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    Any Buffalo, N.Y. area members out there?

    So am I. Well, close. I'm in Cheektowaga. It border's Buffalo. James
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    Outside coating for non shielded (and shielded) speakers.

    I would consider contacting your dealer or having them serviced if they are under warranty. Any speaker that claims to be sheilded should not interfere with the monitor. If you are having this problem, I would suspect the bucking magnets may be faulty or may not be installed properly. How...
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    Required Equipment

    Do a search for Bose on this or any other audio/HT forum. You may be surprised. James
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    Speakers to Fit on 5.9 inch Base

    Couldn't you use wall-mounted speakers? Many surround speakers have provisions for wall mounting, usually a keyhole slot. There are hundereds of seperately sold mounting devices so pretty much any speaker can be wall mounted. If you need to put them on a shelf these are the only ones that...
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    6 Channel vs. A/B Stereo

    Are you sure? I've never heard of that. Ususally the "B" speaker out is parralleled with the "A" output. There is not a seperate pre/amp section for the "B" speakers out. James
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    Question about McDonald Burgers..

    Don't be so sure. The FDA allows a certain omount of "non food contamination" into our food products. Most prepared food contains an amount of rodent feces/parts, insect parts, dirt/dust and many other undesireable contaminants. YUMMY! James
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    What dose 350k buy one for 2-Mono Block Amps

    Put Bose on the label and you'll sell thousands.:) (probably both are pretty close in price/perfomance ratio) James
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    Distance to picture?

    Try this: Viewing Distance Calculator James
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    Looking for a Universal Remote

    A few sites to check out: This one has a great discussion forum and many remote reviews: Remote Central Home Theater Master I prefer Home Theater Master remotes. Very high quality and easy to program. James
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    Rear speaker volume

    Shouldn't hannel levels be calibrated using the appropriate source and SPL meter? If I set my rears 2-3db lower than the calibrated setting, I lose the enveloping effect of the surrounds. Maybe it depends on the individual set-up and personal preference. Occasionally I will boost the rears...
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    Why not a Bose System for Audio? I really need to be convinced here!

    Bose sounds good to those who have never heard a system set-up and designed for accurate sound reproduction. When the best you've heard is at the local Best Buy or Circuit City, then you don't have much to compare to. And I feel Bose has no interest in accurate or realistic sound...
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    HOW TO surround sound speaker wiring

    You bought these from the back of a white van, didn't you? Without a surround receiver, you are shit out of luck. These are not powered. James
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    S38II and S312II breakin?

    It has nothing to do with "break in". They are different speakers, Of course they will sound different. "Break in" of speakers or any other component is highly subjective. I have yet to see ANY actual measured results to prove any changes actually take place. Many people beleive it is not the...
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    Sexy speaker photos?

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    Can you explain the speaker spec: "89db" to me?

    Most ratings are measurements taken in anechoic chambers. IMO, a room rating means very little as rooms vary quite a bit. James
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    Infomercial Star Fined...

    Funny. No one has mentioned Bose yet. James
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    Star Wars: Battlefront. Is it worth it if you don't want/have online connection.

    As the title says, is it worth using as a single-player game on PS2? Someday I may get the network adaptor, but until then, I'd like a good shooter game like this. Any other games (like Star Wars: BF) I could consider? TIA James
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    Scientists prove that Coca Cola is better than Pepsi (serious)

    I thought it was proven long ago that side by side taste tests do not work. I remember reading about this years ago. Nearly all of the time, not 100%, the person will pick the second choice. So, if Coke is giving the test, they have them taste their product after the Pepsi, and the person...
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    Anyone seen the boycott Monster Stuff?

    I, for one, will NEVER purchase another Monster Cable product. And what about Monster's, Inc. Are they going to try and sue Disney/Pixar for using the name? Just F'ing ridiculous. James
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    Best dome tweeter?

    From Phase Technology: IMO, Phase Tech produces one of the most natural sounding and accurate soft-domes available. James
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    So What About Undercoating Your Speakers?

    I don't understand your point. Why are you singling out these two companies? There are tons of seemingly useless and ridiculously expensive "snake oil" tweaks out there. These two examples are nothing special. This is nothing new. James
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    New TV top won't hold center channel speaker.

    Maybe something like this? James
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    My power keeps blowing my subs out

    What does this mean? They replaced your sub with a defective one? I don't get it. You seem to have some SERIOUS issues with your electricity service. Do you live in a third-world country or something? Maybe you are doing something wrong in how you connect things. Maybe you're just cursed...
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    Grills on? Grills off?

    Aaron is correct. Some manufacturers design their speakers with the grills in mind. Some do not. You can consult your manufacturer or just try it both ways and see what sounds better to you. James
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    Suggestions for a SubWoofer Please

    You could get literally thousands of suggestions, comments, reviews, and opinions on subwoofers. It is your job to filter out what you need and want to pursue. There is a handy search function on this and many other forums to help you get the info you need. James PS: Base: Bottom...
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    Suggestions for a SubWoofer Please

    Sounds like a candidate for SVS PB10-ISD. Never heard it, but I bet it rocks. James
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    Anbody used a 200W amp with a JBL S-Center II? Any problems?

    I think you should be alright. It is more important to worry about under-powering a speaker. Besides, as long as your center is not set to "large", it will only see a few watts at most. James
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    BOSE Speakers?

    Good enough reason for me to slam Bose. James
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    Something that REALLY ticks me off is when............

    and ROTFL I know exactly how you feel. Maybe it has do do with where we are from. Buffalo sure is one of the dirtiest cities I know. It's just common practice here to throw our butts out the window. Not a single day goes by when I don't see it. It really is an attitude many of us...
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    Anyone Know Anything About Theater Research Speakers?

    Raj, How about these? (The Classic series.) Theater Research is pure garbage and a verified scam. Anyone who says they are good, or sound good, has no experience in sound reproduction. James