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  1. Dennis Mc

    USA Address Needed - Can Anyone Help ?

    I am trying to order 1000 quad dvd cases from a company in the US but they will only ship within the US. Can anyone help me by allowing me to use their address. You would need to forward the package to me in Canada (I will pay for all shipping charges) or I could pick them up if you are near the...
  2. Dennis Mc

    400 Dvds For Sale - As Low As $5.50 Each

    The following titles have SOLD : That Thing You Do 101 Dalmations Rain Man Mystic River Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius Harry Potter - Chamber of Secrets Big Fish Catch Me if you Can Chicago Cold Creek Manor Chicken Run Country Bears Anna & the King Cats & Dogs Crimson Tide Daddy...
  3. Dennis Mc

    400 Dvds For Sale - As Low As $5.50 Each

    Updated post. See new posting with added titles. Thanks. Dennis
  4. Dennis Mc

    Car Audio & Video EQ For Sale - DVD Changer & More

    For some reason my PM box isn't showing any mail. Please send your emails to [email protected] and I'll get back to you immediately. Thanks. Dennis Mc
  5. Dennis Mc

    Car Audio & Video EQ For Sale - DVD Changer & More

    Selling off the remainder of stock from my receently closed store. All items are new and come with a 90 day warranty. All prices exclude shipping. Shipping will be an additional $15 per item. Payment through Paypal or Money order or Certapay if you live in Canada. I AM ALSO WILLING TO TRADE FOR...
  6. Dennis Mc

    FS: Friends - Seasons 1-7, New/Sealed - $155

    I'll take them. Email me and we'll work out the details. Dennis Mc [email protected] Master Trader +100
  7. Dennis Mc

    500+ Dvd's For Sale Or Trade

    I attempted to start an online rental/sales store but it doesn't look like it's going to succeed so I am now liquidating all remaining titles to my fellow traders. ALL PRICES ARE IN CANADIAN FUNDS so please don't let the posted prices scare you away. Most are priced between 8-12 Canadian...
  8. Dennis Mc

    New stuff to trade

    YGM Please replay via email for a quicker response. [email protected] Dennis Master Trader
  9. Dennis Mc

    FT/FS Spongebob S1, Hard Boiled Remastered, Black Hawk Down Deluxe, Escape From NY SE

    YGM ... please respond via email ... [email protected] Master Trader 'Dennis Mc' Gold Trader 'Alamokie'
  10. Dennis Mc

    Many more for sale and trade

    Phil, Sent you a paypal payment. Please let me know once shipped. Thanks. Dennis
  11. Dennis Mc

    WTB: DVD's (Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, MORE)

    Simpsons: Season 3 (new/sealed) 30 Jerry Seinfeld Live on Broadway (mint) 10 Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian (mint) 10 Office Space (mint) 10 Shipping for all 4 $5 Total $65 Email me if you're interested. [email protected] Dennis Mc ' Master Trader '
  12. Dennis Mc

    WTB: Walt Disney Treasure Tins

    I have all 7 sets. All are factory sealed with the exception of Mickey in Color which has been opened but it's still in mint condition. Price is $290 shipped for all tins. Dennis Master Trader [email protected]
  13. Dennis Mc

    WTB these Dvds

    Linhhai, I have the following from your want list : City of Angels Courage Under Fire Usual Suspects What Dreams May Come Firm price of $45 shipped. Let me know if you're interested. Dennis Mc ** Master Trader ** [email protected]
  14. Dennis Mc

    My want list, to buy.......

    David, I have the following from your list. Deep Impact Dragonheart - Collector's Edition Fugitive - Special Edition Hercules - Limited Issue Disney Jurassic Park Jurassic Park 2 - Lost World 007 - The World Is Not Enough - Special Edition Top Gun Firm price of $100 shipped...
  15. Dennis Mc

    Nightmare On Elm Street Collection - NEW 8 DVD Box Set!!!

    I'll take it. Give me a shout at [email protected] and I'll send off payment to you. Dennis Ontario ~ Canada Master Trader
  16. Dennis Mc

    FT: The Tick, Stark Raving Mad, Hook Superbit, Shogun, more!

    Peggy, I have a factory sealed Alien Quad to trade for ..... Lion in Winter Lady Jane Out of Africa First Nudie Musical Victoria & Albert Angel Heart Let me know if this interests you. Dennis Mc Master Trader [email protected]
  17. Dennis Mc

    Trading a bunch of DVDs

    I have Ararat - 2 disc Collector's Edition - WS ... Will trade it for Tucker - Man & his Dream Let me know. Dennis Master Trader Ontario as well
  18. Dennis Mc

    Wanted DVD List

    Yg a PM
  19. Dennis Mc

    FS/T: Indian Jones Collection, DVDs and PS2 Games

    I have Speed (Five Stare Edition) & Unbreakable (Vista Series). Both are 2 disc sets and MINT. Will trade both + $20 for Indiana Jones. Lmk Dennis Master Trader [email protected]
  20. Dennis Mc

    FT/FS: TV Box Sets, Movies (Plus a want list)

    I have Band of Brothers & the Alien Quadrilogy. Both are factory sealed. Priced at $65 for each + $7 each for expedited shipping (insured). Buy both for $140 shipped. Let me know if you're interested in either or both sets. Thanks. Master Trader + 100 Dennis Mc [email protected]
  21. Dennis Mc

    Lion King SE, Boyz N the Hood 2 disc, Bruce Almighty, others for trade

    Looking for Gremlins, Do the RIght Thing & Lion King. I have a sealed Band of Brothers. Make a cash offer based on these trade-ins and we'll see what we can work out. Thanks. Dennis Mc Master Trader
  22. Dennis Mc

    Alien Quadrilogy 9 Disc Set - For Sale

    Selling the new Aliens box set. Set is factory sealed with the exception of a small rip in the bottom of the backside outer packaging. Price is 65 shipped anywhere in the US or Canada. Best offers considered. Dennis Mc Master Trader ~ Canada Also willing to TRADE it for other box sets...
  23. Dennis Mc

    Want List

    I have the following ............ Se7en - 1 Disc version @ $12 Dead Poets Society @ $13 Memento - 2 Disc Version - Limited Edition @ $20 Pi @ $8 Good Will Hunting - Collector's Series @ $12 Matrix Reloaded - 2 Discs @ $10 Final Fantasy Spirits Within - 2 Discs @ $10 Abyss, the - 2...
  24. Dennis Mc

    WTB: Mash Season Sets 1-4

    I have Mash - Season 1 & 2 in Mint condition for $50 shipped. Let me know if you're interested. Dennis Mc Master Trader [email protected]
  25. Dennis Mc

    WTB The Complete Goofy

    Doubtful that you'll find one for $30 so let me know if you want it $50 shipped. Factory sealed / brand new. They go on Ebay for $60+ shipped ... Dennis Mc Master Trader ~ Ontario [email protected]
  26. Dennis Mc

    WTB: Buffy, Angel Season Sets

    I have it for $40 shipped. Never been opened or played. Let me know if you're interested. Dennis Mc Master Trader [email protected]
  27. Dennis Mc

    WTB: big list of wants...

    Eric, Reservoir Dogs - 2 Disc Anniversary Edition @ $14 Armageddon @ $9 Good Will Hunting - Collector's Series @ $14 Shanghai Noon @ $11 The Last of the Mohicans *DTS* @ $12 Die Hard (Five Star - 2 Discs) @ $14 Office Space @ $12 The Abyss - Special Edition - 2 Discs @ $15 Casino @...