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  1. Dave Danek

    Movies not on DVD caught in 'rights hell'

    Anyone know about John Sayles' Baby It's You? Is that one in music rights hell? I recall the VHS and LD being on Paramount, and I know the film featured some Springsteen songs (Sony). I wonder if music is the problem. . .
  2. Dave Danek

    Battle Royale at Netflix?

    There is a Region 0 Korean "Starmax" NTSC edition of this film. I think the picture of the Tartan Asia cover is a mistake as that is only PAL (although Tartan did release a R0 NTSC of the theatrical cut a few years back, but a different cover and I believe it is OOP). From the comments re the...
  3. Dave Danek

    Are the discs from Koreandvds legit?

    I like the folks at and value their service. However, there have been a few items that I received that were of questionable legitimacy, in particular a Korean release of "East of Eden" which looks like an LD port. Who knows, maybe that title is in the "public domain" in Korea. In...
  4. Dave Danek

    LOTS OF DVD's for Trade / Sale... Box Sets, Singles, etc.

    Interested in a trade for the Pink Panther Collection. Anything here ? Dave
  5. Dave Danek

    FS/FT Box sets, OOP, Imports, Criterion, Disney, LDs, SVHS, etc

    Updated DVD For Trade/Sale thread. Prices include USPS First class shipping for single/double disc titles. IF NO PRICE LISTED, ITEM IS FOR TRADE ONLY. Prices are firm, although some room for negotiation for purchases of multiple titles. Box set shipping is $3 extra per set. Tracking...
  6. Dave Danek

    East of Eden Region 3

    Well, I wouldn't rush out to order this one unless it is your only option for viewing in widescreen (i.e., you don't have the LD). My guess is that it is simply a transfer of the LD. It is not 16x9 from what I can tell, and the picture is washed out in bright scenes and very noisy during darker...
  7. Dave Danek

    East of Eden Region 3

    I've ordered this for $3 + shipping from the koreandvd sale. Will post comments when it arrives (probably 2 weeks or so). dd
  8. Dave Danek

    LaserDisc > E80 HD > DVD-R dubbing question

    to quote the legend, "whoa". i'm fairly well set in my hobbies of buying and burning dvds (burning using fairly simple no brainer software packages). not that i couldn't be tempted by the anamorphic "encoding" of LBX LDs (sweet!!), it's just that my mind has been turned to mush by too many...
  9. Dave Danek

    LaserDisc > E80 HD > DVD-R dubbing question

    Anyone have tips on the best way to dub a 2 disc LD to DVD-R as seamlessly as possible? I'm still new to the E80 and I can only think of two ways to dub LDs for DVD-R backup. 1. in real time to DVD-R hitting pause at the side flip and disc change. . . UGH! 2. transferring to the HD then...
  10. Dave Danek

    Home Theater Master MX-500 Remote F/S

    Is this remote still available?? Interested. . . Thanks, Dave [email protected]
  11. Dave Danek

    Panasonic E80 Dubbing Question

    OK, this has been extremely helpful! Alan - re your suggestion: So that I understand what the E80 is doing here as I'm a little confused -- you are recording two separate 90 min programs (with added time) to the HD in FR speed. That puts the bitrate at say an avg of 6Mbps. After...
  12. Dave Danek

    Panasonic E80 Dubbing Question

    Since this thread is still fairly recent, I'll ask my q's here. I'm a newbie when it comes to this bizarre dubbing process of the E80. DVDShrink is a cakewalk compared to this thing! So I want to get a 2:10 movie from my DirecTivo to DVD-R using my new Panasonic E80. Is the following the...
  13. Dave Danek

    Panasonic E80 Dubbing Question

    In having done just a few minutes research on the E80H and the E85H, one difference is that the E85H has a Scart 21 pin connector for connections to RGB (I assume plasma and LCD) monitors. The addition I had hoped for was still reserved for the E100 -- the E85H does NOT have a firewire...
  14. Dave Danek

    LDs, DVD box sets, Disney OOP, Criterion, etc

    As I noted in my edited thread, those items without prices are for trade, not sale. Should have included that in my original post. Sorry for the confusion. Since I was asked for prices on a few items, I did add those. I am primarily interested in making trades, not just selling off everything. ...
  15. Dave Danek

    LDs, DVD box sets, Disney OOP, Criterion, etc

    DVD For Trade/Sale. Prices include USPS First class shipping, if you want tracking add $1 extra and only shipped on Saturday. +9, Gold shortly on the other forum, and loads of + feedback on eBay under hobbes4444 . . . ---NOTE: Items without prices are trade preferred. Those with prices are...
  16. Dave Danek

    Rare DTS and/or Anamorphic titles (Brazil R4 NTSC)

    Yikes. Thanks for that info AlexBC. Hadn't put the two together when looking at these other music titles. Well I'll hope that a couple in that batch of magazine titles have a decent transfer. If in sync and of reasonable video quality, it's worth the cost savings compared to a bootleg dvd-r or...
  17. Dave Danek

    Rare DTS and/or Anamorphic titles (Brazil R4 NTSC)

    Well, had time to do some quick previews on the other titles from Brazil that I picked up: Short Circuit SE David Bowie Glass Spider Dead Poets Society I only watched about 15-20 minutes of DPS and Bowie and about 2 minutes of Short Circuit (explained below) First, the good news . . ...
  18. Dave Danek

    Rare DTS and/or Anamorphic titles (Brazil R4 NTSC)

    AlexBC -- GREAT GREAT GREAT information!!! As a recent convert to the 16x9 world (the Toshiba 34HF83 is a kick-ass TV), this thread has been extremely valuable. My first disc from Brazil was Earthquake - yes, a horrible movie, but I have a major thing for 70s disaster flicks (Universal is...
  19. Dave Danek

    Extended warranty?

    One option to consider if you are prone to purchasing extended wtys, at least for some price comparisons, is to take a look at the RepairMaster warranties that you can buy at merchants like J&R. These can be purchased regardless of where you buy the product. I bought my RCA portable DVD from...
  20. Dave Danek

    Got a Toshiba 34HF83; impressions

    I've been running my brand new Toshiba 34HF83 thru some stretching exercises and found that it does a pretty good job in at least one of the 4 TheaterWide modes with each source. Granted I'm not a videophile, but a reasonably critical consumer. Sporting events generally look best in...
  21. Dave Danek

    Obscure Christmas Titles

    IIRC, the Rich Little Christmas special was released on both VHS and LD. Unfortunately I can't remember if I have it on LD. . . The VHS is OOP and goes for a nice buck on eBay of course. . .
  22. Dave Danek

    Disney Treasures Wave 1&2 at Costco

    It was buried in the weekly roundup (good spot RafaelB!!), so I thought I'd start a separate thread. Costco here in San Francisco is selling a set of the first 7 titles in the Disney Treasures series (without the outer tin cases) for $125. Nice deal considering how much the MM sets were fetching...
  23. Dave Danek

    (possible) heads up for Spongebob Season One at Costco

    Way to go Jon_Are and Mrs Jon_Are!! A couple of holiday gifts for the kiddies down!!! Thanks, Dave
  24. Dave Danek

    Weekly Roundup 10/28 (What's Up, Doc?)

    I can confirm that the Downtown San Francisco Costco has the same deals reported here for Looney Tunes 4 disc set/Space Jam combination for $37.78 and Sponge Bob Season 1 for $18.49. There is a sign on the Space Jam set up mentioning the $20 instant coupon. Sweet! However, this Costco did not...
  25. Dave Danek

    BoB, Disney Tins, PDL, rare LDs, etc for trade. . .

    Sorry for the delay in responding over the weekend. Actually able to get out of the house for once! Added BHD 3 disc set sealed to the trade list and replied to all. Thanks! Dave
  26. Dave Danek

    BoB, Disney Tins, PDL, rare LDs, etc for trade. . .

    Available for trade or sale (where price noted, paypal preferred, shipping additional): DVD For Trade/Sale: Band of Brothers (sealed) Mickey Mouse in Black & White (sealed, #50,007 of 125,000) Disneyland USA (sealed #129,133 of 150,000, couple of small dings on front of tin) Six Feet...
  27. Dave Danek

    FS: Polk RT1000i & Polk FX300i

    Marco - where are you located? Looking to make a local purchase to avoid shipping. I'm in San Francisco. dave
  28. Dave Danek

    FS: DTS Laserdisc Collection

    YGM re Schindler's List
  29. Dave Danek

    Weekly Roundup Special: Toys R Us preorder for Harry Potter 2: $12.99 total!!

    I did the pre-order yesterday and the slip I have shows WDVD (which should mean widescreen DVD) and the SKU 72-0316 which corresponds to the ad for the WS version. But as has been pointed out, let's see what stock they get. . . dd
  30. Dave Danek

    Box sets, Disney, Bond, LDs FT/FS

    bump and some updates . . .