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  1. BradC

    Double Indemnity - candidate for Criterion release ?

    I would buy a Criterion version of this film in a heartbeat. However I would imagine that Universal plans on rereleasing this one themselves.
  2. BradC

    Hoffa - War of the Roses Question?

    The MSRP for War of the Roses is only going to be $19.98. Fox continues to impresss...
  3. BradC

    Quarterly Laurel & Hardy plea

    I can't tell you how excited I would be the see the Laurel and Hardy catalogue released on DVD! It is about time that somebody looked into releasing these. I am certain that there is a market for this collection...
  4. BradC

    MGM : Thanks for Killer Klowns from Outer Space

    Thanks MGM for the entire Midnite Movies line. You can't beat buying quality presentations of classic cult movies for $10 a pop :)
  5. BradC

    CHRISTMAS STORY 16x9 with Peter Billingsley commentary

    I would also pick up this title if it was done right.
  6. BradC

    'Clash of the Titans' Anyone else want this title?

    Warner is aware of the demand for this title. I read awhile back that the film is in serious need of restoration. Here's hoping we get this one sooner rather than later. I'd buy a copy immediately.
  7. BradC

    UNIVERSAL: Ultimate Editions we really DO WANT!

    In my eyes, the next title to receive the "ultimate" treatment should undoubtedly be Scarface. This classic movie is in dire need of a DVD upgrade especially in the A/V department.
  8. BradC

    Warner - A Time To Kill ??

    I've held off on purchasing A Time To Kill because of the flipper factor. As soon as it is rereleased I will be the first in line to snag a copy.
  9. BradC

    Universal: Cloak and Dagger!

    Cloak and Dagger would be a tremendous trip down memory lane. I'm definitely interested.
  10. BradC

    WARNER - Batman: The Animated Series in BOX SETS

    Being a huge BTAS fan, I can't emphasize enough how excited I would be to see Warner release this phenomenal series in a season by season format. I agree that the first season would likely need to be broken up due to the sheer volume of episodes, but as long as the episodes are released in a...
  11. BradC

    20th Century Fox releases-A plea to Fox

    Hombre! This 1967 Paul Newman classic is a must own on DVD!
  12. BradC

    To Disney, release the Disney Afternoon collection

    Any of these series would make for fantastic DVD releases. I especially was a fan of Duck Tales and Tail Spin in regards to the afternoon lineup. If Disney were to release these shows in season collections I would purchase in a heartbeat. Let's not forget about the ultimate Disney cartoon...
  13. BradC

    MGM wish list...

    Nothwest Passage (1940) My all time favorite Spencer Tracy movie. I'd love to see MGM release this one!
  14. BradC

    Universal - The People Under The Stairs SE DVD

    Count me in on this one. I'd snag a copy of The People Under The Stairs in a heartbeat.
  15. BradC

    Fox - Hombre (1967) Paul Newman on DVD

    I would love to bring this title to Fox's attention. Who else is interested in this movie? Please post to the thread.
  16. BradC

    MGM-- Please Release African Queen

    This classic is obviously a film that MGM knows there is a great demand for. But when they get around to doing it, here's hoping they treat the film the way it deserves to be treated. Add me to the list of those who want this masterpiece sooner rather than later.
  17. BradC

    FOX- Cemetery Man (Dellamorte Dellamore)!!!

    I would definitely pick up this title if FOX released it.
  18. BradC

    Fox - Hombre (1967) Paul Newman on DVD

    Thanks to Peter Staddon for the excellent chat last night. Peter, if you are reading this I am very excited about your announcement concerning The Hustler SE next year. However I have heard nothing about another Paul Newman classic from the 60s "Hombre". Based on an Elmore Leonard novel, it...