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  1. Mark Larson

    Panasonic AE900 Projector fs

    Hi Chris, sent you a PM about this. Very interested.
  2. Mark Larson

    Epson 5300 etc projector bulb.

    Thanks for the post Jerry, the numbers off the top of the lamp are: UHP 150W A0 UHE-A5
  3. Mark Larson

    Should I trade my WRX for a 300M?

    You should sell the Expedition (what an unsafe car!) for a larger wagon and keep the WRX.
  4. Mark Larson

    Epson 5300 etc projector bulb.

    I sold this guy on ebay, but the seller never paid and I didn't want negative feedback, so I rolled over and didn't file a non-paying bidder complaint. Anyway, I've got this bulb here that goes into a Epson 5300 projector. Its also compatible with other Epson projectors, which ones I'm not...
  5. Mark Larson

    FS: Onkyo TX-8511 Stereo Receiver and speakers (MSP)

    EvanW, I replied to your PM. Bump for other offers.
  6. Mark Larson

    FS: Onkyo TX-8511 Stereo Receiver and speakers (MSP)

    I have an Onkyo TX-8511 receiver for sale. I upgraded to 5.1, so now this can go to somebody who appreciates stereo sound. I also have a pair of speakers to go with it, nice 2-way floorstanders. I don't know what to ask for, but let's throw out $95 for the receiver and extra for the speakers...
  7. Mark Larson

    FS: Epson PowerLITE 5300 $550

    Bump for the weekend crew.
  8. Mark Larson

    FS: Epson PowerLITE 5300 $550

    I'm selling my Epson 5300. I've had nothing but great movies with it, and i think the contrast is pretty good for an older non-DLP projector. - LCD projector. - 800x600 native. - 1200 lumens. - Free air filter included. Asking $550 for the projector. I also have a second, new lamp that...
  9. Mark Larson

    Need a movie that i can't remember the name of...

    Glenn got it. Thanks! Now i just have to watch it to make sure :D
  10. Mark Larson

    Need a movie that i can't remember the name of...

    No, i don't think it was Castaway. It featured a lot more blatant eroticism than that.
  11. Mark Larson

    Need a movie that i can't remember the name of...

    OK, i'm looking for a movie that was in the imdb bottom 100 list, but isn't there now. Its about a couple who live on an island or in the forest, and run around naked much of the time. They also watch each other pee in one scene, and its generally considered an obscene movie. To the best of...
  12. Mark Larson

    are service plans worth it for LCD Projection

    By the way, the sales monkeys don't get bonuses based on how many PSPs they push, but their managers do. Quite sizeable ones. Since the managers hold the keys to the sales monkeys' jobs, guess where the pressure comes from. ;)
  13. Mark Larson

    buying a 4:3 set versus a 16:9?

    :emoji_thumbsup: And also, some HD is in 4:3, not 16:9.
  14. Mark Larson

    Need help choosing CRT RPTV

    Most displays don't have VGA, but some have RGBHV, which is essentially VGA.
  15. Mark Larson

    buying a 4:3 set versus a 16:9?

    So do you want a 25" widescreen image or a 21" 4:3 image?
  16. Mark Larson

    Quick question

    Oh. Yep, you're right. I misunderstood.
  17. Mark Larson

    Pixel question on Plasma TVs

    Your computer monitor uses square pixels, the plasma uses rectangular (4:3 shaped) pixels.
  18. Mark Larson

    Quick question

    I don't know where all you people are coming from, but the cable used in composite video (the yellow plugs) is exactly the same as what is used in component video. BobbyPerry, you need to get a hold of three composite video cables - the red and white audio ones won't do for lengths greater...
  19. Mark Larson

    Merry Christmas to me! :) I have 4250 to spend....

    Wow, only four feet of wallspace? That's very small!
  20. Mark Larson

    Sanyo PLV-Z2 Heavy Pixelation

    Al, did you try hooking up your computer? We could argue all day, but in the end, only eliminating potential problem causes will fix the problem.
  21. Mark Larson

    Sanyo PLV-Z2 Heavy Pixelation

    1. How far back from the screen are you sitting? Are you talking about screen-door effect or jaggies in the picture? My guess is you're talking about jaggies in the picture, which leads to... 2. Try using your computer's VGA or DVI input, set the PC to output 1280x720 and play the movie in...
  22. Mark Larson

    Aspect ratio / scrren size calculator

    50²=(16x)²+(9x)² 2500=256x²+81x² 337x²=2500 x²=2500/337 x²=7.42 x=2.724 16x=43.6"
  23. Mark Larson

    PSA: BenQ 6100 and 6200 are 2x, not 3x color wheel

    Sorry if this is stale news. I don't see this topic anywhere, and figured anyone looking for a projector should be aware of the false advertising done by BenQ. There's a thread going on at AVSforum about this right now... Anyway, the bottom line is that the 6100 and 6200 were marketed as 3X...
  24. Mark Larson

    Talk me out of the Epson Homelite 10+ deal?

    What is the deal with the Home 10+? How much is it?
  25. Mark Larson

    Blockbuster to end late fees in 2005 (Merged)

    Blockbuster has been GREAT for me with their Movie Pass and Online rental, and i haven't had a single full-screen rental from them. :emoji_thumbsup::emoji_thumbsup: to Blockbuster.
  26. Mark Larson

    I only watch DVDs - SD or HD tube?

    Let me clear up one thing - there is no such thing as overkill. :D If you keep artificially constraining yourself to small sets because that's all you have experience with, you'll have a substandard viewing experience. Nothing beats lighting up a 8ft wide screen with a projector. Everything...
  27. Mark Larson

    what lcd/projector/screen works best in lit area?

    That would depend on three things: the brightness of the projector, the gain of the screen, and the amount of light spilling onto the screen. Can you place the screen where there won't be a lot of direct light shining onto it? Then you've won half the battle already (just like the retail...
  28. Mark Larson

    what lcd/projector/screen works best in lit area?

    A small screen. Big screens and light don't mix.
  29. Mark Larson

    How did you pusuade your "other half" to get a projector?

    Send her on a spa weekend, do everything in the weekend, and surprise her when she gets back. :D But bribery shouldn't be for the woman you've married. Most women just don't know and are terribly influenced by advertisements - for example, she wouldn't know how good an FP image would look...
  30. Mark Larson

    Anyone Know anything about this TV--Infocus TD30

    It is definitely an LCD - how much did you see it for?