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  1. Brandon B

    PS3 1.54 Update Available

    Yes it does.
  2. Brandon B

    Need some Ghost in the Shell feedback

    Turns out Innocence is out on Blu-ray here in Japan. Going to pick that up before I go home since I am getting a PS3 in a month or so, and USA and Japan share a region code on Blu-ray. BB
  3. Brandon B

    Need some Ghost in the Shell feedback

    Are current versions in stores like this, or are they pretty much moved out of the retail chain? I am in Tokyo right now and may pick it up here if they are still pushing the bad disks in stores stateside. BB
  4. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    Thanks for the offer Alan, but I am pretty well sold on it, just waiting for the room to be in the state to accomodate it. BB
  5. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    It was in the 90's in L.A. yesterday. Backwards world. AZ, a little too far for a demo. Come to L.A. ever for any reason? BB
  6. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    It works absolutely beautifully. If it were just for me without worrying about people outside the sweet spot, I would say it works better than with a CC. The only issue is how many people you want to play to. I had my MMGs and currently have my 1.6's running as a phantom center, and I am the...
  7. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    Try Nickel Creek's albums too. Bluegrass trio prduced by Allison Krauss. Andy, where is local for you? BB
  8. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    I have 1.6's, MC1 surrounds and a 4 channel Exodus amp. :) First off, the Exodus is really a great match for the maggies. Mine is doing surround duty as I have an Odyssey stratos running the fronts (1.6's). But I compared them when I put it into the sytem, and if I had bought the 400 watt...
  9. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    In spite of what Magnepan says, the MMGs do start to run out of juice by about 80Hz from my experience. I would not cross them lower than that. With the 1.6's, you would probably be OK at 60, although I would no go lower than that. But then, I am a bass head. :)
  10. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    I'd second starting with the MMGs. Live with them a bit as mains and decide if you want more before moving them to surround duty. As for the phatom center setup, been doing that for 4 years now. If you are listening/watching alone or at most with one other person who you don'tmind having...
  11. Brandon B

    Maggie update

    Since Dean has not come in to comment on the UcD amps, I'll stop lurking and pipe up here. I started with a new pair of MMGs about 4 years ago, initially running them off a somewhat anemic Alesis RA 100 with a Norh ACA preamp. THey sounded quite good but were definitely lacking in low end...
  12. Brandon B

    Cars: November 7

    I'd bet more along the lines of a Blu-ray release being the reason. BB
  13. Brandon B

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    I'm not the star wars fan I should be. I want more and I know I shouldn't.
  14. Brandon B

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Agree with that latter part, but drab? Wow, you went to way different theaters than I did.
  15. Brandon B

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    Legend Ultimate edition had the feature as anamorphic and included the director's cut as a supplement. Anyone know if the DC was anamorphic as well? (I am 5000 mies away from my copy or I'd check.) BB
  16. Brandon B

    Star Wars discussion from The Bits...

    So I'm guessing no one here has seen the posting over at AVS that these will occupy only a single layer of the DVD, to be shared with a full screen version on the other layer? Guess they only want to make one version of the bonus disc for both AR releases. I really really hope this is wrong.
  17. Brandon B

    Riddick Trilogry Set?

    Or because it opened and played for a year under that title and tens of millions of people came to know it under that name.
  18. Brandon B

    How far are we from having dead actors....

    Hopefully quite far from that last example. BB
  19. Brandon B

    Eisner to Step Down as Disney CEO in 2006 - Latest: gone now!

    And now Disney (ABC) is supporting Apple's new video iPod. Seems like there has been some deal making between Disney and Jobs. Curious to see if a Pixar Disney deal materializes soon. BB
  20. Brandon B


    Disney's big on outsourcing lately, might be why. BB
  21. Brandon B

    Spider-Man 2 (2004)

    Watched the superbit last night. The toaster scene is intact on this version. Never saw any scene with MJ giving him a ticket, in the theater or otherwise. BB
  22. Brandon B

    pixar/PDI movies in 16:9 ???

    Didn't see it theatrically but my DVD is 1.85:1. Bastards. There was already a fullscreen edition. Why'd they feel the need to crop it? BB
  23. Brandon B

    pixar/PDI movies in 16:9 ???

    Seems a bit unlikely: BB
  24. Brandon B

    Actors who were seriously mis-cast as villians. Who get's your vote?

    Willem in Spiderman did not work for me. I think he would have seemed more threatening if he had underplayed it instead. BB
  25. Brandon B

    pixar/PDI movies in 16:9 ???

    Bug's Life and Incredibles are 2.35:1. The rest are 1.85:1. Most of Disney's animated efforts are 1.66:1. BB
  26. Brandon B

    *** Official COLLATERAL Discussion Thread

    His suit and the wig are reversible. BB
  27. Brandon B

    Cell Phone Jammers invade theaters..

    In France they are doing it: Can't find the article, but the one I first read a while back suggested that the system would block the original signal, but a system was in place to retransmit calls that had received some sort of priority...
  28. Brandon B

    Wallace and Gromit

    "Feathers was 'ere".
  29. Brandon B

    The Clearing

    Anyone else feel like Dafoe played the role as if he was William Macy? Everything about the role remind me of Macy, only it was Dafoe on the screen. BB
  30. Brandon B

    TOY STORY 3 (merged thread)

    There has been wallstreet speculation that Jobs' offer to Disney was intentionally unacceptable to weaken Eisner's position as CEO and perhaps give an opening for Jobs to take his position down the road by offering to bring a "good" Pixar deal with him. BB