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  1. Jeff Wilson

    After image (?) issue with Samsung qled

    I've had an issue with my Samsung QLED (QN82Q6FNAF) that I haven't been able to figure out. I have noticed that when some dark objects are presented against a light background, the display takes a moment or two for the image to disappear. I've included a picture I took while the disc was playing...
  2. Jeff Wilson

    Orson Welles DON QUIXOTE from Image, August 5

    Warners has been saying they were looking for better materials for AMBERSONS, and just maybe they were, but Beatrice Welles sued over the rights to CITIZEN KANE and AMBERSONS several years ago, claiming she owned both films due to some contract she had dug up. The AMBERSONS part of the case was...
  3. Jeff Wilson

    Watching computer files on TV?

    Couldn't find anything that directly answered my problem, so here goes: I would like to be able to view video files on my computer on my TV (a Sony projection screen, KP-57WS510); my video card is a Rage 128 Pro with an s-video out; I have had friends run the same connection from their laptops...
  4. Jeff Wilson

    24 Eyes (1954) (Nijushi no Hitomi)

    If you are region free/PAL capable, the film has been released in the UK as part of the excellent Masters of Cinema series.
  5. Jeff Wilson

    Walt Disney Treasures: Wave Six - 12/19/2006

    The Pluto set also contains several instances of brief combing, meaning less than a second, but enough to notice on several occasions. See "Food for Feuding" 1:02 in, or "Cold Turkey" at timepoints 2:06, 2:56, and 5:48. There are other instances as well. I don't consider this something that...
  6. Jeff Wilson

    Doctor Who on DVD

    Watching the series on the St Louis PBS station during the 1980s, they showed the entire series, from Hartnell to McCoy, in telefilm format, one story every Sunday night at 10:30. Those were the days! I never actually saw the series in episodic form until I bought some of the DVDs. I do prefer...
  7. Jeff Wilson

    Shows you have abonded and why?

    Anything lasting more than a couple seasons I won't bother with, reason being that I'll never watch it enough, if even once, to justify the purchase. I had bought the first season of The Simpsons, but I can't imagine spending the time and money to buy all of it, or even half of it. That's the...
  8. Jeff Wilson

    The Premiere Frank Capra Collection

    I'm reviewing the set for Digitally Obsessed.
  9. Jeff Wilson

    The Premiere Frank Capra Collection

    The featurettes on American Madness and YCTIWY are new; the rest are recycled from previous releases. The new commentaries for Madness and YCTIWY feature Capra Jr and NYU professor Catherine Kellison, but neither gets into anything beyond the superficial.
  10. Jeff Wilson

    Ultraman quality?

    BCI has tried to pass that off as fact, but as has been stated elsewhere, all the dialogue was dubbed into English. BCI simply used incomplete bootlegs to produce their discs, as Tsuburaya has all the complete elements and audio tracks.
  11. Jeff Wilson

    All Things Godzilla

    Classic Media is selling both titles exclusively via their web site until a wider release early next year. Maybe pre-orders weren't high enough?
  12. Jeff Wilson

    The Search for Lost TV Programmes of the 50s,60s and 70s.

    According to someone claiming to work for Jack Chertok Productions, elements for all 26 episodes of My Living Doll have been located and are being restored for an eventual DVD release. Link below:
  13. Jeff Wilson

    Upcoming BCI Ultraman DVD is pretty suspicious . . .

    I have now seen some reports that the audio switches are a player-related issue. It seems rather fitting that a release that was already under a cloud has been so shoddily manufactured as well.
  14. Jeff Wilson

    Upcoming BCI Ultraman DVD is pretty suspicious . . .

    I've seen some disagreement over this issue; more than one person has stated that nothing in terms of dialogue was originally cut from the English dubs, and that the reversion to the Japanese track is due to BCI being given cut versions of the dubs. Which, given their already shady behavior...
  15. Jeff Wilson

    looking for "9 Songs" completly uncut and unedited - which region?

    Haven't seen it, but maybe the R1 is a converted PAL transfer, which would account for the two minute disparity.
  16. Jeff Wilson

    FS: Criterions, Box Sets, Non-R1, more

    Time to clear out a lot of stuff I just don’t watch or have room for, and that means deals galore! Huzzah! Not especially interested in trading at this time, but I have added a very small list of wants if someone should have them. Unless noted, all discs purchased new and maintained in that...
  17. Jeff Wilson

    Blake's 7, Series 3 - On time & on target; when's Series 4?

    I'm waiting for my copy Series 4 to arrive from Amazon UK. I've been waiting to really dig in to the series until I had all four sets. Needless to say it's been a bit of a wait. That final episode though, can't wait to see it again.
  18. Jeff Wilson

    Any Ultimate Avengers comments?

    Ah yes, the Hulk as "weapon of mass destruction" moment. And Cap beating Giant Man to a pulp for spousal abuse against the Wasp. Cap has a lot of violence in him. Of course, it's mentioned early on that a lot of steroids were used in his creation, so maybe it's the 'roids talking.
  19. Jeff Wilson

    Any Ultimate Avengers comments?

    The film wasn't especially accurate at all, and The Ultimates isn't really a "younger" readers book. It features plenty of material parents wouldn't be happy with their younger kids reading. That's my main complaint with this film; if you want to adapt the old school Avengers, do that. If you...
  20. Jeff Wilson

    Any Ultimate Avengers comments?

    Yeah, the disc does have some flagging issues, though I didn't notice them beyond a handful of occasions, often during character mouth movement. Stepping through scenes showed combing of frames every so often as well. The disc showed up as being flagged progressively for the most part, though...
  21. Jeff Wilson

    Any Ultimate Avengers comments?

    Having read The Ultimates, the comic series on which it is supposedly based, I thought it was extremely mediocre in comparison. The animation looks barely above TV level, the story is a dumbed-down jumble, and the only redeeming feature is the final battle, which is a bit more violent than you...
  22. Jeff Wilson

    Official Warner Chat Discussion See Post #2 for Chat Transcript Link.

    Very disappointed to read that The Magnificent Ambersons remains stuck in the eternal search for better materials, but since the Warner folks mentioned Journey Into Fear as being tied into Ambersons' release, hopefully they will include both extent cuts of Journey on any release, i.e. the...
  23. Jeff Wilson

    The Electric Company is coming to DVD!!!

    Actually, I think he says something about absolutely needing to read, and even a book of matches will do when he doesn't have anything else. I forget the actual rhyme he uses, but it wasn't really advocating the use of matches beyond anything other than reading material. It was strange to see...
  24. Jeff Wilson

    The Electric Company is coming to DVD!!!

    Here's the review I wrote for digitally Obsessed: Electric Company review I enjoyed the set a lot, and my son loved it. It has pretty much everything you remember if you watched the show, with episodes covering the entire run. What I really would have liked to see is more of the outtakes...
  25. Jeff Wilson

    Danger Mouse Seasons 1 & 2

    The cliffhangers are there for the second season episodes, with recaps and credits.
  26. Jeff Wilson

    Touch of Evil: Get the released DVD or wait for a new edition?

    Beatrice Welles (side note: there is no Welles estate, just Beatrice Welles' ownership of OTHELLO) sues over many things, whether it is justified or not. She sued to have the TOUCH OF EVIL re-cut stopped at first because she claimed it was being marketed as a "director's cut" and because she...
  27. Jeff Wilson

    Status of these foreign films on R1 DVD?

    The Rage in Placid Lake was released as part of the Film Movement series, and those titles can be purchased from their site (
  28. Jeff Wilson

    Since we're talking about bad neighbors.....

    Some people, it doesn't matter if you try to approach them nicely or not. About ten years ago, my wife and I had an apartment that was above a newly moved in Mexican family that liked to blast their music at floorshaking volume, as early as 7AM. After putting up with it for a while, I finally...
  29. Jeff Wilson

    *** Official FEVER PITCH Discussion Thread

    Just one note about the sourc material: The original book, by Nick Hornby of High Fidelity fame, is not a novel. It's a memoir of his life as a fan of the Arsenal football (ie soccer) club, and how being a diehard fan affected his life and those around him. It gets into larger issues of sports...
  30. Jeff Wilson

    Weekly RoundUp 3/15/05

    Costco has the three Fox noirs in a bundle for $17.99, which is by far the best price I've seen for these. Also had First Contact SE for $11.99.