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  1. Robert Burkes

    New to Blu? Buy a PS3: the most featured BD hardware available...

    After reading through this thread, I checked my PS3's ability to produce below black information. Using the DVE DVD, it still does not pass below black tests. Are you guys sure a firmware update was supposed to correct this? Would tests with BD media provide different results? Thanks! Rob
  2. Robert Burkes

    What tv show would you love to see in HD?

    I'm dreaming about the day Showtime releases Dexter on Blu-Ray. I also really, really want Band of Brothers and Angels in America, but those aren't really TV shows. Edit: Oh! ...and Rome!
  3. Robert Burkes

    Spider-Man Blu-ray triology $100 at BBY?

    Nice! I always wondered why that began magically showing up. I've put it to good use and hope no one at Amazon discovers that I still get it. ;-)
  4. Robert Burkes

    Spider-Man Blu-ray triology $100 at BBY?

    Eh? I don't know what the discount is for. It's just always there.
  5. Robert Burkes

    Spider-Man Blu-ray triology $100 at BBY?

    Holy crap! That was too good to pass up! I've been holding off on getting the set, but I just took the plunge. Got it for $39 with Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping and some magic 10% discount I get and don't quite understand. Thanks for the heads-up on the great deal!!! Rob
  6. Robert Burkes

    Marilyn Manson - "Eat Me, Drink Me" (new album)

    Yeah...when Twiggy (Jeordie White) left, things went to hell. Haven't really enjoyed anything since Mechanical Animals.
  7. Robert Burkes

    Quick question about Lord of the Rings Complete Recordins sets

    Thanks, Jim! Have you seen the rounded spine on TTT sets? Rob
  8. Robert Burkes

    Quick question about Lord of the Rings Complete Recordins sets

    Okay...I've finally decided to pick up these sets, but I have a rather odd question. I'm sure at least someone around here will understand the OCD direction I'm coming from. Here goes... I've only been able to find one copy of The Fellowship of the Ring set, and it has a slightly rounded spine...
  9. Robert Burkes

    Good Night, and Good Luck Blu-Ray problem: PS3?

    I finished watching this movie about an hour ago. Fantastic film that looks stunning in HD on BD. However, I had a serious problem with the disc. When I entered the pop-up menu, I had issues. The top-most level was the only one I could control (Languages, Scene Selections, Extras). Once in a...
  10. Robert Burkes

    Problem with Enemy of the State on PS3

    Don't know if this belongs in the Blu-Ray hardware forum or here, but here goes... Today I installed firmware version 1.32 from 1.11 on my PS3. The first film I watched was Enemy of the State, which I haven't seen on BD. I noticed a kind of vibration/pulsating effect on a lot of shots in the...
  11. Robert Burkes

    PS3 firmware update ver. 1.11

    Anyone downloaded this yet? Just tried to access the online store and was instructed to download. Just wondering what's new/fixed.
  12. Robert Burkes

    Official Playstation 3 Blu-Ray player Thread

    I got one...just finished hooking it up. In the process of trying to calibrate using the DVE DVD via HDMI. won't pass BTB. Anyone else tried this?
  13. Robert Burkes

    HD-A1 not passing below black?

    So...I bought a new TV, and my old one was the culprit in the BTB issue. Now I get all the BTB info. Thanks for all the input, guys!
  14. Robert Burkes

    PS3 -- Release Day Thread

    Got mine tonight, but after reading many reports of lock-ups and sub-Samsung BD performance, I've decided to drink the night away, rather than play with the PS3. I'm waiting for more conclusive evidence.
  15. Robert Burkes

    Settings on Sony SXRD 60" A2000

    I used SD DVE. Specifically, what contrast setting do you guys use?
  16. Robert Burkes

    Settings on Sony SXRD 60" A2000

    Hi, guys! A couple of days ago, I purchased the 60" A2000. Was wondering what settings you guys use? I'm primarily trying to calibrate using the Toshiba HD-A1. Just wanted to compare with everyone. I thought everything looked good, and then I popped in Last Samurai. Doesn't look quite right...
  17. Robert Burkes

    HD-A1 audio problem

    I've been trying to figure this out for a few days now. I watched Phantom of the Opera recently, and the audio is recorded at such a low level, I had to turn up my receiver to levels I don't usually use. Connected via the 5.1ch out, I get a distracting hum from all five channels using any track...
  18. Robert Burkes

    HD-A1 not passing below black?

    Cees, I've read that the "enhanced black level" setting does indeed refer to IRE. However, I have no idea what setting (on/off) corresponds to what (7.5/0). I tried both settings, going directly to an HDMI input on a TV with a native resolution of 1080i. Have you used DVE on your player and...
  19. Robert Burkes

    HD-A1 not passing below black?

    I've adjusted the brightness and switched between on/off for the enhanced black feature of the A1. It will not pass BTB. I have a Sony 34XS955 34" widescreen direct-view TV. I've found a few mentions of BTB issues via HDMI (not display specific), but not nearly the number I would expect if this...
  20. Robert Burkes

    HD-A1 not passing below black?

    I purchased the A1 a couple of nights ago and have been fairly impressed. However, I just sat down to calibrate with the DVE SD-DVD, and the player won't pass below black. Anyone else noticed this with his/her player? Thanks. Rob Edit: Using HDMI directly to TV
  21. Robert Burkes

    Any One Out There Pre-Order A PS3

    I suppose there are advantages to living in bum-f*ck, Mississippi...sometimes. I got to my local EB at 10:15 (a.m.) Tuesday and was number three on the reserve list. I was joking with the sales clerk about how I couldn't believe there weren't more people there. He said something about people not...
  22. Robert Burkes

    Talking Heads box sets

    Picked up the Brick today. Is "Once in a Lifetime" worth purchasing in addition?
  23. Robert Burkes

    Talking Heads box sets

    Sooo...there are two Talking Heads box sets that have been released very recently. First came "Once in a Lifetime," a three CD, one DVD set that contains some rarities. Then came the White Brick DualDisc set, containing all the studio albums with some rarities and video content. I've always...
  24. Robert Burkes

    REM CD + DVD-A editions disappearing?

    So...I've noticed that REM's CD + DVD-A editions have become scarce. Amazon seems down to their last stock on them, and my local Tower Records, Best Buy, and Borders no longer have them. Anyone know? Were these supposed to be limited editions?
  25. Robert Burkes

    Problem with R.E.M. "Out of Time" DVD-A on Denon 3910

    Anyone...? Should I try for #3?
  26. Robert Burkes

    Recommendations for floor-standing speakers in the $1500-$2000 range for Hi-Rez music

    Man...tell me about it. I'm itching to order that combo. Would be great for a bedroom system. Reason says, "NO!" but the little green monster on my shoulder is whispering, "yessssssssssss...."
  27. Robert Burkes

    Problem with R.E.M. "Out of Time" DVD-A on Denon 3910

    Has anyone else noticed an audio dropout during R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion," when playing the DVD-A on a Denon 3910? It comes at 5:57 (when looking at the elapsed time of the whole disc). I've already exchanged the disc once, but it happens on the new one as well. Any ideas? Thanks. Rob
  28. Robert Burkes

    Recommendations for floor-standing speakers in the $1500-$2000 range for Hi-Rez music

    Well, guys... My speaker began distorting, so I bit the bullet. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Onix Reference 2's and a Reference 100 center. I feel like a schoolboy in love for the first time. I'm melting in the audio goodness. ...And god...these speakers look sexy. I got them in the...
  29. Robert Burkes

    DVD-A: Not impressed with selection

    Is this true about DualDisc?! I have a Denon 3910. Will DualDiscs really void the warranty?!