big THANK YOU.........

    Trace, I don't have a digital camera either, but when I get my 35mm film processed, I also get a CD rom. It'll work, too! Now I wanna see some pics from you!:D Pam
  23. Pam W

    Blinds and curtain?

    David, Blinds and curtains are perfectly acceptable in the home dec world. Female's $0.02 Pam:laugh:
  24. Pam W

    speaker fabric

    scott>sau, Interesting site - liked the suede fabric very much, but those prices were way high! Still, it's another variable in this crazy world of HT. Pam
  25. Pam W

    Help with colour of covered ducts on ceiling

    Aaron, Those are on the ceiling, right? Paint them the same color as the ceiling so they will "vanish". Don't call attention to them!:) Pam
  26. Pam W

    Nostalgia mini kettle popper.

    Thanks. pam
  27. Pam W

    Nostalgia mini kettle popper.

    Hey Glenise, Where'd you find that one? It does look cool! Pam:)
  28. Pam W

    Surround speakers placement ?

    I'm with Ted. Your ears make the final decision. pam
  29. Pam W

    HD cable/sat tv

    ScottHaas, Ask your cable company. I have an HDTV ready set with an HD cable box. I still get all the analog channels, plus the digital channels, plus the channels broadcasting in HD. In my area it includes our CBS and NBC affiliates. The ABC folks aren't sending the signal yet. Fox is...
  30. Pam W

    speaker fabric

    Speaker fabric can be found at Joann's in the upholstery dept. Ask them where they have it in the store. They might be out of it. I have also found it at Radio Shack. (These two are the generic black stretchy stuff) Now we get to the cadillac versions - Guilford of Maine...