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  1. Greg_P

    Moonlighting Season 3 - Feb 7, 2006

    Nice interview Diana ! I'm looking forward to picking up the set on tuesday!
  2. Greg_P

    I Dream of Jeannie?

    Excellent news ! Bring on the "Moon Safe" episode :) !
  3. Greg_P

    AMERICAN GOTHIC due in October!

    Excellent news ! One of my all time favorite series ! Oct.25th is a smart date as they can play off Halloween sales.
  4. Greg_P

    " An Evening With Kevin Smith " -- The funniest thing I have ever seen?

    DeepDiscountDvd is cuurently running their 20% sale. You can get it there for ~$17.
  5. Greg_P

    American Gothic needs to be released!

    Damn straight! I'd pick up American Gothic in a heartbeat. Heck if "The Hardy Boys" can be released, why not Shaun Cassidy's dark side with "American Gothic" !
  6. Greg_P

    Encroaching Neighbor

    Time to take a trip down to your local town offices and let them know what's going on. Since this lady is "out there" even money says she will infringe on your property yet again.
  7. Greg_P

    "Now Playing ..." dvd stand??

    Thanks Mark, Yep, this is the same place I bought mine as well. Greg
  8. Greg_P

    "Now Playing ..." dvd stand??

    Hi All, A couple of years back, I picked up a "Now Playing" dvd stand. Of course I can't find the old link and I did do a search here to try and find it. Anyone know any place I can pick up such a dvd stand? Thanks in advance! Greg
  9. Greg_P

    Gilligan's Island - Season 2 - video quality: WOW!

    Yep, what Carlos said :) ! I also seem to remember they were building a raft, and the "mad doctor" kept making them destroy it. Ahhh, they don't write them like that anymore :D ! I've hooked my 2 girls on this show. They love it. I even went out to Dawn Wells website and got them an...
  10. Greg_P

    Gilligan's Island - Season 2 - video quality: WOW!

    The "mad doctor" one is classic! He re-appears again in season 3. Can't wait to see that one again too!!
  11. Greg_P

    Bob Newhart Season 1 in April

    Great news !! I had given up hope this series would be released on dvd. Can't wait to start collecting all the seasons :) !!
  12. Greg_P

    Digital camera/memory stick question

    Hi All, Question for all you digital camera owners.... I bought the wife a digital camera for christmas. I bought a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-P100. I have a question on a supplemental memory stick that I also purchased. I bought a SanDisk 256MB MagicGate Memory Stick Pro. According to the...
  13. Greg_P

    How do you get online coupon codes?

    Hey Mark, I was waiting for you to tell about when 800.Com ran their 3 for $1 (shipped) deal. I also remember having to walk to school in my barefeet uphill both directions in the snow :D :D :D :D .
  14. Greg_P

    When do Black Friday ads come out?

    Hey Dillon, YMMV stands for: "Your Mileage May Vary" In short, just because someone had "X" experience at a store does not mean you can expect the same experience at your local store of the same name.
  15. Greg_P

    Any early looks at NORTHERN EXPOSURE Season one?

    Hey on a side note I have a KBHR coffee cup I drink out of all the time. Many moons ago I went out to Roslyn Washington aka Cicely Alaska. It was right after the series was canceled. They had petitions up and still had Ruth Ann's store up. KBHR itself was basically an empty room as was Doc...
  16. Greg_P

    Dick Van Dyke rebate question

    For those still waiting on this rebate I finally got mine yesterday. I mailed mine on 12/26/03. So it took Image roughly 14 weeks for a "6-8 week rebate". Considering Image screwed so many people out of this rebate who rightfully deserve it, I'm just happy to receive it. For those still waiting...
  17. Greg_P

    Honest Opinion on Satellite TV

    Hi All, I too am going to piggyback on this thread, hope it's OK "Djordje". I too am a current analog cable customers and am thinking about making the switch to DirectTv. As I peruse the DirectTv website, here is what I believe my monthly cost would be: TC + programming $39.99 2nd box...
  18. Greg_P

    Ed Wood delayed AGAIN???

    Thanks to a generous HTF-er, I'm all set as well. Thank you for not trying to profit on your fellow HTF-ers! I look forward to watching this movie soon! Greg
  19. Greg_P

    What happened at the Staddon chat?

    That line surprised me as well (I had asked the original question). I too hope Peter was talking about Space Above and Beyond being released. I also hope Fox still has the rights to the Alien Nation tv show. Peter seemed responsive to releasing Alien Nation tv shows if Fox still controls the...
  20. Greg_P

    Reflecting back on the good ol' days... and other stuff

    I miss those days too. My favorite was still 800.Com's 3 for $1 deal. Ahhhh, those were the days !!
  21. Greg_P

    Hogan's Heroes: Season 1 in 2004

    Count me in for all the season sets of Hogan's Heroes. this is one of those shows I grew up watching rerun after rerun of. For those who want more details into Bob Crane and his murder. I highly recommend "The Murder of Bob Crane" by Robert Graysmith. This was the book that the movie was...
  22. Greg_P

    Anyone excited for Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie?

    Count me in for season sets of "I Dream of Jeannie". I love that show !
  23. Greg_P

    Help me plan Orlando (Disney) Vacation

    Hi Doug, I'm definitely not an expert but I'm currently planning a trip for my family in October to Disney as well. Here are a few sites that have helped me greatly in my planning: As for your question about...
  24. Greg_P

    Who else would buy TAXI on DVD?

    Great show !! I'd buy every season as well. Greg
  25. Greg_P

    T2 extreme wont play in my DVD player

    I second the motion to try another copy of the dvd or try another dvd player. I just through my copy of T2 Extreme into my old Panasonic A-110 the model before the A-120 and it fired up without a problem or error message. You may just have a dvd and not player. Greg
  26. Greg_P

    Columbia/Tri-Star: Thanks For Charlies Angels Season One.

    Agreed! Bring on the rest of the season sets, I'll buy them all !! Greg
  27. Greg_P

    Severe problem with X-Files: Season 6 episode "Triangle"

    I had been on the fence about finishing off my X Files collection with seasons 8&9. Since Carter doesn't seem to want to put the best product on the market for dvd enthustiasts, I'll now pass on seasons 8&9.
  28. Greg_P

    "Who" website to order concert cds from ?

    Thanks Marty, that's exactly what I was looking for, now I'm off to place an order there :-)! Greg
  29. Greg_P

    "Who" website to order concert cds from ?

    Hi All, I thought I had read somewhere that the Who had an "official website" that was selling cds from last summers concert tour (ala Pearl Jam). Does anyone know what the URL is for it. I tried Goggle but as you can imagine, there were quite a few nits for "who":D Thanks in advance, Greg