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  1. ReneA

    Opinion needed: Samsung HD931 or Vinc Bravo D2

    I'm shopping around for a new DVD player and cost is a factor. However, I want the best video I can get for this price range. Can anyone offer any advice on which way to go between these two players? Thanks.
  2. ReneA

    Samsung DVD HD931 Any Happy Owners?

    I've just heard about this dvd player from Samsung. Is there anyone out there that has heard of this unit or has one of these? Thanks in advance for your comments. ;)
  3. ReneA

    Denon 2800 MK II " B-stock " ?????

    I'm looking to buy the Denon 2800 MK II DVD player and I noticed on Audiogon and Ebay that many people offer B stock machines. What are these B stock machines? Are they inferior to the normal top shelf machines? Thanks in advance.
  4. ReneA

    Monitor Audio Speakers...Top of the LINE?

    What gives between the Gold Reference Series and the Silver S Series? I understand that the Gold Ref. Series is the top of the line for Monitor Audio, however, for the last couple of years the Silver S Series walks away with the awards in the hi-fi mags. Why is it that the Gold Ref. Series never...
  5. ReneA

    What sub do I buy. Final piece to the puzzle!!!

    Right On, Ben_wood!!!
  6. ReneA

    What sub do I buy. Final piece to the puzzle!!!

    Have you considered the HSU VTF-2 or VTF-3? The VTF-2 goes for around $450 and the VTF-3 goes for around $800.00. Plenty of power. Fondly mentioned in rewiews.
  7. ReneA

    Crutchfield no longer has the Sony SCD-C555ES on its web site. Is this the end?

    I picked up my 555es about a week ago on Audiogon. $599.00. Love at first sound (and sight!). There should be more of them available. This one dude has more NEW units for sale.
  8. ReneA

    I need a Class Act DVD player...

    I just purchased the Sony SCD-C555ES SACD player. I almost opted for the Sony NS900v but opted for the 555es to hopefully:D capture the best SACD in this price range. Now it's time to find a replacement for the old Toshiba 5109. Can someone point me in the direction of the hottest progressive...
  9. ReneA


    I read some reviews on different cd/sacd players and people refer to "redbook" recordings. Can anyone explain this type of recording or what this term means?:D
  10. ReneA

    New Phillips Universal Player for $600?

    I forgot to mention that I found it at ONECALL.COM Sorry.
  11. ReneA

    New Phillips Universal Player for $600?

    I just found the Phillips DVD962SA on line. Out of stock for a few weeks,though. The customer service rep told me that the next model is about to hit the floor. It goes by the model number DVD 963SA. Same price as the 962--$499.00. Now the question remains... do I get the NS900v from Sony or go...
  12. ReneA


    Hey Jerry. If you haven't sold the Keb Mo, I'll take it. Let me know how to go about it... Rene.
  13. ReneA

    Computer modem keeps on dialing...

    After I shutdown my browser, (IE or Netscape) and disconnect my modem from the internet, I walk away and the modem automatically dials up again and again no matter how many times I cancel it. Does anyone know how to fix this prob? Thanks in advance...R.:angry:
  14. ReneA

    RGPC or PS Audio Ultimate Outlet?

    I'm trying to give my system a tweak with a power conditioner of some sort. I'm trying to decide between Richard Gray's Power Company 400s model or the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet High Current 15 amp model.(I have a Parasound 2205 Amp) Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the two and...
  15. ReneA

    Best CEILING Surrounds?

    I'm moving into a new house and I'm going to be missing a left wall for my left rear surround. That part of the room opens to the kitchen area. I've been wondering if putting both surrounds on the ceiling would do the trick for me...I've heard good things about Speakercraft, Triad, Thiel and...
  16. ReneA


    I've been looking around for a TIVO in the different online stores. I can't seem to find anything. Can anyone suggest someplace? Thanks.;)
  17. ReneA

    HSU or Paradigm Servo-15?

    Has anyone checked out a HSU Research VTF-3? I am thinking of upgrading my sub to either the Paradign Servo 15 or the HSU. Can anyone give me some advise on these? Thanks. R;)
  18. ReneA

    Everyone Please read this thread!!! It deals with HBOHD

    Done Dude:emoji_thumbsup:
  19. ReneA

    Which cables for STB to HDTV?

    Thanks for your response John. In fact, I was leaning towards the Silver Serpent's. I've read nothing but great reviews about 'em. :emoji_thumbsup:
  20. ReneA

    Which cables for STB to HDTV?

    I am about to set up my Mitsu Hi-Def Receiver and am wondering if component video cables are the only way to go with this. Can anyone advise if there is anything better? Thanks.
  21. ReneA

    Settop Box/Satellite Setup

    I am waiting for my Mitsubishi SRHD500 HDTV Satellite System (dish included) to arrive in the mail. Can anyone direct me to or have a step by step installation method that I can go by? I currently have a satellite (dirctv) setup in my home. Thanks in advance. Rene ;)
  22. ReneA

    No video Recognition

    I recently built my own computer and am having a problem with video recognition. My computer recognizes my IEEE1394 Fire wire card, but does not recognize the DV camera. I checked in the device manager area as per the troubleshooter guide and there is nothing there. I even tried updating...
  23. ReneA

    HTPC video cards?

    I have the Radeon VE and playback is pretty flawless. ATI was given great reviews in a recent mag. I think it was the perfect view that did a write up on HDPC and compared the Radeon cards to the NVIDIA Gforce cards and acording to this guy the Radeon blew the Nvidia cards away in all cats...
  24. ReneA

    SACD...Which one?

    Thanks Keith. I'm really eyeballin' that C222ES. I want to at least have that ES quality under my bealt if I'm going to dive into SACD on the economy side. Thanks for your post. ------------------
  25. ReneA

    SACD...Which one?

    Hey Keith, can you tell me where I can find the OADE Bros. web site? I'd like to check that one out. Thanks. R.
  26. ReneA

    SACD...Which one?

    I just read an article in Stereophile Guide to HT, where the featured piece is the Sony SCDE 555es, listed at $1700.00. But the writer goes on to mention that a lower priced model is on the horizon for $400.00. I checked with Sound Advise and sure enough, they are carrying the 5-Disc SACD...
  27. ReneA

    I am so dead if she finds it!!!

    Been there brother! First it was the Yamaha Pro logic receiver, then the Yami Dolby Digital receiver, then the Parasound HCA 2205 AMP, then the ANthem AVM2 Pre Pro, and it goes on and on. Each time, I surely got busted. I would set them up in the middle of the night and either my wife or...
  28. ReneA

    WTB Play Station Soccer Game

    I'm looking for the Play Station (1) EA FIFA 2001 Soccer Game. Or if someone knows of a web site where there are used games for sale. Thanks. RENE ------------------ [Edited last by ReneA on August 17, 2001 at 08:55 PM]
  29. ReneA

    Anyone heard of this tweak???

    That's some wild stuff (that clock jazz!). Hey Burke, what pre/pro did ya get? Rene ------------------
  30. ReneA

    Apartment Theater

    And I say NICE to you dude! That looks like a lot of fun! ------------------