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    how do you screen grab?

    Just do 'save as' in Paint and change the save as type to JPEG.
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    Simpsons Season 20 (New HD Intro)

    Well i can't say for sure but I think it's the cable companies although what you're describing does sounds like a local issue. There are still many local stations that cannot do HD video from the local level, so when they have to insert local commercials or weather graphics, they have to drop...
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    Simpsons Season 20 (New HD Intro)

    This isn't the networks. I assume you're probably watching on cable. This is a byproduct of the digital transition and how your provider is carrying the feed. Since the analog feed is going away, cable providers have begun to take the digital feed provided to them and also use it as their...
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    Need help playing SD DVD w/ PS3

    Mine was also doing this to regular DVD's when i first got it. If you go into Video Settings there's a option called BD/DVD Upscaler. It's probably set to Double Scale. At least I think that is what mine was on. Change it to Normal and that should make your DVD's properly fill the screen.
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    Christmas Songs

    YouTube - Darlene Love on Letterman (1995)
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    What kind of snake is this?

    Oh I know we have some mice running around. We had a few in the garage a few months ago but haven't seen any in awhile. That's exactly why i let this little guy go when the wife say "kill it."
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    What kind of snake is this?

    Found this snake on my back patio. Anyone know what kind it is? I'm in Alabama if that helps.
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    Fox won't renew "King of the Hill"

    Looks like ABC might pick it up. "King of the Hill" could reign at ABC - Yahoo! News
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    The Office season 5

    About the widescreen issue in SD, Charter where I live started passing the Digital verison of the local channels on their SD channels and cropping off the sides over a year or so ago. While cropping the digital widescreen works for most stations, since NBC is showing things in Letterbox for...
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    RIP LeRoi Moore

    I thought the very same thing. I think they should change the Live Trax they just announced to the 6.28.08 show. I downloaded it Tuesday night but it'd be nice to have an official release of it.
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    RIP LeRoi Moore

    Dave Matthews Band sax player LeRoi Moore dies | Charlottesville Daily Progress Sad news today. He will be missed.
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    Calling all races fans!!! Mario Kart Wii

    Are you having problems connecting? I can barely get on and then when I do i keep disconnecting a few seconds into the race.
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    Calling all races fans!!! Mario Kart Wii

    My friend code is 1719-3577-6218
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    Saturday Night Live - Season 33

    I'm pretty sure it was letterbox on SD. I know they did letter box last season and I didn't notice it being cut off saturday night. Maybe i wasn't paying attention. I have charter cable and for the SD NBC they pass the HD feed with the sides chopped off. You can clearly see half of the "NBC HD"...
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    Letterman's Top Ten List

    There was a show a few weeks a go where they didn't have a Top 10 list. I went and checked the next day on to make sure I didn't miss it and it said there was no top 10 that night. That was the first time I could ever remember there not being one. Although I can't say for certain it...
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    Nintendo Summer Release Schedule Announced

    The preview version of Brunswick Pro Bowling IGN showed awhile back (can't find the video now) was not very promising. It didn't even really use a bowling motion, and it showed the bowler from the side when you were rolling (Pic). The video on IGN was them playing it at the office and they...
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    Wii Virtual Console & Wii Ware Weekly Release

    Can everyone else get into the Wii shopping channel consistently? I've gotten in a few times but most of the time i get a 209600 or 209576 error.
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    Anybody Receive Friends Complete Box Yet?

    I got the card the other day that said mine would ship on the 28th. Today when i got home at lunch, the box was there.
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    Please someone explain to me...

    That is correct. As for the reason why, I'm not actually sure. I would imagine it was cost though and they just had to wait until they could afford everything for HD. Also I think there were mandates for higher markets to be digital by certain dates. I would guess it's easier to just go SD...
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    Please someone explain to me...

    Steve is correct. Most of the local stations where I live were only SD digital for a period before they did the necessary upgrades to pass the HD signals. Don't know the details of it but there is more needed to pass HD than just digital SD.
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    Torino vrs Turin. winter olympics question

    From what i've seen that all that's been on MSNBC in the afternoons.
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    opening acts at concerts

    Usually around 45 minutes. The main acts usually come out an hour or so after the opener starts.
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    Purchased Music - New/Used?

    I've picked up a couple of used discs from You can also sell your used discs to them and they also have DVD's and games. Also their shipping is not bad at $2.50 and $.35 for additional discs.
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    Do you need an iPod to listen to podcasts?

    Not sure about how they all are but, The Ricky Gervais Show, which runs about 30 minutes, is about a 14MB file. The bit rate is 56kbps.
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    I Miss "Friends"

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    My Name is Earl

    Good to see "Rubberband Man" pushing his cart back through the office!
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    Can anyone identify this?

    Using a knife i was able to pry it off pretty much intact. I just threw it out in the yard. But now that you mention this mantid technology, perhaps I should've tried to raise them and form a mantid army of sorts. They must've chosen me for a reason. :D
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    Can anyone identify this?

    That's what I was afraid of. At first I was thinking it might be spiders.
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    Shows that look good in HD?

    Call the station and ask master control to flip the switch. When we first got HD around here I had to call a couple times a week to remind a couple of our stations. They eventually got their act together.
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    Can anyone identify this?

    Ah, seems you are correct. Thanks!