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  1. WilliamG

    LG UM7300PUA 65” Lip Sync Issues- Audio AHEAD of Video

    No, sir! But it really looks like I may have an answer. An expensive answer, but it beats trying to buy more a/v immediately. Thank you!
  2. WilliamG

    LG UM7300PUA 65” Lip Sync Issues- Audio AHEAD of Video

    First things first- I’ve been away from this forum for many years, but now am back after recently upgrading most of my system. Regardless of the merits (or demerits) of my system (yes, I’m aware of most of them-and too late), I’m having issues that are really upsetting to me because I can’t...
  3. WilliamG

    ONKYO TX SR600: Can't Get Off "PCM" Mode - HELP!

    Seems like no matter what I do with the remote during setup, I can't get it off this setting. The readout says: Speaker A, PL II Movie, with PCM and ProLogic II in small lettering. It will NOT auto-detect the DTS setting. How do I get it back? I normally have it on the PL II Movie setting, but...
  4. WilliamG

    The Video Settings on My Samsung BD-P1500 Are Screwed up and Now I Can't See A Thing!

    Joseph, Thank you for the information, also :) ... but guess what?! I got it figured out! The Samsung tech told me to hold down the "ff" button on the remote - but I went back and did it on the player - VIOLA! I'm back in business!! YAY, me! ;) I really, truly appreciate both of you - and will...
  5. WilliamG

    The Video Settings on My Samsung BD-P1500 Are Screwed up and Now I Can't See A Thing!

    Thanks for the suggestion, Travis, but it's too hard to get to to do a lot of re-connecting. There's got to be a simple way to reset the player to factory specs ...
  6. WilliamG

    The Video Settings on My Samsung BD-P1500 Are Screwed up and Now I Can't See A Thing!

    So everything was fine until I started playing .. I have my blu-ray player connected to my (now antique) Toshiba 50" rear projection tv that only goes to 480p. I was screwing around with the video settings in the player and hit "720p". The on-screen instructions from the player stated that if...
  7. WilliamG

    Color Washes Out into Browns with New Blu Ray Player - HELP!

    Patrick- THANKS! It turns out that, in fact, I hadn't switched them, but that I hadn't pushed one of the plugs all the way in. I KNEW there was a reason I loved this site ... and how much I've missed it. I thank you, my wife thanks you, my dog tha-- well- maybe not my dog ...:laugh...
  8. WilliamG

    Color Washes Out into Browns with New Blu Ray Player - HELP!

    I've owned a Toshiba 50H81 50" widescreen and a Panasonic RP56 DVD player for several years now and everything was great. I just got a Samsung BD-P1500 Blu Ray player for Christmas, and thought we'd enjoy some wonderful movies for the day - but a problem came up that I desperately need help...
  9. WilliamG

    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Wild Hogs

    My wife, daughter, AND I loved this movie at the theater. We happened to catch the stars on Oprah the day before the release and it gave some really good insight into several scenes in the movie... i.e., a scene in the restaurant concerning Travolta squinting his eyes was an ad libbed bit that...
  10. WilliamG

    That Thing You Do! Director's Cut question

    This is so cool! One of our favorite movies, and I held off buying the current DVD... looking forward to it. :) I remember seeing this at the theater and the people in line were given a 45-rpm record of "That Thing You Do!"
  11. WilliamG

    Celtic Woman A New Journey Live at Slane Castle DVD

    Haven't picked up the new DVD yet, but if you get a chance to see Celtic Woman LIVE, do it! Yes, the tickets are high because of PBS using this as a fundraiser, but these women are FANTASTIC! I bought tickets for my wife and I last year for her birthday when they were in Little Rock, and we were...
  12. WilliamG

    What did eveyone get for Christmas?

    Superman Returns Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut
  13. WilliamG


    That's absolutely beautiful! I'm in the planning stage right now ... Could you tell me what the dimensions are of your room? How far back is your seating from the screen? Your ceiling height? And lastly, your back row riser height? Sorry for so many questions, but I'm gathering as much info...
  14. WilliamG

    Digital 3-D Cinema

    So right, Johnny! I couldn't imagine seeing Monster House 'flat'. Talk about an enhanced experience. :emoji_thumbsup::):emoji_thumbsup:
  15. WilliamG

    M. Nights next film "Lady in the Water'

    Malcolm R- I don't understand. How could it be the projectionist's fault?
  16. WilliamG

    M. Nights next film "Lady in the Water'

    Wife and I saw this last night. My immediate thought as soon as the credits rolled was "Ok, now exactly what did I just see? I spent around 2 hours for this?!' She liked it and was willing to analyze it a bit. I just shook my head. I've enjoyed all previous MNS films, but I'm still thinking...
  17. WilliamG

    Could a SuperGirl Movie work?

    In answer to your question: No. Not now. Man, I remember going to see Supergirl and anticipating great things. The ONLY thing great about that movie was Helen Slater. As posted above, she looked GREAT in the outfit! Everything LOOKED right, but the story ...ughhhh. And Faye Dunaway ...
  18. WilliamG

    Walked out?

    Movies I've walked out on: Battlefield Earth - just plain bad. Scary Movie - too vulgar for my tastes. Yeah, I know ... it was funny, but for me funny doesn't have to = bad taste. A Man Apart - waaaaaaay too violent. I don't mind violence, but Vin Diesel's character would just never let...
  19. WilliamG

    MONSTER HOUSE (also to be in 3-D)

    Wife and I saw this yesterday at a late matinee. The 3-D is absolutely WONDERFUL! The story kinda caught me off guard in a good way. As has probably been said before, this movie is not necessarily for the youngest of kiddies. And, yes, I realize that you are the ultimate one who really KNOWS if...
  20. WilliamG

    Superman Returns (2006)

    "Can't we all just get along?" - Rodney King ;)
  21. WilliamG

    The movies' most visceral DEATH SCENES...

    This goes back a ways, but don't laugh because of the movie. :) It wasn't that it was 'gory', because it wasn't. In Rocky III when Mickey dies, it just choked me up. Oh, wow ... on repeated viewings every time the french horns started playing in the background, I'd loose it. I told you...
  22. WilliamG

    10 years since...ID4

    This has always been a favorite of mine, and I always enjoy seeing it. I, too, caught a viewing on HBO-HD - actually, my wife was channel surfing the other night and told me it was on. We both sat there and enjoyed it in high-def. Oh, as far as 'guilty pleasure'? NO guilt here, my friend! :)...
  23. WilliamG

    Superman Returns (2006)

    Just got back from Viewing #2. It works - it REALLY WORKS! Maybe it's because it's July 4th, but I don't think that's the only reason. :) The story's great. Kal-El's loneliness, Clark's reaction look of "should I do this/OK, here goes nothing" when he sees and hears about the plane's impending...
  24. WilliamG

    Superman Returns (2006)

    OK ... I feel like I've read forever, and while I probably missed it, someone please tell me:Where in the movie is Gotham referenced? I'm sure it has to be within the Daily Planet scenes. Also, did anyone else besides me notice the dates on papers that were being read? Just under the Daily...
  25. WilliamG

    Superman Returns (2006)

    Alright - my turn, and "it's ALL good!" My experience Tuesday night was nothing but wonderful. It began the day before when I picked up the tickets for my wife and me. All excited, I went home and waited for last night. After I got home from work, I decided to go online to the theater's...
  26. WilliamG

    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    Yeah... I saw this in a superior theater 25 min. away Friday afternoon; then again last night at the local theater in town. This time it was shown in a room with some kind of something on the screen. Literally - ON the screen. When ever there was a white or light colored background, it looked...
  27. WilliamG

    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    Well, I (and a small group of people at work) took yesterday off to see the first show. All of us-including the rest of the people in the theater - were having a blast. Laughing, cheering, etc. broke out at all the right times. We were expecting a good time and we got it. :)
  28. WilliamG

    Poseidon Adventure remake?

    Ok ... I'm taking a huge risk, but here goes: I liked it. No, it wasn't intelligence-on-a-stick, but did ANYone really expect a movie about a capsized cruise ship to spend a laaaarge amount of time getting to know all the dirt on all the escapees?! ;) And yes, I saw the original way back when...
  29. WilliamG

    *** Official MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III Discussion Thread

    I too, was a HUGE fan of the original series, and was very happy to see and hear (via music cues) more of a tribute to it than the past two movies. And I have to say something about the people viewing the movie last night ... it was truly a PLEASURE to have- for ONCE - a "hip" crowd! Everyone...