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  1. Rob Willey

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Damn Yankees (1958) (Blu-ray)

    Nice. Been wanting this title for a long time.
  2. Rob Willey

    Press Release Warner Archive Press Release: Pump Up the Volume (1990) (Blu-ray)

    This title has been on my "most wanted on Blu" list since I got into the format. Watched it last night and it looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks WHV. I can finally get rid of the old snapper-case which broke several years ago.
  3. Rob Willey

    Official 2020 Oscar Nominations Thread

    I'm a little disappointed Knives Out didn't receive a Production Design nom. I thought that mansion set was one of the best I've ever seen.
  4. Rob Willey

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Now, Voyager - in Blu-ray

    Great to hear such a positive review, RAH. One of my favorite Bette Davis movies. And Gladys Cooper's character is one of the scariest villains in movie history!
  5. Rob Willey

    Knives Out (2019)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this one even though I went in knowing nothing about it other than it sported an outstanding cast. As such, I didn't get the joke when Ransom said "CSI:KFC" because I didn't realize Daniel Craig was doing a southern accent. D'oh! Definitely one of those movies you can enjoy...
  6. Rob Willey

    Any Chance of 21st Anniversary HTF Meet in 2018?

    Thanks for the thoughtful status update, Ron. Sorry to hear the Hollywood meets may be no more, but totally understandable. The logistics were immense and the work the owners had to put into those meets must have been overwhelming. As a passenger in the van that had the wrong directions to...
  7. Rob Willey

    Nick Redman Passed Away

    Deeply saddened by this news. Julie and Nick were such wonderful guests at the Hollywood meet in 2015. RIP
  8. Rob Willey

    Broadcast TV The Good Place - Season 3

    Not to complicate the search for the last person to get into the Good Place but didn't Eleanor, a modern woman (by our standards), say she had been rattling around in Michael's various versions of the Good Place for 300 years?
  9. Rob Willey

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Valley Girl -- in Blu-ray

    I lived in the Valley in the early 80's and it is good to see this wonderful time-capsule of a time and place. And yes, Brad, we said "bitchin" all the time. Deborah Foreman turns up in Real Genius in a much different (and smaller) role. Thanks RAH, I was planning on picking this up anyway -...
  10. Rob Willey

    Broadcast TV The Good Place - Season 3

    Those who have attended any of the HTF Hollywood Meets over the years might recognize the Randy "Macho Man" Savage Non-International Airport in Jacksonville was portrayed by the Convention Center of the Burbank Airport Marriott where we have picked up our van pool so many times to head to the...
  11. Rob Willey

    The Addams Family and/or The Munsters

    The Addams Family was appointment TV when I was little (although I had a lot of trouble staying up until 9pm in those days). As I became an old movie buff as an adult, I've come to appreciate some of the Hollywood roots in the cast. For example, the actor who played Uncle Fester also played...
  12. Rob Willey

    Blu-ray Review Little Orphant Annie (1918) Blu-ray Review

    It's good to see another one of Colleen Moore's films saved. I recently saw Why Be Good? and I was blown away by her. I think you sold me a Blu-ray, Matt!
  13. Rob Willey

    Directv HLG HDR

    Genie II (the one that has 4K) doesn't do whole-home DVR. I only watch in one room.
  14. Rob Willey

    TCM HD altering 1.33 films???

    This thread is giving me a sense of nostalgia for the OAR rants when I started on HTF. :)
  15. Rob Willey

    Directv HLG HDR

    Just got a new Genie HR54 on Monday to replace a ten-year old HR20 that finally gave up the ghost. Wanted the Genie II for the 4K but couldn't stand the idea of giving up 5 years' worth of accumulated recordings on the HR24 I kept.
  16. Rob Willey

    Designated Survivor (ABC>Netflix)

    Just watched the winter finale and doubt I'll be back in Feb. And I'm getting sick of people being t-boned out of the blue - it's gotten to the point that whenever someone is shown driving in a car, I am looking out the window for the speeding car coming from a cross street.
  17. Rob Willey

    Barbara Stanwyck Christmas Double Feature TCM Friday 12/22 /17

    Remember the Night - my favorite Christmas movie! Time to pull out the Blu.
  18. Rob Willey

    All LG OLED 4K TVs are on sale at Value Electronics

    Hi Robert_Zohn, In your post (#197) on LG's latest price drop, you don't mention an end date. Are those prices still good? The picture on my beloved 10-year old Panny plasma has just gone haywire (well, half of it anyway). I have my eye on a 55" C7P. Thanks!
  19. Rob Willey

    The Good Place - Season 2

    "Ooh, Cool Ranch baby!"
  20. Rob Willey

    Hugh Hefner dies at 91!

    I read every issue cover-to-cover (including the pictures ;)) for a couple of decades. I'll always be grateful for the re-printing of the Playboy Philosophy when I was about 20. It provided an excellent structure for me to figure out what I believed in and what I didn't at a typical age for...
  21. Rob Willey

    The Philadelphia Story (1940) from Criterion on November 7, 2017

    My favorite movie coming to Criterion? Very nice... For all the talk of Grant, Hepburn and Stewart, in my book Ruth Hussey and Roland Young steal the show.
  22. Rob Willey

    TCM Magazine

    I doubt there is any carryover to TCM, the channel. As noted, fewer people read print magazines of any kind any more. The hosts like to brag about how many young people watch TCM habitually, and they are the least likely to subscribe to a print magazine.
  23. Rob Willey

    Fargo Season 3 Discussion Thread (renamed)

    If so, then why didn't the writers make that choice?
  24. Rob Willey

    Better Call Saul - Season 3 (AMC)

    I'm guessing Mike hid something in Chuck's house that was keeping the electric meter running.
  25. Rob Willey

    Fargo Season 3 Discussion Thread (renamed)

    Yeah, I thought they just didn't bother to write and shoot an ending - so they just stopped it. After how disappointed I was when the flying saucer showed up at the climax and affected the action last season, it feels like two misses at the end in a row to me.
  26. Rob Willey

    Legion - FX Network/Marvel

    A lot of compliments for the visuals in this thread, but let me be the first to praise the sound design, especially in the pilot. This one really gives the sound system a workout.
  27. Rob Willey

    2017 Academy Award Nominations Thread

    They are managing partners of a Big 4 accounting firm so it's not so easy since they are part-owners of the firm. Their fellow partners would have to agree to buy them out to get rid of them.
  28. Rob Willey

    RIP, Bill Paxton

    He was in two of my all-time faves, One False Move and A Simple Plan. He will be missed. RIP Bill
  29. Rob Willey

    John Hurt Has Died at 77

    From Caligula to Kane to John Merrick to the Duke of Montrose to Olivander to Adam Sutler, John Hurt always gave a performance that made me sit up and take notice - no matter the type of project, no matter the strength of the overall cast. Your talent will be greatly missed, but always...
  30. Rob Willey

    Your all time favorite guitar solo is??

    Duane Allman on The Allman Brothers' One Way Out