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  1. andreasingo

    Please explain the ending of the Shining.

    My interpretation is, as have been described earlier in this thread, that Jack was at the hotel in a earlier life. Kubrick have used the theme of reincarnation before, remember the end to 2001 where Dave was reborn as a star-child. Another thing which makes me think this is the case is...
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    Darren Aronofsky's sci-fi epic "The Fountain" set to go

    A scifi movie made by someone that has ambition always keeps my excitment up. I hope Aronofsky knows what he's doing, he have never made a scifi movie before. I could be a disaster or better than A.I (which I love) I wish him luck.
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    Boogie Night's Burt Reynold and George Lucas

    That was exactly what I was thinking when I saw the film! Now we know where P.T.A's inspiration came from.
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    Apocalypse Now: Original vs. Redux

    Here is one that never had seen the original cut and whose first encounter with Apocalypse Now came in the form of Redux. Even I have to say the french plantage scene AND the playboy bunnies scenes were unnecessary and disrupted the flow of the film. I loved the film though but I want to...
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    Anyone excited about Reign of fire?

    I'm very exited. I loved Bowmans X-files movie. The only thing that bugs me is the female love interrest. It can never be a good idea to put a character in a movie for that reason alone. But I hope for the best.
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    Dream Projects

    I would love to see James Cameron finally direct his scifi-epic Avatar. But he needs to collaborate with a skilled writer to improve on his own scriptment. Avatar could blow our minds if done right.
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    Cameron Directing Fantastic Voyage

    This is laughable. Not that Cameron's doing a remake, remember he almost did the remake of Planet Of The Apes, but this is a false rumour. I mean come on. Every so called "cameron's next directing project" (I have lost account of them a long time ago) have turned out to be a false rumour...
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    Is CGI going to kill American Cinema

    I agree CGI is overused these days but I don't agree with this: "Sure CGI effects require the talent and artistic capabilities of the people creating them, but it's a cold, impersonal art. " I want to ask a question: In which way is CGI a "cold, inpersonal art"? CGI is a tool, just like the...
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    *** Official "BLADE 2" Discussion Thread

    Every review I have read of this movie have been *very* positive. And Harry Knowles review over at AICN was great fun. Not many seems to get it though...
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    James Cameron involved with 'Alien 5' Rumor

    I would be in heaven if it was true but I can't beleave it. Cameron can do whatever he wants after Titanic. He's into Mars, IMAX 3D, Anime and whatever. And he already made the perfect scifi-actioner. Aliens can't be topped and Cameron must know this. This is just another false rumour.
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    Is It Really Possible To Have A "Favorite" Film?

    I have two favourite movies. Strange Days and Schindlers List. Why? Because they affect me emotionally more than any other movie I have ever seen.
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    What DVD Has "Transfixed" You Where You Couldn't Move?

    I will probably be flamed for this but Titanic did this to me. I had never seen it in a real theater and it made me a Home Theater and James Cameron nutcase. I have had several such experiences since then though...
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    The Ultimate Summer Movie - 1991

    Yeah, one thing Cameron is good at is building anticipation and DELIVER on the premise. Aliens and T2 have the most audience-pleasing kick-ass action sequences ever put to film AND a good story too. When I think of summer films nowdays I think of dreck like Godzilla and Independence Day. I'm...
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    War films and Blue filters - give it a rest!

    I have noticed that too and I'm tired to death of it! STOP THE MADNESS!
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    Titanic SE See Post #541 for Update

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    Ridley Scott, Underachiever Extraordinaire!

    As some people have said I think what Ridley Scott is all about is creating worlds. Basically I think he wants to recreate the settings he has in his head. He's a visual artist and that's where you can find his strenghts. He's able to tell a story just by the visuals. Have you thought about...
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    Barry Lyndon

    Mike, that's exactly the same feeling I got. Just watch out for the scene where Barry tells his son those horrible bed-time stories...
  18. andreasingo

    Barry Lyndon

    To me, Barry Lyndon is a great satire of the "noble" people. I think the epilogue explains it all.
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    He has charisma AND he can act IMHO.
  20. andreasingo

    Tom Cruise and "Great Directors"

    You did forget Cameron Crowe.
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    Ridley Scott talks Alien 5

    Ridley have expressed interrest in making a prequel to Alien before. He said he was wanted to solve the mystery of the "space jockey" alien and possibly go back to the alien homeworld. If that movie ever gets made I'm in heaven as Alien is my favourite film.
  22. andreasingo

    My 'PREDATOR' appreciation thread.

    The best thing about this film is that you can't find one single dead moment in it. Every scene builds on the previous one and raises the stakes, the script may be the best action-movie script ever written. IMHO, Predator and Point Break are the best movies you ever gonna see when you just...
  23. andreasingo

    Best/Worst Directors

    When talking about extras on dvd I would put John Carpenter and James Cameron pretty high up on my list. "The Thing" dvd was incredible, "The Abyss - special edition" and "T2 - Ultimate Edition" are also among the best dvd's ever produced.
  24. andreasingo

    How did Predator escape with an R rating????

    I think the U.S is like 10-20 years after us here in Europe when it comes to how we view sex and nudity in films. If people think sex is bad, then ok, it's their loss. But it is evident that americans (MPAA especially) think sex is worser than violence and death. Nice world we live in huh?
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    A.I. dvd artwork

    This probably doesn't mean anything to you but A.i is my favourite movie right now. It is thought-provoking, unpredictable, well-directed, has flawless effects, is very well acted and has John Williams best score... All IMHO of course.
  26. andreasingo

    Peter Jacksons Heavenly Creatures

    The french subtitles in the picture doesn't sound promising. I think I'll pass on this one as long as there only is an acceptable pan & scan version of this film. Thanks for all of your replies.
  27. andreasingo

    Peter Jacksons Heavenly Creatures

    How about the French widescreen release, has anyone seen it?
  28. andreasingo

    Peter Jacksons Heavenly Creatures

    So is it Miramax or Buena Vista that has the video rights to this movie? 2004. ARGH!!! I'm even more eager to see this film now!
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    Peter Jacksons Heavenly Creatures

    Now with LOTR soon to be released it would be a proper time for the studio (which?) to release a region 1 DVD of this film. I'm very anxious to see it because I have read the script which was the best script I ever have read in my life! The reviews are mostly raves and I like Peter Jackson as a...